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º Bossypants Ó Download by × Tina Fey Three and a half stars I think Tina Fey is awesome I think this is a slight but solid book Her authorial voice sounds exactly like her speaking in my head It s sometimes funny, sometimes self deprecating, sometimes empowering It spends time than one might expect on some things, and no time on others I think she tried to skirt a line between memoir and humor essayist that is a difficult one to skirt I think it s an easier thing to do if you re David Sedaris and nobody has specific stories that they want to hear from you Readers trust Sedaris to talk about the aspects of his life that he wants to illuminate Tina Fey writes as if she is obligated to spend time on certain things her Palin impression, her scar, etc.
, and then she has less time to touch on other things Mean Girls is mentioned only in passing in a chapter that had nothing to do with it A longer and Tina Fey American Icon Some people say, Never let them see you cry I say, if you re so mad you could just cry, then cry It terrifies everyone.
I really appreciated how this memoir had a good mix of heartwarming anecdotes, comedic happenstances and career musings While I am not as familiar with her SNL and early career, this book was fun and easy to listen to.
As with many a memoir, we start with her childhood love of comedy and processed to her current day adventures or perhaps accurately misadventures A running theme to this book was the importance of being yourself Do your thing and don t care if they like it.
As a young teen, Tina hung out primarily in the theater department thus having the pleasure of getting to know all sorts of quirky characters while being a social pariah to the rest of the school But to her, the friendships and Before Liz Lemon, Before Weekend Update, Before Sarah Palin, Tina Fey Was Just A Young Girl With A Dream A Recurring Stress Dream That She Was Being Chased Through A Local Airport By Her Middle School Gym Teacher She Also Had A Dream That One Day She Would Be A Comedian On TVShe Has Seen Both These Dreams Come TrueAt Last, Tina Fey S Story Can Be Told From Her Youthful Days As A Vicious Nerd To Her Tour Of Duty On Saturday Night Live From Her Passionately Halfhearted Pursuit Of Physical Beauty To Her Life As A Mother Eating Things Off The Floor From Her One Sided College Romance To Her Nearly Fatal Honeymoon From The Beginning Of This Paragraph To This Final SentenceTina Fey Reveals All, And Proves What We Ve All Suspected You Re No One Until Someone Calls You Bossy I honestly cannot remember the last time I laughed this hard reading anything only a Jonathan Tropper novel or a Dave Sedaris collection comes close I finished the other night with wet cheeks from the tears that d escaped my eyes The bed had been shaking I was laughing so hard So what s to love about Bossypants, besides everything For starters, how Tina just tells it and by it, I mean everything from working at SNL to impersonating Sarah Palin like it is She s got a fierce feminist streak in her, but it s a feminism that exhibits itself in her trademark no bullshit kind of way It s or less the message of, I will be who I want to be and I do not care if you like it Oh, and she s quick to call other women out for being catty while, at the same time, being the first to admit she s played that card plenty of times in her own past.
And that, p First, I must preface this two star rating by saying that since Goodreads does not allow zero stars I m forced to reserve my one star ratings only for very special pieces of shit Secondly, at no time while reading this did my blood alcohol content drop below twice the legal limit and even that hardly made this book tolerable I wasn t expecting much, obviously, but this book fails to live up to even the exceeding low standards of airport bookstores I liked Tina Fey before I read this book I like her far less now Here s some helpful hints for your next book If we are reading your book then it s a safe bet we have seen your show and reproducing large chunks from your show in your book is superfluous at best and a cheap ploy to fill pages at worst If you only have 100 pages of material then write a 100 page book, t Sure, you could read Bossypants Provided you like all that self deprecating I m Tina Fey and I am enormously successful and I am thankful for that, but at the same time I still struggle with being a working woman with a real life, because it is so weird that I am a media icon when I still really think of myself as an unpopular high school theater dweeb, and isn t life weird, like when I was seen as a major influence during the last election because I kind of look like Sarah Palin stuff.
Personally, Tina Fey is a little too successful for me I don t like it I want to read about the life of someone else in order to feel better about my own life, not to make me wish I lived in New York and did something cool for a living.
I d rather read the autobiography of Liz Lemon Tina Fey tries to pretend there s still a Liz Lemon inside o Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this Meager The degree of insight here is microscopic at most Anecdotes those that matter to us, TV film buffs of the world are soooo ridiculously scant Its akin to ridiculing a very unique life with a distanced neverwarm life story It s unfair all of it farcical with no pathos at all The chuckles themselves fail to achieve the expected Cheshire Cat grin madness usually achieved by the brilliant Weekend Update host This was unexpectedly underwhelming to me Impersonal, cutesy, with a sinful zero amount of compelling stories of life in the comedic fast lane This autobio is vv very vanilla which, you know, took me by surprise Its interesting to note just how much personal, giving into their brilliant minds, their methods and techniques, their own sides o

The best audiobook I ve listened to in a long, long time And that s saying something I ended up picking this up because when I sent up a signal flare on Twitter, it was the most recommended book by far Now I see why 1 The narration was exceptionally good I like autobiography being read by the author, but not all authors are good narrators 2 It s legitimately funny 3 It s legitimately thoughtful and insightful I ll also say that I read this book cold I didn t really know who Tina Fey was when I picked it up I had a dim awareness of her being one of the SNL people, and an actress But that s it I also didn t know she was in charge of 30 Rock A show I ve seen exactly one episode of So I didn t come into this book as a fan I became a fan by listening to it.
I m probably one of the few people that s going to start watching the show because of the book, rather than the other way arou I m listening to the audiobook and it s even better than the print.

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º Bossypants Ó Download by × Tina Fey Elizabeth Stamatina Tina Fey is an American actress, comedian, writer and producer She has received seven Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, four Screen Actors Guild Awards, and four Writers Guild of America Awards She was singled out as the performer who had the greatest impact on culture and entertainment in 2008 by the Associated Press, who gave her their AP Entertainer of the Year awa