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[ Read Online Into the Light (Clear Water Creek Chronicles, #1) ✓ tudor-period PDF ] by Scarlet Blackwell é This story asks two very interesting and extremely difficult moral questions The traditional black and white answers are easy, but the author has created a set of characters, neither of whom conform to the traditional pictures of good and evil The lines here are blurred, the entire area is gray, and that makes it very difficult to know what is right and wrong or to judge the men entangled in this web of their own making An interesting moral dilemma to say the least.
First, we have Sean His part of the story is all about what happens to the accessory of a crime who may blame himself for not helping a rape victim eighteen years ago, but has equally never faced up to the consequences of that crime Sean is that man He is I am appalled that this book has positive ratings Multiple reviews, including one by fellow author Damon Suede, talk about how the rape victim gets blamed by the main protagonist over and over Some included quotes that alone should have had Eden saying goodbye for good That the two have an HEA is beyond horrifying Many reviewers say the guy comes back and gets raped again I don t know if that s literal or metaphorically meant, but it s definitely the latter either way Yes rape victims can become self destructive yes that can sometimes be sexually yes they can get involved with their rapists yes these are not good things but NEVER is a rape victim responsible for their rape And we shouldn t want the rapist to get the victim especially when he continues to mistreat the victim including blaming him 19 years later No, I won t rate the book because I haven Clear Water Creek Chronicles Sheriff Sean Keller Hides A Terrible Secret He Watched A Heinous Crime Committed Eighteen Years Ago And Did Nothing To Prevent It Now He Finds Himself Face To Face With Eden Gray, The Victim Of That Crime, Who Is Now Not So Much The Boy Any, But The Man Eden Makes Sean Sit Up And Remember Those Forbidden Desires He Thought He Had Locked Away Forever And The Guilt Which Has Blighted His Life It was the single most sick and horrifying book I have ever read If it were possible, I would give it negative stars.
What Damon Suede wrote in his review covers it pretty much, although you can t only blame the editors It must ve been completely obvious to the writer what she was writing about.
And what she wrote about was the rape of a 17 year old boy who came back home after 18 years and got victimized and raped once again.
Here, a few quotes from the bookshut the fuck up, whore, Sean spat I m taking you home Shut up, you fucking slut he cried You deserved it, you fucking deserved it Get the hell out of my car He leaned over Eden and shoved the door open, then he bundled the man violently from his car He said you were a filthy slut who got everything he deserved I bet getting raped was your wet dream come true, you dirty little whore It was your fault you got raped Yes Ed This book wasn t as good as I hoped it would be The writing was just as good as in SB s other books but it would have been better if it had been longer with in depth characterization Sometimes it was hard to understand why the characters behaved the way they did Especially the reason why Paul, Sean s best friend, went from nice computer geek to psycho killer was hard for me to understand.
It was a train wreck, and like a train wreck you don t want to look but once you start morbid fascination keeps you looking long after you know you should look away for your own peace of mind For me it didn t work on a couple of levels, flawed characters are one thing but some redeeming qualities would help, perpetually suicidal is not a sign of stability and readiness for a realationship There was no romance in this novel, no getting to know each other, no realationship development I knew you twenty years ago even though I stood by while a horrific, unforgiveable, crime was perpetuated against you is not I know and love you today A troubled past works better aka Kathy Love in the Stepp sisters trilogy, cruel and mean but not unforgiveable.
WTF That s all I can say about this story.
I blow raspberries at the HEA.

5 Major spoilers on this review Hmm so much controversy on this book which prompted me to insert my own view and comments on this one, but I ll start with saying VERY POWERFUL STORY I say this about this book cause it s what s common fact these days and that s bullying We see it everyday whether in real life or on the news, we read of it on all venues and we know of it and everyone has been subjected to it in one form or other in their daily lives growing up or currently You can be subjected to being bullied at any age From school, home, socially and even in your work place by your piers, co workers and you own bosses This story hits dead on to one of these events This book will give you the reality of it being out there an I wished I had never read this book How can a rape victim be blamed for what happened to him How can the one who let the rape happen come out healed from his guilt, and the victim remain broken, and this be sold as a HFN or HEA This was horrifying, even so since it was very well written the good writing concealing the terrible message this transports read the review at reviewsbyjessewave.
com Eighteen years ago, while still at school Sean Keller becomes a witness when his friends performed a crime to his high school nemesis, Eden Gray Sean knows deep down, his cruel and bullying attitude towards Eden in high school is a result of his fear for being attracted to Eden Now, Eden is back to the town, taunting Sean of his old coward ways and Sean wonders if he will ever makes Eden forgives him and tells him the real truth of his feeling.
This is probably THE MOST DIFFICULT Scarlet Blackwell s story that I have ever read It definitely leaves me UNSETLLED And believe me, I have read them all These are few of the reasons 1 One, because of the dark history that connects Sean and Eden Sean was a bully towards Eden in high school, and one night, his friends ended up gang raping Eden, while Sean stood and watch HUGE WARNING the raping scene is

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