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[ Pdf The Confident Hope of a Miracle: The True Story of the Spanish Armada Ï human-ecology PDF ] by Neil Hanson ß Although Hanson doesn t say much new in Confident Hope, he gives the story of the English defeat of the Spanish Armada a modern day spin Without King Philip II of Spain s desire to bring heretical parts of Europe back into the Roman Catholic fold, there would have been no devastating battles Critics applaud Hanson s evenhanded approach to the story, meticulous research, and good storytelling skills They also agree that his thrilling reconstruction of the 10 day battle off England s southern coast replete with descriptions of military strategies and profiles of leaders like Sir Francis Drake and unremembered sailors on both sides is where the book excels Yet the Armada doesn t fight its first battle until page 242, which may frustrate even avid history buffs In sum Confident Hope is a gripping, if not fin Fascinating.
Elizabeth I comes off as a penny pinching miser, and Philip II of Spain as a religiously obsessed bureaucrat.
A great deal of time is spent on the actual ships, however, with the common men, sailors and soldiers, of the two fleets, and is quite sympathetic to them and their travails.
The Confident Hope Of A Miracle Is A Gripping Account Of The Defeat Of The Spanish Armada The Defining International Event Of The Elizabethan Age In , Determined To Reclaim England For The Catholic Church, King Philip II Of Spain Launched A Fleet Of Huge Castle Crowned Galleons That Stretched For Miles Across The Ocean A Battle Hardened Spanish Army Waited In Holland, Ready To Crush England S Barely Trained Conscripts, Many Armed Only With Scythes, Stakes Or Longbows All That Stood Between Spain And Victory Was The English Navy But English Ships, Tactics, Weapons And Crews Were Much Superior To Those Of The Armada, And The Pious And Ascetic Philip S Confident Hope Of A Miracle To Give Him Victory Was Not FulfilledThe Story Of The Spanish Armada Is One Of The Great Epics, With A Cast Of Characters As Rich And Varied As Any In History, With Results That Shaped Europe For Centuries To Come Neil Hanson, The Acclaimed Author Of The Great Fire Of London And The Custom Of The Sea,brings The Story To Vivid Life, Tracing The Origins Of The Conflict From The Old World To The New, Delineating The Armada Campaign In Rousing Prose, And Illuminating The Lives Of Kings And Popes, Spymasters And Assassins, Military Commanders And Common Sailors, And The Ordinary Men And Women Caught Up In This Great Event When The Fate Of Nations Hung In The Balance Hanson Also Depicts The Terrible Fate That Befell The Seamen Of Both Sides Long After The Decisive Battles Were Over, And He Takes A Fresh, Hard Look At Elizabeth I, Shaking The Pedestal Of England S Greatest Ever Monarch The Confident Hope Of A Miracle Is Authentic And original History Written With The Pace And Drama Of A Novel The Spanish Armada is one of those moments in English history that s become myth than history over the years everyone knows the stories about Drake playing bowls on Plymouth Hoe or how the English Fleet was so outnumbered or the storms scattering the fleet But I realised that I really didn t actually know very much about it at all, so this book was utterly fascinating to me It s very well written and manages to make the labyrinthian and Machiavellian machinations of both Spain and England understandable It really clarifies what actually happened and highlights the fact that the English weren t quite the underdogs that we love to make ourselves out to be, that our ships was faster and manoueverable, our guns were accurate and had better range, and the captains had the advantage of knowing every inch of the coastline In fact, it would have been a I enjoyed reading this book, and it gave me a much better take on the Armada Before this, I had known that many of the ships had been destroyed in a storm, but I had no idea about how much chaos the fireships caused at Gravelines even though they didn t actually ignite any Spanish ships I also didn t realize the whole mission for the Armada was as poorly thought out as it was, and the degree to which religion was behind it was also surprising I hadn t realized it had been treated as a crusade by both Spain and the Catholic Church King Philip was convinced God was behind him to the extent that he believed God would work any necessary miracles to ensure the Armada was victorious As the vast Armada set sail on the afternoon tide, the Pope s special emissary to Lisbon sent a report to the Vatican of a conversation he had held with one of the highest officers in the Three vs four was a tough choice for me I think it comes down to taste This books is a narrative history of the Armada, and I would have preferred an analytical one It is especially troubling when the author makes interesting revisionist claims but doesn t give the other side any room Still it wins points for its wonderful descriptions.
This book asserts in its title that it is the true story of the Spanish Armada I have no reason to doubt this The book provides excellent background for both the Spanish and the English actions during the Armada s attack during the summer of 1688 It cites both the strengths and the weaknesses of both sides, seemingly holding back no criticism.
First and foremost it portrays the battle engaged in by the Spanish and the English fleets as one of old technology and tactics against new technology and tactics The Spanish vessels were far larger and cumbersome than the English They were unable to sail higher into the wind than 90 degrees meaning that if the wind were coming from the north, the best that the ships

Excellent Well written and really takes you inside the ships, court and countries involved in the Armada Comes down hard on Elizabeth I, at times justifiably, but at others it is a less than measured response Other books I have read explained, if not justified, her poor choices in the wake of the Armada That not withstanding, this is a brilliant read If you want to smell the sea and the gunsmoke, duck the flying missiles and hear the cannon, this is the book for you.
Beautifully written and researched Can push you into detail and almost trivia but the author always pulls you back and rivets you with novel like drama You ll never think of the Spanish Armada the same way again Queen Elizabeth I is a fucking greedy bitch whose parsimony caused the deaths of 8000 English sailors who, having successfully repelled the Spanish, were not remunerated for their skilled and heroic efforts and as a result died from starvation or disease or being executed for having no special dispensation to beg I mean jesus fucking christ Nothing disgusts me Nothing in all of history upsets me Holocaust don t care Khmer Rouge don t care Even Phillip II, the arthritic, reclusive physical manifestation of hubris if you can imagine hubris embodied as a scheming little shit, gave financial, medical and housing support to the sailors or their families in the aftermath of the Armada Despite his foolish and stubborn belief that he had been ordained by God to rid the world of Protestant Reformation he still co

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[ Pdf The Confident Hope of a Miracle: The True Story of the Spanish Armada Ï human-ecology PDF ] by Neil Hanson ß pamyatnik.pro It s been a long and winding road since graduating with a degree in philosophy now that s useful I ve been by turns plasterer s mate, holiday camp redcoat, ice cream salesman, exhibition organiser, art critic, rugby league commentator, freelance journalist, editor of the Good Beer Guide, owner of the highest pub in Great Britain and finally a full time author It may not be an ideal