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[Miranda Kenneally] â Catching Jordan [academics PDF] Read Online Ø ONE OF THE BOYSWhat Girl Doesn T Want To Be Surrounded By Gorgeous Jocks Day In And Day Out Jordan Woods Isn T Just Surrounded By Hot Guys, Though She Leads Them As The Captain And Quarterback Of Her High School Football Team They All See Her As One Of The Guys And That S Just Fine As Long As She Gets Her Athletic Scholarship To A Powerhouse UniversityBut Everything She S Ever Worked For Is Threatened When Ty Green Moves To Her School Not Only Is He An Amazing QB, But He S Also Amazingly Hot And For The First Time, Jordan S Feeling Vulnerable Can She Keep Her Head In The Game While Her Heart S On The Line Catching Jordan does not do justice to the YA genre, lurve triangles, college football or girls who aspire to play traditional boy sports For a better, I mean completely different league better, book about a girl who plays football, pick up Dairy Queen and forget this one In Dairy Queen, protagonist DJ Schwenk struggles with the reality of a girl playing a tough, physical boy sport She deals with different degrees of acceptance She balances her hopes, dreams and the realities of her situation Unlike Jordan here Let s see, Jordan is a high school senior, and daughter of a NFL pro Not only is her dad a NFL hero, but in college he was a two time Heisman trophy winner Umwhat the fuck with the slap in the It was an okay read I liked the storyline of the book, the uniqueness of Jordan s character liked her honesty but she lacked a bit of maturity , the football references even though I m not a football fan , Jordan s relationships with the guys on her team I loved that her best friends were guys who loved her and looked out for her , her best friend Sam Henry even though he was a wussy tramp at times , development of friendships with girls, her supportive brother, and resolution in relationship with her dad I didn t like the immaturity of Jordan s character why does she fall apart with the look of one cute guy is it really necessary to punch the guys so much , obsession with casual sex particularly the foot I m a night reader After I m done for the day, I take a shower, lay in bed, and read for about an hour But not with this book I stayed up I didn t write the next day I read.
The story, the characters, it hooked me And I developed a crush on Sam Henry.
Dear Miranda,You could write a book solely about Sam Henry and I would read it Just sayin.
From,Katie forgive me for my bad poetry skills And this book was so baddddit hurt my brainI wish I could write something betterbut I cannotwith its angstand its woman hating female leadit tried to tell methat I was wrongit tried to putfemininity into a boxand I just couldn t take it any but it didn t get betterfor the love interestwas just as crappyhe was the worst best friend everand gave excusesand then became a man whore to copewith what was ultimately his decisionhe didn t listen to what she had to saybecause he obviously knew betterthe supporting cast was no better and showed no real respectfor females and everyone in this book was justa big fat clicheso you seeI have nothing else to saybut this book was SO NOT FOR ME I m sick I m lazy Go away So this is She s The Man meets High School Musical scratch that for BOY meets The Vampire Diaries and most of the time I was just like but sometimes IT WAS like this.
Overall forgettable.
Surprisingly, the sports college talk part of this book is what I liked the most.
When unrequited love is the most expensive thing on the menu, sometimes you settle for the daily special.
Oh football fumble I was really looking forward to reading and falling head over heels for Catching Jordon The reviews were looking positive, my book club was enjoying this, and I was getting the whole D.
J Schwenk vibe just by reading the book jacket But after finishing this book, the score is Dairy Queen 5 stars, Catching Jordon 3 stars I really didn t feel than a minimal like for this book, which is pretty disappointing considering how much I was looking forward to it.
In this story, we meet Jordon Woods who plays football for Hundred Oaks High She s on her way to having a stellar season with a team that not only respects her as the captain of the team, but cares for her as a friend Jordon also has a great chance at making full scholarship with Alabama What can I say, I can relate to this book Yes people, there are girls out there that play football And yes, they re good I was starting right tackle and middle linebacker for my team leading in tackles and sacks I guess what bothers me about some of the reviews is they re bashing the book for being unrealistic Can a girl play football Yes Is it likely a girl could quarter back for a D 1 school Probably not, but last time I checked this was called FICTION fic tion fik shuhn noun 1.
The class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration, especially in prose form 2.
Works of this class, as novels or short stories detective fiction 3.
Something feigned, invented, or imagined a made up story We ve all heard the fiction of her being in delicate health 4.
The act of feigning, inventing, or imagining Isn t reading improbable or unlikely situations what makes reading fun Standing at Last page impression Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun feel free to keep going OK, i got tired of repeting it as writing on ipad is so not fun and I guess that you got my point by now This book was so damn fun to read Actual Review Ha haa, what a fun way to spend the evening.
This book was amazingly cute, and the characters too adorable for words From Jordan and Henry, to JJ, Carter, Ty and the girls, and even the family members they were all so great that I wished for them to be part of my life They filled my day with their jokes and their joy and for a moment, between laughs, they made me miss my old friends from high school I could have hugged them all and take them home, that s how much I like themWhen unrequited love is the First of all, I wanna make it very clear that in this corner of the world, whenever you say football you re talking about this baby However, I must admit that after watching the entire five seasons of Friday Night Lights I ve grown fond of american football even if I still have no clue how to play it I consider myself a sport enthusiastic, the kind who watches it, never plays it so I got into this book with the same excitement I d read the Dairy Queen series I m not sure if the first installment in the Hundred Oaks series filled my expectations, though Sport wise There s no much here.
I enjoy reading these stories because I ll never understand how this college thing works in the States Here we ve got it too easy I think, so it s difficult for me to imagine the struggle kids go through in their final year of high school Jordan not only loves football but has

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