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↠´ Read ↠´ In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto by Michael Pollan Ì I am deeply ashamed, depressed, and embarrassed by the fact that such a book as Michael Pollan s In Defense of Food need be written, much less published, critically acclaimed, and enjoyed by someone such as myself Pollan himself acknowledges the perverse state of affairs saying, That one should feel the need to mount a defense of the meal is sad, but then I never would have thought food needed defending, either We should be collectively mortified as a culture because though Pollan greets us on the back jacket with his cute bald head, dopey ears, nerdy glasses, and huge grin of unassuming innocence pollanhighres.
jpg his sheer journalistic acuity packs a hard punch When you are done with his book, you will feel the same way about food manufacturers, food marketers, nutritionists, and the government as you do about Scientologists, mu books like this make me afraid to eat Then they make me mad at the way I ve been eating Finally, they make me a better eater At the start, the idea seems simple Eat food Not too much Mostly plants When I read that I thought, okay I can stop reading I know that already, so I ve got this shit down.
But what is food today It may not be what you think it is Most of what you find at the grocer s is not food That complicates things just a little bit, doesn t it Pollan complicates that simple eat food mantra a lot.
Which is not to say In Defense of Food is a complicated read Indeed no, quite the opposite He actually does an excellent job at explaining it all in layman terms He even helped me figured out the glucose to triglicerides issue I have that two doctors failed to make me fully understan Nel Dilemma Dell Onnivoro Michael Pollan Aveva Smontato, Una Portata Dopo L Altra, Il Pranzo Che Ci Apparecchiamo Ogni Giorno, Dimostrando Che Cosa In Realt Contenga A Dispetto Delle Etichette In Questo Libro, Che Amplia E Conclude Il Precedente, Pollan Va Oltre, Demolendo Alla Sua Maniera Brillante E Sempre Imprevedibile Una Credenza Perniciosa E Ormai Diffusissima, E Cio Che A Renderci Pi Sani E Pi Belli Non Siano Le Cose Che Mangiamo, Ma Le Sostanze Che Le Compongono Nel Mondo Immaginato Dai Nutrizionisti, Ricorda Pollan, Anzich Perdere Tempo A Sbucciare E Fare A Spicchi Le Arance Basterebbe Assumere Una Quantit Equivalente Di Vitamina C Nel Nostro Accade Invece Che Gli Stessi Nutrizionisti Mettano Improvvisamente Al Bando Le Componenti Della Dieta Che Fino A Poche Settimane Prima Avevano Considerato Irrinunciabili, E Che Per Paradosso Gli Stati Uniti, Cio Il Paese Pi Di Qualsiasi Altro Ossessionato Dal Terrore Di Mangiare Ci Che Fa Male, O Di Non Mangiare Ci Che Fa Bene, Si Siano Dati Il Modello Alimentare Pi Malsano E Patogeno Fin Qui Conosciuto Il Rimedio Sarebbe Semplice, Sostiene Pollan Non Mangiare Nulla Che La Nostra Nonna Non Avrebbe Mangiato In Altre Parole, Cibo Vero, Meglio Se Poco, E Meglio Ancora Se Verde Sarebbe Semplice, Cio , Se Non Sconvolgesse Il Credo Dell Industria Pi Potente E Insostituibile Al Mondo, Quella Agroalimentare Che, Come Dimostrano Le Violente Polemiche Subito Suscitate Da Questo Libro, Non Intende Arrendersi Senza Combattere Neppure All Evidenza I hated reading this book And that s sad because I agree with his basic premise Just eat real food Not too much Mostly plants And I would add, try and get off your ass once in awhile But this book was excrutiating to read I read the first 50 pages, gave up, and went to the last section on his very basic food rules, gave up again His language was all black and white with blanket condemnations and blanket recommendations, ironic since that s what he condemns in scientific thinking and food marketing Oddly, he comes off as so much even handed in his interviews.
That said, his message is important but what s really going on is nuanced than presented As a dietitian, I agree that people should be able to figure out what to eat on their own I really should only have to Michael Pollan is absolutely on to something with his central thesis namely, that the American diet has been taken over by edible foodlike substances ie, hyper processed foods and the American approach to health as it relates to eating has been taken over by nutritionism ie, the idea that food is nothing than the sum of its nutrient parts He makes an excellent case that the current epidemics of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc are the inevitable result of this perverse relationship with food and eating His proposed remedy is to Eat food Not too much Mostly plants In other words, eat whole, not processed foods concentrate on the quality of the eating experience rather than the quantity of food consumed and eat a wide variety of species, mainly fruits and vegetables But as with his previous book, The Omnivore s Dilemma, he fails to explain how One of the pernicious aspects of nutritionism is that it encourages us to blame our health problems on lifestyle choices, implying that the individual bears ultimate responsibility for whatever illnesses befall him It s worth keeping in mind that a far powerful predictor of heart disease than either diet or exercise is social class Pollan contends that Western society has replaced our relationship with food to a relationship with nutrition, to our great loss Science has sought to figure out exactly what parts of foods do, and having figured out how this or that part functions, sought to replace the food itself with its nutritive parts As Doctor Phil might say, How s that working out for you Not well What Pollan calls the Western diet is a disaster, replacing actual nutrition with a manufactured diet that loses much of the actual benefit that real food provides This is no 4 Another informative, entertaining audio on my lake walks Included in his final recommendations of what to consume a glass of wine with dinner I really like this guy.

One of the most remarkable meals I ve ever eaten was here Now, Dunkeld is a long way to go for a meal, even if you do live in Melbourne and a ten course meal served over many hours with matching wines that costs an arm and three toes possibly isn t something everyone would think of as value for money However, unlike the said value for money meals I will never forget the evening I spent at this restaurant Fantastic food, remarkable wines and delightful company if that isn t the definition of the good life, what possibly could be And that question is at the heart of this book Every review of this book needs to quote Pollan s eating maxim, so let s get it over and done with now Eat food Not too much Mostly plants Actually, the real advice is this book is eat what your Neolithic ancestors evolved to eat and do so in a way that makes eating it a In the Buddhist tradition there is a level of hell whereby the dead, known as hungry ghosts, are trapped with enormous stomachs and tiny throats unable to swallow anything but the smallest bites of food Their particular brand of torture is that they are always eating and yet their hunger is never satisfied These hungry ghosts sound an awful lot like the modern American eater trapped in the unhealthy western diet demonized in Michael Pollan s In Defense of Food An Eater s Manifesto You may be surprised that anyone felt they needed to defend food, since we all rely on it to survive But Pollan makes a clear distinction between the processed food like substances that fill our grocery aisles in glistening packages and real foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and unprocessed, natural foods Pollan argues that we eat way too much of the fake stu I am conflicted about this book On the one hand, I agree with Pollan s thesis food science has not served us well over the past 100 years, and we really should Eat Food Not too much Mostly plants I believe that partially because of Pollan s arguments, and the revelatory reporting he did for The Omnivore s Dilemma, but mostly because I ve studied biology, and have at least a limited idea of how complex human bodies and human food can be, and how evolution may not have prepared us for Twinkies.
On the other hand, Pollan s rhetoric was definitely fast and loose in this book He s an amazingly mellifluous, persuasive writer, but some portions were just bad reporting One example in attempting to demonstrate the ills of the Western diet, he cites a study of Aboriginal Australians w

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↠´ Read ↠´ In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto by Michael Pollan Ì pamyatnik.pro Michael Pollan is an American author, journalist, activist, and professor of journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, where he is also the director of the Knight Program in Science and Environmental Journalism Excerpted from