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Ù Read ë Jeremy Bender vs. the Cupcake Cadets by Eric Luper ë Jeremy and his friend Slater are typical 6th graders They have their likes working with Jeremy s dad s vintage boat and their dislikes Paul, the school bully , and are trying to survive the best they can When they accidentally damage the boat, they try to find a way to come up with the money for repairs Happening upon a sign for a model boat race, they figure that they are sure to win the 500, but there is one catch they have to become Cupcake Cadets in order to do it They come up with credible disguises as girls something which would not be too hard for a 6th grade boy to do all it took for my son to be mistaken for a girl was long hair and find that being a cadet is a LOT harder than they thought In order to even e Predictable but not a bad read.
When Eleven Year Old Jeremy Bender Does Major Damage To His Father S Prized Boat, He Figures He Has One Way To Avoid Being Grounded For Life Fix It Before Dad Finds Out But Even If Jeremy And His Best Friend, Slater, Combined Their Allowances For A Year, They Still Wouldn T Have Enough Money For The Cost Of RepairsInspiration Strikes When The Boys See An Ad For The Windjammer Whirl Sponsored By The Cupcake Cadets, The Model Sailboat Race Pays Five Hundred Dollars To The Winner There S Just One Problem You Must Be A Cadet And A Girl To CompeteConfident That It Will Be The Easiest Money They Ve Ever Made, Jeremy Convinces Slater They Should Dress Up Like Girls And Infiltrate The Troop But As The Boys Proceed To Botch Everything From Camping To Field Hockey, They Realize That Being A Cadet Is No Piece Of CupcakeCan Jeremy And Slater Earn Their Badges And Win The Money Or Will Their Cupcake Careers Be Over Faster Than You Can Say Vanilla Frosting When Jeremy accidentally ruins the engine of his dad s boat, he and his best friend, Slater, go under cover as Cupcake Cadets in order to enter a cash prize contest But the boys quickly realize that being a cadet will require a lot than a uniform and memorizing baking themed pledges Jeremy Bender vs the Cupcake Cadets has all the comedy and misadventure promised by the premise, and then some Uniforms, dodging bullies, mantras, gut busting cupcakes, and heated rivalries provide plenty of hilarious obstacles as Jeremy and Slater clumsily navigate the complicated world of girls without being outed.
I really enjoyed Jeremy Bender Wholesome themes like teamwork, girl power, friendship, and business ventures are explored with sincerity and lighthearted humor The characters are endearing and mem As posted on Outside of a Dog When I was a kid, there was a Rodney Dangerfield movie called Ladybugs, in which a teen boy played by the late Jonathan Brandis pretends to be a girl to play on an all girls soccer team There were cross dressing jokes a plenty and some gender confusion when Matthew posing as Martha gets a crush on one of his her teammates For some reason, I loved this movie as a kid I only mention this, because all the warm feelings I had for it came rushing back when I read Eric Luper s fantastically funny book, Jeremy Bender vs the Cupcake Cadets I laughed at the same kind of jokes and enjoyed a similar gender bending adventure.
Jeremy Bender is your average guy A little bit geeked out boating, a little bit picked on in school, and a little bit picked on by his older Jeremy Bender is eleven years old, and he has a serious problem He and his best friend, Slater, are working on his dad s boat when they aren t supposed to be, and next thing they know, it needs some pretty substantial repairs to the tune of 470 Even if the boys pool their allowances, they know they don t have that much, so they start searching for other ways to bring in some cash When an advertisement at the public library alerts them to a sailboat race sponsored by the Cupcake Cadets, they re thrilled by the possibility of a 500 dollar prize, but disappointed that they can t enter because they re not girls Desperate and determined, Jeremy decides they will pose as girls, infiltrate the Cadets, and win the prize But being a Cupcake Cadet is nowhere near as easy as it sounds, and the boys have to jump through many hoops before they can even enter the contest.
I am not usually crazy Well, I m pretty much going to be a fan of any book where boys are dressed in drag But personal biases aside, this was a quick, funny read Jeremy Bender is obsessed with his dad s antique Chris Craft boat and wants to fix it up on the sly if he can impress his dad, maybe he ll be allowed to take the boat out himself But the fixing up goes horribly wrong, and ends with the boat s engine being flooded with two cans of soda and sprayed with sticky, corrosive green paint Jeremy is horrified, and sets out to fix the engine without his dad finding out Even though Jeremy may have the know how to do the repairs, it ll cost 500 to replace all the damaged parts and that s about 470 than he has So the scheming begins how will he come up with that A sweet book about determination, misconceptions and a little vanilla frosting Jeremy Bender loves boats One day while trying to spruce up his dad s boat, he and his friend Slater accidentally ruin the engine Too scared to tell his father, Jeremy decides to try to win 500 by joining The Cupcake Cadets and winning the 500 in the Windjammer Whirl There is only one problem The cadets are a girls only organization So the boys decide to dress up pretending to be Jenna and Samantha, two new cadets that no one knows because they are home schooled.
The boys assume that being a cadet will be easy How hard could it be if girls can do it right They were so wrong It is amusing to watch as the boys start to appreciate everything that girls can do after they spectacularly fail at most of the things they attempt This includes ruining the camping trip and giving the troop food pois

When I read this, I couldn t stop myself from comparing Jeremy his buddy Slater to Lucy Ethel I LOVE LUCY After damaging his father s boat, Jeremy has to come up with an idea to raise some money fast He talks his friend Slater into dressing up as a girl and joining the Cupcake Cadets and entering their annual Windjammer Whirl for a chance to win 500 Like with Lucy Ethel, Jeremy s plans nearly never turn out as he expects which makes for quite a few mistakes and laughs and maybe even a few lessons learned along the way.
A Junior fiction fantasy about 2 boys who scheme a plan to win for repairs they caused on a parent s prized boat The plan it to join the Cupcake Cadets, an all girl club, and win their Windjammer Whirl competition The boys learn it s not all vanilla frosting and girls are tough.

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