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Download Epub Format Ò The Iron Knight PDF by Ò Julie Kagawa Since I haven t written reviews for the first 3 books I would like to start off by saying that all four of the books get 4.
5 stars from me I was pleasantly startled to see that it was really easy to get absorbed into this world and I got through each book pretty quickly When I started this series, I think the first thing I noticed was that the plot for each book is relatively simple and the figuring out the twists and turns was not a hardship at all Despite the simplicity of the storyline, I was shocked to see that books somehow always managed to keep me wanting to read The books were overall very entertaining and in due course of time, grow on you The fairy world of Nevernever comprises of the Seelie Court, the Unseelie Court, and now the Iron Kingdom I enjoyed see First, let me say that I really enjoyed the previous installments of this series so I m not happy to squash this one down Maybe I m in a bad mood lately, or maybe my standards have suddently become impossibly high, but I didn t like this novel.
Brief recap of what this story is about to be with girl, boy has to acquire a soul To do so, boy must pass an unspecified test Girl has to do absolutely nothing in the meantime.
For the first 2 3 I was so bored that I wanted to gouge my eyes off with a spoon.
The book is written in first person, from Ash s POV Given that now he s kind of depressed, sad, tired, indecisive and generally behaves like an emo, that s not conductive for a lively read.
If you don t know what an emo is And then he discovers that his ex girl My Name My True Name Is Ashallayn Darkmyr Tallyn I Am The Last Remaining Son Of Mab, Queen Of The Unseelie Court And I Am Dead To Her My Fall Began, As Many Stories Do, With A Girl To Cold Faery Prince Ash, Love Was A Weakness For Mortals And Fools His Own Love Had Died A Horrible Death, Killing Any Gentler Feelings The Winter Prince Might Have Had Or So He ThoughtThen Meghan Chase A Half Human, Half Fey Slip Of A Girl Smashed Through His Barricades, Binding Him To Her Irrevocably With His Oath To Be Her Knight And When All Of Faery Nearly Fell To The Iron Fey, She Severed Their Bond To Save His Life Meghan Is Now The Iron Queen, Ruler Of A Realm Where No Winter Or Summer Fey Can SurviveWith The Unwelcome Company Of His Archrival, Summer Court Prankster Puck, And The Infuriating Cait Sith Grimalkin, Ash Begins A Journey He Is Bound To See Through To Its End A Quest To Find A Way To Honor His Vow To Stand By Meghan S SideTo Survive In The Iron Realm, Ash Must Have A Soul And A Mortal Body But The Tests He Must Face To Earn These Things Are Impossible And Along The Way Ash Learns Something That Changes Everything A Truth That Challenges His Darkest Beliefs And Shows Him That, Sometimes, It Takes Than Courage To Make The Ultimate Sacrifice UPDATE UPON READING Love this book, my favorite of the series I feel I understand Ash and his perspective on things much better now Ms Kagawa has done it again Ash was much less romanticized in this book, which makes sense and I m glad that Ms Kagawa did that If he was still like the perfect guy, that wouldn t make logical sense The way she built his character in this book, you saw his strengths and weaknesses and how they made him the complete person fey that he is I also like that this book reveals the true depth of his emotions for Meghan amidst any and all obstacles Now I will go to cry, I can t believe this series is over Ash, I love you Enough said.
Simply put PURE PERFECTION Story telling does not get any better than this I am utterly struggling for the right words to adequately review the brilliance of The Iron Knight, and the series as a whole, and do it ANY justice, so please bear with me How could Julie Kagawa meet the excellent story telling of The Iron Queen and her previous books in her series While, from past experience, I had no doubt she could I was still amazed that SHE DID so expertly and so eloquently as only a master story teller can do.
Going into this final installment in The Iron Fey, we knew that this was going to be Ash s story and it would be about his journey in finding his way back to Meghan Meghan is now the Queen of the Iron realm a place where Ash, as a faery, cannot follow despite his vow to protect her as her knight Ash s solution to be with her again is to become human he admits to not fully un Final rating 2 5 starsThis will be a really difficult review to writethis is my fifth time of rewriting it actually I enjoyed the book, and i loved the story It s a roller coaster of emotions as a matter of fact, i cried, laughed like crazy and was pissed off and raging a lot But But And but there is a reason it s not higher than 2 The reason lies in our famous ice prince of the Winter court, Ash.
There is just one thing for certain You will either hate or still love Ash or be stuck in between like me And that decision can be, or most possibly life destroying.
Also, the thing is that this book was kind of weird to me Weird as in dinosaur in middle of a town, playing with children Oh wait, i don t need to imagine it, here it is And still i cannot say that i didn t love this book Because i did It was addicting and i couldn t stop reading it even

Julie Kagawa knows how to end a series.
It s always sad and a bit scary to say goodbye to a favorite series Last books come with such emotionally fueled expectations And after, some authors leave you feeling wrung out and crushed, while other authors make your heart sigh with happiness and contentment Whenever I read a last book, I m always overwhelmed with that feeling of Please don t ruin what you ve created.
Well, I am ecstatic to say that in The Iron Knight, Julie Kagawa gives us the perfect journey to the perfect ending that this stellar series deserves The Iron Knight was one of my most highly anticipated books of 2011, and WOW did Julie deliver It was everything I was hoping for adventure, anguish, romance, danger, and a slew of game changing twists that left my head spinning Within the first ten pages, Julie hit me with a whiplash t OMG I love Ash so much and I love this book so much This book picks up basically where the Iron Queen ended Ash and Robin Goodfellow are going on quests in Nevernever Ash is looking for something and they have the help of that sweet ish kitty, Grimalkin And I love Nevernever You just never know what kind of wonderfully, magical stuff you will find there And things that want to eat you but we won t mention those On this journey, the friends run into all kinds of crazy stuff At one point the run into a huge wolf that helps save them from a giant troll or whatever he was, I forget Anyway, come to find out the wolf was sent by Ash s mom Mab to help him on his journey I guess a mom is always a mom even if she did disown you And then someone else returns that really made me mad at first I was mad as hell because I didn t want that person in the picture, but it turns out th From the time I started listening to this series, I have been unable to pull myself away from it Over the course of a week or so, I have read the entire series from start to finish I have enjoyed every minute Okay, maybe not all of the time spent discussing Ariella Gladly, I can say that this series did not fizzle out at the end like many series do This story was action packed and engaging right to the very end.
Picking up where The Iron Queen and Summer s Crossing left off, Ash and Meghan are separated for most of this book He s working diligently to find a way to get back to Meghan s side, even if it means becoming human so that he can survive the Iron Realm He ll stop at nothing to get back to her.
In some ways it was kind of fitting that now that Ash has finally figured out that he loves Meghan that he would be kept apart from her Aft

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