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Download Epub Format Ø The Fighting Temeraire PDF by Ï Sam Willis A famous ship provides the launch pad for entertaining explorations of British history Actually, there were two ships The first Temeraire took part in what we Americans call the French and Indian War, but was actually the first world war The second won fame at Trafalgar, but also took part in less known activities in the Baltic and elsewhere The painting became Britain s all time favorite, though its meaning is not as simple and nostalgic as it appears to be The writing is lively and humorous, as the wide ranging author delves into such subjects as mutiny, prison hulks, and cowardly admirals The reader will painlessly learn a lot he or she didn t know.
While mostly a biography in a loosely termed way of one of the most famous ships of the Royal Navy, an historical subsection that didn t really exist until a few years ago, this book is even unique for the element of art history contained in its final chapters The majority of the book is devoted to the Temeraire s years in service, including her most famous day at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, all the way to her final years as a prison hulk, a depot ship, to finally being broken up in a wrecker s yard when she was deemed surplus to the peacetime Navy s needs In the book s final chapters exploring the painting J.
W Turner created in her image and the relationship that the British public have today with that painting, Sam Willis also asks the reader to think about what the value of history is, and to appreciate and try to protect In a recent poll, J M W Turner s The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last berth to be broken up, 1838, depicting an aging warship being towed up the Thames to a breaking yard, was voted the British public s favourite painting It s easy to see why The Fighting Temeraire is a remarkable work, created at the peak of Turner s ability, and is a beautiful tribute to the passing of the previous age of tall ships and a time when Britannia for better or worse ruled the waves Many people may not be familiar with the history behind the masterpiece, a decades long story of two great warships and several wars, and a starring role in Britain s greatest naval victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 This story comprises the heart of the first of Sam Willis Hearts of Oak trilogy , which has the ambitious aim of creating biographies of a shi Willis is clearly interested in naval history than art history His take on the former is detailed, and has an interesting focus on the Seven Years War known in these parts as the French and Indian War , where the original French ship of this name was captured by the British As with David Cordingly s The Billy Ruffian The Bellerophon and the Downfall of Napoleon, the story of a single ship provides a frame for naval history of the period through both the well known fleet actions and the boredom of blockade He resists telling Trafalgar in detail Instead, he explores the degree to which Temeraire s reputation, singled out among the British fleet, was built by the efforts of her captain, who had a gift for self promotion the question is not whether Temeraire fought well, but why she received disproportionate prais This book is essentially a history of two ships and a painting all three connected by the single word Temeraire , which makes for an interesting and somewhat novel angle for a historical enquiry Sam Willis is an engaging writer and the book flows nicely, even though the history itself can tend a little toward the military patriotic bombast of the what made Great Britain great kind That said though, the book is an excellent examination of cultural perception, i.
e how the ships and the paintings including Turner s first rendering of the Battle of Trafalgar itself were perceived both then and now, which the short compendium of poems at the end adds to nicely this reminded me rather of the obssessive notes of a sub sub librarian which precede Melville s Moby Dick a little This absorbing book was a wonderful combined read for someone like me

The HMS Temeraire was a 98 gun ship of the line at Trafalgar and played a crucial part in that battle This ship has a long and illustrious history in the days of fighting sail Thanks to the iconic painting The Fighting Temeraire by JMW Turner we have a nostalgic connection to the story of this great ship.
This book is well written, it traces the story of the capture of the original Temeraire from the French at Lagos Bay 1759 and its subsequent service Then after the war and scrapping, a new 98 gun ship of the line continued the name and service through the Napoleonic wars The detail of life aboard the ship, victualling, logistics, and command I found fascinating.
Later, when the days of fighting sail were but a memory, the Temeraire was finally sold off Being towed to the yard for scrapping, was the moment Turner chose to represent in his iconic painting I found it f I read a lot of history intended for the lay public as opposed to professional historians, You could call this big picture or macro history This book is micro history covering in detail the story of two ships and a painting, starting in the year 1759.
For the general reader this micro history would be deadly boring, but for denizens of the gunroom it is fascinating stuff.
The first ship was built by the French and captured by the British navy in the Seven Years War in 1759.
The second ship was built by the British in the 1790 s and given the name of the first ship in honor of the original victory The new Temeraire played a key role in the famous battle of Trafalgar in the Napoleonic war.
The fame of the Temeraire today, however, rests on the exsquisite painting by Joseph Turner.
Click on the link below to see the pai I first noticed The Fighting Temeraire because of the Temeraire fantasy series by Naomi Novik This book covers the history of the two British ships that shared the name Temeraire the first was a French prize Spanning much of the Age of Sail and featuring many of the most famous battles of the era, The Fighting Temeraire was a real effort to wade through I don t mind working to get through a book A Random Walk Down Wall Street, I glance in your direction , but the learning really has to pay off, and I didn t walk away with a real feel for what the age of sail was like Details that would have helped me picture what life on the ship was like were consistently skipped, and yet I was bogged down by dates and names that I could never picture or come to grips with I d like to be friendly to histories about the Age of Sail, but overall this book just didn t do it Wonderful account of the ship that captured two French ships at Trafalgar and was much later the subject of Turner s painting, voted the favorite of the English public The painting, in turn, inspired Newbolt s poem Now the sunset s breezes shiver, And she s fading down the river, But in England s song for ever She s the Fighting Temeraire.
The HMS Temeraire, One Of Britain S Most Illustrious Fighting Ships, Is Known To Millions Through JMW Turner S Masterpiece, The Fighting Temeraire , Which Portrays The Battle Scarred Veteran Of Britain S Wars With Napoleonic France In This Evocative New Volume, Sam Willis Tells The Extraordinary Story Of The Vessel Behind The Painting And The Making Of The Painting ItselfTurner S Temeraire Was The Second Ship In The Royal Navy To Carry The Name The First, A French Warship Captured And Commandeered By The British In , Served With Distinction During The Seven Years War Before Being Sold Off In The Second Temeraire, Named In Honor Of Her Predecessor, Was A Prestigious Three Decked, Gun Warship That Broke Through The French And Spanish Line Directly Astern Of Nelson S Flagship Victory At Trafalgar In , Saving The Vice Admiral At A Crucial Moment In The Battle This Tale Of Two Ships Spans The Heyday Of The Age Of Sail The Climaxes Of Both The Seven Years War And The Napoleonic Wars Filled With Richly Evocative Detail, And Narrated With The Pace And Gusto Of A Master Storyteller, The Fighting Temeraire Is An Enthralling And Deeply Satisfying Work Of Narrative History

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Download Epub Format Ø The Fighting Temeraire PDF by Ï Sam Willis Dr Sam Willis is a maritime historian and archaeologist and is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society He is the author of the best selling Hearts of Oak Trilogy and the Fighting Ships Series He has consulted on maritime history for many clients including the BBC, Channel 4, NBC America and Christie s Sam s work is coloured by his knowledge and experience of seamanship Sam s unique approach t