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↠´ Read ↠´ Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini Ð Starcrossed is the story of a teenage school girl, Helen, who meets new boy, Lucas, and tries to murder him with her bare hands for no reason Lucas, also, wishes to kill Helen in a horrifically violent way because they re both demigods on the opposite side of a war.
I really thought this book was going to kill me either with hypertension or an aneurysm for all the times it had me almost screaming in frustration For example Lucas is violently dragging Helen out of a supermarket Helen doesn t want to leave and is worried that Lucas is going to kill her but can t say or do anything or she ll make a scene.
No Fuck no Girls, if someone is manhandling you against your will then that is actually the perfect time to make a scene Why WHAT THE HOLY GRENADE WAS THAT A damn good book, that s what that was I am officially a Josephine Angelini fan, that s for sure She s one intelligent, story choreographic, badass woman She definitely wrote a book that, from the very first page, has it all Romance.
Intrigue Action.
Mythology And it has Lucas Delos eyebrow waggleHelenHelen Hamilton has always been different.
She s workin her way up to being 5 11 which on the ultra small island of Nantucket, IS a pretty big deal.
She has super human strength.
She could probably beat Superman in the 400 meter track meet event.
She s the high school freak.
She s always waking up with cuts down her legs and sand in her bed.
Oh And she can shoot lightning bolts from her hands.
Yep And when the Delos family comes into town, and has very similar abilities she gets a LOT curious.

EDIT I originally gave this book three stars, simply because it is based on Greek mythology, and I ve had a love affair with Greek mythology since I was a kid However, upon further consideration and a sudden recall of my Homer and Bullfinch, I am forced to concede that the Greek Mythology in this book is about as authentic as cranberry sauce in a can So, only two stars, and I m STILL being generous Two Twifans are walking down the street to the cinemaFangirl 1 ZOMG, I h8 steffie meyer Y hasn t she written Twilight buks alredy I miss edwrd, n bella is so cool, zomg, I jus cnt get enuf of her Fangirl 2 Did u see the trailer fr breaking dawn Omigod, arnt Robsten the cutest couple eva I cnt blive we hav 2 w8 til nvmbr fr prt 1 Fangirl 1 But at least thr r 2 movies to luk frwrd 2 Wht if smeyer neva writs anuther Twilight buk Aftr the movies, wll have nuthin Beware of spoilers Characters So this is where I went slightly balistic I m going to talk about the two main freaks of the book.
Helen Hamilton Grams is a Mary Sue She s so damn perfect and untouchable that it s difficult for me to relate to her Tall, beautiful, graceful, heavenly Hence, her nickname, Heaven Hamilton Really She s quite pathetic really She whines a lot and can t stand if someone makes fun of her, which reminds me of mostly ever other YA MC She is also very selfish Especially with her father Everytime Jerry tries to talk to her or ask her anything, she completely disregards him and flees.
Lucas Did he even exist in the book Lucas makes Edward Cullen look like the most complex character in the world Lucas was a blank sheet of paper Without even the college ruled lines Oh, yes However, he did eve This is a story of an impossible love and two people destined to repeat historyWanna know who I loved most in the book I was never a fan of Helen and Paris, dunno why, and in this book the main couple certainly didn t change my mind.
I liked Hector the best, he is an amazing character and I wish HE was the main one instead of Paris, but oh well, can t have everything The world buildingWell, like I said, the main story here is the Trojan war about to repeat itself, and Paris Helen s tragic love story happening all over again.
What s different here is that all the main characters are descendants of Greek gods.
They have special powers when I say special powers I mean every damn possible power you can think of and then some you can t.
A bit too perfect for a half god, didn t like that part.
There are pages and pages of rehashing Greek history unfortunately for me, I know Greek history mytho Alright, I know that I originally rated this book 2.
5 stars and, back then, I honestly thought that it deserved that much I really did However, a little over a month ago I was given an assignment for my AP class we were reading the Iliad at the time to cover the apology of Helen as was told in the Odyssey and really her whole life especially the time when she was in Paris and how she effected the Trojan war At first I was kind of moaning about it my GR friends can attest to that but, then, as I got and into the topic andreallyfinding out as much as I could in that time about Helen Now, I am far from an expert in the subject there are still so many opinions that I don t know about but would really like to but since I consider myself well versed than your average GR member, I hate to say this but I am going to be tearing this one apart I think I m the first person to write a negative review for Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini on the entirety of the internet But that said, here goes nothing.
This book did nothing for me Nothing Absolutely nothing And here s why.
Starcrossed is set on Nantucket island and features the shy, willowy Helen as she gears up for the first day of her junior year of high school She and her father live alone and she has a job and a best friend, but something is coming Something that will change Helen forever Before she can even realize it the island is abuzz with news of the Delos family moving to the island Helen begins to develop feelings of rage and unrest as she hears a The first time I read this book, I just threw it down 50 pages in in disgust I absolutely hated the initial pages of the book Helen was insipid Despite there being no clear description of her, I could tell that she was going to be another of those I am so pretty but I just can t see it type of girl Well, she is, and she is so typically Mary Sue, but upon a rereading, the entire book is so well written and its portrayal of mythology so well explained and creative that I am so glad I gave this another shot.
I still have problems with Helen She is so perfect, but her perfection, her typical way of underplaying herself and underestimating herself becomes a lot understandable in the book as one goes along That s where How Do You Defy DESTINY Helen Hamilton Has Spent Her Entire Sixteen Years Trying To Hide How Different She Is No Easy Task On An Island As Small And Sheltered As Nantucket And It S Getting Harder Nightmares Of A Desperate Desert Journey Have Helen Waking Parched, Only To Find Her Sheets Damaged By Dirt And Dust At School She S Haunted By Hallucinations Of Three Women Weeping Tears Of Blood And When Helen First Crosses Paths With Lucas Delos, She Has No Way Of Knowing They Re Destined To Play The Leading Roles In A Tragedy The Fates Insist On Repeating Throughout HistoryAs Helen Unlocks The Secrets Of Her Ancestry, She Realizes That Some Myths Are Than Just Legend But Even Demigod Powers Might Not Be Enough To Defy The Forces That Are Both Drawing Her And Lucas Together And Trying To Tear Them Apart 3,5 Sterne Puh schwierig schwierig Also der Anfang war mir viel zu klischeehaft Sowas a la Twighlight Teenager Highschool Lovestory aber ich mochte die Richtung in die die Geschichte ging und obwohl ich dachte, dass es durchaus viele Parallelen zu Percy Jackson griechische Mythologie halt geben k nnte, war das absolut nicht der Fall Diese Welt hier folgt anderen Regeln Allerdings sind mir hier manche noch nicht so ganz klar logisch, aber das kommt vielleicht mit dem n chsten Band Also f r den Plot gibt es auf jeden Fall einen Daumen hoch die Charaktere fand ich eigentlich auch alle ganz gut, auch wenn mir unsere Protagonistin Helen manchmal ein wenig suspekt war Ich fand Ihre Gedanken und ihr Handeln einfach nicht konsistent genug Manchmal kam sie mir vor wie jemand ganz anderes un

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↠´ Read ↠´ Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini Ð pamyatnik.pro Josephine Angelini is a Massachusetts native and the youngest of eight siblings She graduated from New York University s Tisch School of the Arts in theater, with a focus on the classics She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter.