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Ä Read ¿ The Basque History of the World: The Story of a Nation by Mark Kurlansky È The Basque History Of The World Is The Illuminating Story Of An Ancient And Enigmatic People Signs Of Their Civilization Existed Well Before The Arrival Of The Romans In BC And Though Theories Abound, No One Has Ever Been Able To Determine Their Origins Their Ancient Tongue, Euskera, Is Equally Mysterious It Is The Oldest Living European Language, And Is Related To No Other Language On EarthYet Despite Their Obscure Origins And Small Numbers Million People Today , The Basques Have Had A Profound Impact On Europe And The World For Than , Years Never Seeking Land, They Have Nonetheless Fiercely Defended Their Own Against Invaders Ranging From The Celts And Visigoths To Napoleon And Franco They Have Always Been A Paradoxical Blend Of Inbred Tradition And Worldly Ambition, Preserving Their Indigenous Legal Code, Cuisine, Literature Even Their Own Hat And Shoe While At The Same Time Striving Immodestly To Be Leaders In The World They Were Pioneers Of Commercial Whaling And Cod Fishing, Were Among The First Europeans In The Americas, Africa, And Asia During The Age Of Exploration, And Were Prosperous Capitalists When Capitalism Was A New Idea, Later Leading The Industrial Revolution In Southern Europe Their Influence Has Been Felt In Every Realm, From Religion The Charismatic Ignatius Loyola Founded The Jesuits In To Sports And Commerce Today, Even While Clinging To Their Ancient Tribal Identity, They Are Ready For A Borderless World The Unique Basque Concept Of Nationhood Has Never Been Relevant, At A Time When Basques Are Enjoying What May Be The Most Important Cultural Renaissance In Their Long ExistenceMark Kurlansky S Passion For The Basque People Their Heroes And Commoners Alike And His Exuberant Eye For Detail Shine Throughout The Basque History Of The World Like His Celebrated Book Cod, It Blends Human Stories With Economic, Political, Literary, And Culinary History Into A Rich And Heroic Tale Kurlansky s on his game with this one Cod led him to the Basques, it was an obvious segue as the Basques had a jump on everyone else in this area fished off Newfoundland Banks long before Columbus, etc Anyway, I enjoyed the book thoroughly, but I recall very little of it now, 8 years later The Basque were are a fascinating people, with their own language, culture, food, separate from Spain France, butwell, wish I could remember Looking back on reading this one I m most fascinated by the fact that the author, while slightly in awe of the legend of the Basque people, is in no way afraid to show the ugly sides to their history as well I think most people who are interested regard the Basques as the eternal heroic outsiders But this book doesn t shy away from showing how often and how easily racism and anti semitism can arise in areas of strong nationalist identity The Basques share with the Celts the privilege of indulging in unrivaled extravagance on the subject of themselves was a quote from 1884 that was included in the book and gave me a bit of a wry laugh But, like I said, while he does poke fun at the Basque myth, he also believes in it deep down, and why wouldn t he The story he tells from prehistory to the present day ordinary people he meets while researching show a facinating people, who

mark kurlanksy has a real gift for taking a potentially great subject running it into the ground with his painful writing style he s a classic pop historian, interested in writing about himself what a totally awesome dude he is than the subject his book is supposed to be addressingor he writes about his perceived self awesomeness through the prism drama provided by his subject but unlike some other authors who certainly inject plenty of their own personalities into books that are ostensibly about some historical aspect of the world, he clings tenaciously to the pretense that he is a valuable important historian just shut up, mark kurlansky dial down the ego let me know when you re ready to be a real author the basque nation was such great fodder for a potentially super interesting books, nothing.
Rating 3.
6 of fiveHistory is the beautiful, brightly lit foam on top of the annihilating tsunami of the unrecorded past History books are the spectrographic analysis of the light glinting off that foam Any attempt at making a book than that is doomed to failure and tedium.
This is not a tedious or failed book It s justwellcuriously insubstantial I don t like the focus on the Great and the Good in place of the gestalt of the actions of the Basques I know, I know, most people can t name their great grandparents, still less find evidence of their obvious existence, and historians are limited to what documentary evidence exists But Ignatius Loyola stalled me every time I tried to re read this book I hated that jerk when I was confirmed, and given the confirmation saint of St Charles Borro

Mark Kurlansky

Ä Read ¿ The Basque History of the World: The Story of a Nation by Mark Kurlansky È pamyatnik.pro Mark Kurlansky born 7 December 1948 in Hartford, Connecticut is a highly acclaimed American journalist and writer of general interest non fiction He is especially known for titles on eclectic topics, such as cod or salt.Kurlansky attended Butler University, where he harbored an early interest in theatre and earned a BA in 1970 However, his interest faded and he began to work as a journalist in