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[ Read Online Die for Me ☆ kigali PDF ] by Amy Plum ✓ At first, I just picked up this book thinking, meh, it s not going to be awesome and just use it as one of those books that I read to tide me over until the really exciting ones come out.
But, man, was I proved wrong Brava, Amy Plum, brava.
This book was everything I thought it wouldn t be It had love, and not the kind that makes me want to strangle the characters like many other YA novels gasp , action, and left me breathless at points to where I have gone back and re read my favorite parts which was almost the whole book quite a few times, which I never do Ever First off, I love Kate, because, unlike many other novels Fallen, especially Eugh yes, Kate and Vincent do have a connection when their eyes first lock, but guess what You might need to sit down, because this is a shocker Instead of them immediately going to some dark corner somewher Edit This is how I imagine Vincent this book Die for Me was one of my most anticipated reads of 2011, after hearing good things from a friend waves to Olivia who read it early in the publishing stage So as you can imagine I had high expectations and I can happily say they were exceeded.
Plum s writing I couldn t get enough of it Her prose is beautiful and magnetic While the concept was truly unique and intriguing The pace was perfect allowing the beauty of this story to soak in, like the descriptions of the Paris setting sighs Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world, so romantic and gorgeous And Die for Me being set there added some extra charm to this story Also it was a refreshing change from the usual high school setting There was talk of art, museums and sittin In The City Of Lights, Two Star Crossed Lovers Battle A Fate That Is Destined To Tear Them Apart Again And Again For EternityWhen Kate Mercier S Parents Die In A Tragic Car Accident, She Leaves Her Life And Memories Behind To Live With Her Grandparents In Paris For Kate, The Only Way To Survive Her Pain Is Escaping Into The World Of books And Parisian Art Until She Meets VincentMysterious, Charming, And Devastatingly Handsome, Vincent Threatens To Melt The Ice Around Kate S Guarded Heart With Just His Smile As She Begins To Fall In Love With Vincent, Kate Discovers That He S A Revenant An Undead Being Whose Fate Forces Him To Sacrifice Himself Over And Over Again To Save The Lives Of Others Vincent And Those Like Him Are Bound In A Centuries Old War Against A Group Of Evil Revenants Who Exist Only To Murder And Betray Kate Soon Realizes That If She Follows Her Heart, She May Never Be Safe Again It s started out SO good The book and I had SUCH an amazing connection, you know And I was REALLY loving it and I was getting ready to introduce it to the family and then BOOM I got stood up at around the 40% percent line Seriously I might as well have been wearing a prom dress After the 40% mark this book s storyline deteriorated like well, like deterioration You know how with some books, you reach the halfway mark, and you re kind of wishing a HUGE, massive natural disaster would just come in and completely wipe out all of the main characters IT S NOT GOOD.
And that s how this book was.
And now I m sad.
We don t need to see the Edward Bella romance over and over and over again Seriously We ve already seen it It was called Twilight They even made a movie about it We don t need to see Bella with fallen angels and we don t need to see Bella with zombies Especially when the zombie is a carbon copy of Edward Does Vincent have godlike good looks Check An aura of danger Check Is he a virgin immortal Check Has he lived without love for decades Check Does he fall in love with our heroine for no apparent reason Check Is he a stalker Check Doesn t sleep Check Has a family of other immortals, including a Manic Pixie Dream Girl who becomes the heroine s best friend Alice Charlotte , one who resents the heroine and isn t thrilled with their immortal existence Rosalie Charles , an older figure who mentors the group Carlisle Jean Baptiste , an After the double disappointment of Starcrossed and Hereafter, I almost didn t read this book A story about a young girl who meets a mysterious, darkly handsome stranger and falls desperately in love with him, only to discover that he is in fact a zombie I was pretty much resigned to reading Twilight Zombie Edition Why not We ve already romanticized vampires, faeries, fallen angels and shapeshifters wasn t it about time the zombies had their turn Thankfully for my jaded palate, Die for Me was nothing like I expected it to be Kate Mercier moves to Paris with her sister after the death of her parents As she is trying to cope with their loss, she runs into a handsome, mysterious boy called Vincent, whom she begins to hang around with Soon, however, inexplicable things begin to happen around Vincent, and Kate is brought to the realization that Vince I m a revenant, not a vampire, ch rieThis was a YA paranormal romance set in Paris.
I liked the characters in this although Kate was maybe a little too reserved at times The way she argued that it was better to protect her heart rather than to fall in love and then lose that love was a little sad.
The storyline in this was about Kate moving to Paris to live with her grandparents after her parent s deaths, and meeting Vincent, who wasn t quite human, but was instead a paranormal creature called a revenant The romance in this between Kate and Vincent was pretty good, although it did remind me of twilight a bit at times The ending to this was also good, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the rest of the series.
8 out of 10 So, apparently zombies are sexy now Okay, so the young adult genre sexualized vampires, werewolves, and other monsters that should be ripping your throat out, but seriously ZombiesThat seems to be going a bit too far.
Now, I ll just say this because it s the only thing positive I have to say about this book Die for Me s concept is extremely original Unfortunately, it s executed horribly And the sad part is, this could have actually been really good, if it hadn t taken every single clich in young adult paranormal romances and just jumbled them all together I blame Twilight for this book.
Let s see, in Die for Me, there s An insecure teenager, who doesn t feel she is worthy enough of her love interest, Mr Perfect Mr Perfect He s stunning, yet mysterious, and for some reason has an obsession with the dull Miss Insecure

Oh, beautiful cover you ve lured me in once again Die for Me is somewhere between 2 and 2.
5 stars for me What I liked about the book The paranormal set up is a fairly original unusual one Vincent and his friends are revenants, undead guardians who help to save humans from potential danger Their enemies are numas, who are undead evil doers who try their best to lure humans to their deaths through various different methods I rather enjoyed the novelty of having a YA book set in Paris, which is probably one of the book s key selling points The details of the setting aren t particularly exceptional, however, though it s a nice change from reading about teens in America With any immortal human relationship, the inevitable question of what happens when arises and in this case it s a particularly difficult one Vincent actively chooses his lifestyle and to re I don t really have strong feelings about this book, but I m leaning towards disliked With that in mind though, there weren t any characters I hated, I thought the general premise for the story was clever and different, and I didn t find that Plum overused clich s or metaphors too often Ultimately where this novel turned sour for me was the romance I won t discount the fact that people, both young and old, can fall irrevocably in love in a short period of time The ability to write a love story that portrays this in a believable manner in one short novel is not something a lot of authors have, and this is where I believe Plum failed.
The beginning of the novel had hinted at some dark undertones and a touch of the macabre, but as

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