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Trailer ó Bloodlust PDF by Æ Michelle Rowen Jillian Conrad S Blood Has Killed The Vampire King Now An Enemy To All Vampires, She Is Targeted For Elimination So Is The Infant Daughter Of The Dead King If Jillian Doesn T Stand In The Way Of Her Death, Then Everyone, Living Or Dead, Is In Great Peril Bloodlust by Michelle RowenParanormal Romance July 5th, 20114 starsMichelle Rowen s second book in her Nightshade urban fantasy series starts out with a bang The main characters are on the run from evil vampires and covert, deadly human forces Although this is the second full length novel, it can be read by itself but by doing so I think the reader will lose some of the intense dynamics between the two main characters which kept me spellbound.
Jill was an ordinary girl, that is until she was accidentally injected with a top secret formula This formula makes vampires craves her blood but also kills them Unfortunately, the shot she was given was the only one in existence The vampires wanted to exterminate her while the I originally wrote this when Tascha and I had a long discussion about HIMYM and the habit of writing a letter to your future self, explaining why a relationship book worked or didn t work out for you So, this is a letter to my future self, because Tascha is a bad influence And I love her very much Patricia, in a moment of deep daddy issued rage you ordered those two nov els despite your ini tial belief that they were writ ten for young adults an age group you shy away from in real life and in fic tion Look ing at the cover one would believe this was way Urban Fan tasy than PNR, but this some one and I m talk ing about me here would be wrong.
Night shade was pretty good It is about a woman who acci dently stum bled into one hell of a mess Injected with a serum that is addic tive and deadly to vam pires, she has b

5 starsAfter Jill and Declan get away with the Vampire King s baby, a dhampyr female, Declan hides the baby This story picks up with Jill meeting up with Noah, to see about her and Declan s condition It is safe to say I recommend reading Nightshade before this one Declan is a dhampyr who has taken injections for years to suppress rage At the end of the first book he was injected with a permanent serum The serum strips away his emotions, even his sex drive In the first part of this story we see this permanent serum start to wear off.
Jill on the other hand is dying In the first books she was given Nightshade, a chemical that turns her blood poisonous to vampires It is also killing her Noah is a human working to help both Jill and Declan With him comes Matthis, the Vampire Kin It has been two weeks since Jill has been injected with the Nightshade that made her a vampire s favorite flavor, a flavor that has the harmful side effect of death She is on the road with an emotionless Declan and they are searching for a cure or reversal or any piece of hope to her current situation With the minimal romance this book felt urban fantasy than paranormal romance The spine clearly lists this book as a paranormal romance I was intrigued by the idea of a hero that could not feel the emotions that would allow him to fall in love with his heroine This seems like a trait that could really amp up the sexual tension in a book There are so many potential hurdles for them to overcome as a couple Declan s lack of emotions made him a cruel jerk for the most part The attraction and desires seem one sided for the majority of the book Jill seemed ove

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Trailer ó Bloodlust PDF by Æ Michelle Rowen National bestselling author MICHELLE ROWEN writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and young adult fantasy, both light and dark, sexy and sweet, long and short it all depends on the story She s won a Holt Medallion for Best First Book and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award for Vampire Romance For information, please visit Michelle at her website at