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Trailer ☆ Kar PDF by ☆ Orhan Pamuk , Pamuk s description of the delicate and frequently upset balance between secular and religious fanaticism in modern Turkey is a gripping story It is told from a pseudo autobiographical viewpoint like DFW s The Pale King and follows the mis adventures of the exiled poet Ka in his return to a town visited in his youth near the Armenian and Georgian borders of eastern Anatolia The characters are drawn in a deeply compelling manner and there is so much happening that one is surprised at the relatively short lapse of time covered by the events in the book While primarily a narrative, it sheds essential light on the struggles against radical Islam and is even revelant now in light of the failed coup in Turkey in July 2016.
A mystery A social case study.
A culture clash.
A literary masterpiece.
Unreliable narrators.
Political campaigns.
Multiple truths.
Diverse realities.
Deeply moving characters.
Darkly funny storylines.
Religious fundamentalism.
Arrogant humanism.
Liberal press coverage.
Fake News.
National identity divergences This novel contains so many different strands, I am hopelessly incapable of reviewing it Ever since I first read it, just after Orhan Pamuk received the Nobel Prize, it has been one of my most cherished literary treasures, a book full of truth and lies, of foolishness and wisdom, of love and hate, of passion and indifference A book full of LIFE If anything, it has gained power in recent years, as we see Turkish democracy facing ever harder challenges, and various traditions clashing with liberal

After finishing this book I felt virtuous, relieved Then baffled, irritated, and finally dismissive Other Good Reads reviewers express the desire to like this book, but proceed to be confused, bored, and insecure Most wrap up with the dismal feeling that they didn t GET it, and so didn t succeed in really liking it I felt the same, but in addition was supremely annoyed and turned off by it I m not so good at post modern fiction to begin with, but I decided to leave my bias at the door because I had heard such great things about this author, and Pamuk didn t seem like a bogus poser from what I d read The story is about an expatriate Turkish poet named Ka who leads a solitary and arid life in Frankfurt and travels to a remote village in his homeland, ostensibly to investigate a spate of suicides by religious Muslim women protesting the injunction to remove their head s 5 provocative, desolate, yearnful stars 10th Favorite read of 2017 tie To read Snow is to laugh loudly and cry quietly Kars, a small city in northeast Turkey, a backwater that had glory days and multiple conquerings over the centuries There are Turks, Kurds, Azeris and a few Russians Most of the men are unemployed and spend their days in teahouses discussing politics and religion They are demoralized and oppress their women and children.
Ka is a poet of Turkish descent who now lives in Frankfurt and is a political exile He comes to Kars to investigate the suicides of young Muslim women for a German newspaper and becomes embroiled in a world that used to be familiar and now so foreign He is both revered and disdained by the townspeople and falls madly in love with Ipek, an old college friend that is separated from her husband who is running for m

Orhan Pamuk

Trailer ☆ Kar PDF by ☆ Orhan Pamuk Orhan Pamuk was born in Istanbul in 1952 and grew up in a large family similar to those which he describes in his novels Cevdet Bey and His Sons and The Black Book, in the wealthy westernised district of Nisantasi As he writes in his autobiographical book Istanbul, from his childhood until the age of 22 he devoted himself largely to painting and dreamed of becoming an artist After graduating