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[Kim Edwards] ☆ The Lake of Dreams [world-war-i PDF] Ebook Epub Download Þ I received this book through Goodreads First read contest Thankfully I didn t spend any money on it I have to be honest and say that I was pretty disappointed in this book It was hard to believe the same author that wrote my beloved The Memory Keeper s Daughter wrote this this boring crap of a book Well, maybe the word crap is a little harsh The book did get a lot of good reviews so it could just be me and my crazy opinions I just could NOT get into the story at all I found myself practically falling asleep before finishing chapters and having to reread paragraphs because I was drifting off The main character, Lucy, decides to visit her home town and she falls head first into her family history when she discovers she has a great aunt who was banished from the family for participating in the women s rights movement and being arrested This book, while brimming with possibility, is a promise unfulfilled.
A young woman, Lucy, returns from Japan to her upstate New York home, actually a Victorian mansion by The Lake of Dreams, a place from which she has distanced herself since her father s death As she adjusts to the changes about her she finds some old documents in a locked window seat, documents that soon reveal an unknown family history Having once discovered the old documents Lucy then shares her find with her Mother who just happens to remember that over twenty years ago she found an old baby blanket, with a note that matches the handwriting on the documents A beautiful blanket with a pattern on it that was tucked away twenty years ago and not thought of again until just now And so the plot advances Lucy becomes obsessed with the long l Twenty nine year old Lucy Jarrett left her upstate New York home town called The Lake of Dreams soon after her father accidently drowned a decade ago Lucy went to college, became a hydrologist, and took a series of overseas jobs Two years ago Lucy met Yoshi in Jakarta, and they fell in love and settled down in Japan where Yoshi has an engineering job Lucy is looking for work and teaching English to Japanese students to stave off boredom When Lucy learns that her mother had a minor accident, she debates returning to The Lake of Dreams for a visit Yoshi encourages Lucy to go, and plans to join her after he concludes a scheduled business trip When Lucy arrives back in The Lake of Dreams , she decides to stay in her old upstairs bedroom, even though her mother shut up the house s second story after her husband s d

I love Ms Edwards lyrical and descriptive language Every scene is brilliantly painted Her story was riveting flowing between past and present with complete ease I was probably most intrigued by the discovery of old letters and the main character s Lucy s journey to decipher the author s fascinating story.
But this book has so many components beyond that There is the veil of mystery surrounding Lucy s father s death, her residual feelings for her first love, her feeling for her current love, and her complex relationships with her mother and brother not to mention a few other family members Ms Edwards explores early feminism, religion, and art She also adds in a dose of environmentalism and multiculturalism The book bustles wi The Lake of Dreams is certainly no I made it to about page 100 before giving up The author had too many subjects in this book women s suffrage, Vietnam war, environmentalism are just a few of The Big Issues she tried to weave into a cohesive story that really dragged especially when you add in family secrets, mysterious stained glass windows and letters, a family locksmith business, and a confused young woman poking around in all of it.
The author s previous works Secrets of a Fire King and The Memory Keeper s Daughter were much stronger and lyrical I found myself bored stupid with the pace of this novel And then she ate a muffin She walked to the front of the building And then, and then I also found Lucy, the main character, to be unsympathetic in her uninterestingness I can t think of anything difficult than following up a huge bestseller the pressure Unfortunately, this one wasn t nearly as good as the othe I had a serious love hate relationship with this book I loved the family history part of the story, both the suffragette s actual story, and how the protagonist traces this forgotten branch of the family through historical archives what can I say That sort of thing is crack to a librarian I also loved the colorful settings and activities the author used and described.
I hated the protagonist, though Her arrogance, self centeredness, and sense of entitlement beggared belief for a 29 year old woman who has lived internationally for most of her adult life I would have believed it of a 15 year old girl, but not a cosmopolitan, near thirty year old woman If someone asked her to keep something secret or not to do a particular thing, and she either Lucy Jarrett Is At A Crossroads In Her Life, Still Haunted By Her Father S Unresolved Death A Decade Earlier She Returns To Her Hometown In Upstate New York, The Lake of Dreams, And, Late One Night, She Cracks The Lock Of A Window Seat And Discovers A Collection Of Objects They Appear To Be Idle Curiosities, But Soon Lucy Realizes That She Has Stumbled Across A Dark Secret From Her Family S Past, One That Will Radically Change Her And The Future Of Her Family Forever I wish I had liked this book better It held some promise, at the beginning But finally, after having persevered and doggedly pursued the end, I mostly just felt let down.
I didn t read The Memory Keeper s Daughter I kept picking it up, and thinking, maybe, but then putting it back on the shelf at the library And I almost wish I had done that with this book It has received mostly good reviews But.
1 This story seems like one I ve read a million times before Nothing remarkable, earth shattering, different or even compelling.
2 IMHO, Ms Edwards tried to do to much at times this was a book with an agenda, at others a book about history and at others a mishmash of dream sequences meant to tell a story that just muddied things.
3 Nothing felt, to me, very genuine Few of the characters were sympathetic, and even Lucy acted out of character a time or two And eventually, I came to conclude that the The Good StuffWonderful realistic charactersAuthor really understands the inner workings of a family and its dynamicsI really understood Lucy s need to understand about her family historyFascinating information and history and the portrayal of women in organized religionLoved the character of the priest Suzi and her conversations with Keegan If she was real, I would actually go to churchI was totally engrossed in the mystery of Rose and Iris and I think I wanted to find out the truth as much as Lucy did.
A truly fascinating tale and history lesson all in oneBeautifully written, author has some serious talent Must go get me a copy of The Memory Keepers DaughterI really enjoyed all the information about the suffragette movemen

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[Kim Edwards] ☆ The Lake of Dreams [world-war-i PDF] Ebook Epub Download Þ pamyatnik.pro Kim Edwards grew up in Skaneateles, New York, in the heart of the Finger Lakes region The oldest of four children, she graduated from Colgate University and the University of Iowa, where she received an MFA in Fiction and an MA in Linguistics After completing her graduate work, she went with her husband to Asia, where they spent the next five years teaching, first on the rural east coast of