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☆ Concubine ☆ Download by » Jill Knowles Who likes futuristic fantasy M M involving concubines Who likes freaktastic bdsm demon with scales sex Who thinks this book was quite possibly and most likely utterly and completely ridiculous Who doesn t give one single flying FUCK and is rating this shit 5 stars This slut right here, that s who.
Very enjoyable Not dub con at all Kael and Taren find twue wuv and Kael finds happiness and ultimate sexual fulfillment in submission The story is about who in the palace wants to get rid of Kael, and this plot is served up in teeny slices in between copious amounts of sex involving lavender oil, glass dildos, ring gags, restraints, and a three quarters demon cock.
The writing was competent overall, even if some of the smex got a bit purple A few details dragged me out of the world of the story e.
g in a pre industrial feudal society, skin tight velvet is not a sexy fabric It has absolutely no give in it, and without some elastane lycra in there it will be complete hell to wear Make that double face velvet pile on both sides and not only will you feel like you re wearing an inch thick furry fetish suit, but you will be unable to sit down CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME Baby vs Cupcake The SequelFIVE HEARTS I m that girl over there, playing in the lavender white jizz and glitter Pay me no mind.
Why haven t I read this already This seems to be my mantra for 2015 All thanks goes to the glorious Cupcake for booting my ass to this lavender oil scented goodnessThis is pleasure, my catamite prince I can taste my cum in your mouth while yours drizzle from my ass I m going to spill inside you soon, and then we ll sleep, and I ll fuck you again tomorrowTHIS WAS SMUTASTIC THIS WAS FUCKTACULAR THIS WAS DEMON PERMA DICK If I close my eyes, I can see rivers of lavender white, demon cum running at full force.
And I want to swim in it.
If Taren wasn t taken, I swear I d kick Kael to the side and ride that dem

Written February 2, 20143.
7 Steamy Stars an erotic kinky slave fantasy with warmth and a lot of lovely affection We most humbly offer our youngest son as Concubine to you Warlord Taren as a gesture of faith in the new peace treaty This M M saga started very well but I ve to admit that I lost my interest a bit towards the end It became kind of a replay of the just showed replay It can be to much smex in a smut romance too Though anyway I really enjoyed it Another good enough romance Overall, I still can not help but smile with joy when I think of the royal prince Kael who, as a gift from his father, King Harrrimund of Korai, comes to Warlord Taren in the neighboring, much bigger and powerful kingdom, Zandria Taren, with partly demon blood in his veins, is King Grayson s beloved half brother A half demon war 4.
5 on this one Red Hot The contents of this book makes your blood boil, your skin prickle and your desire flow, it s completely an erotic tale in the BDSM genre from the heat of the scenes that take place There s a sneaky plot that even develops within the story that eventually unfolds You might not want to miss experiencing this appetizing and tasty morsel of a read Also, I wouldn t say that this book is first person because it s written in third, but it could surpass as one since it all generally is told by one character s POV only For a half demon which is pointed out to us repeatedly and a warlord, Taren is surprisingly caring and patient in taking his time with prepping Kael to be his Concubine after Kael is given to the wa DAMN I WANNA MAKE OUT WITH THIS BOOK Hot Concubine is hot.
I ve always loved the word Concubine It s so sexy, reminiscent of bondage with the whole bineness purrs Concubine is a lot like Captive Prince except Taren is three quarters demon with purple scales and kinky Ok so, it s not really like Captive Prince Where the hell is Captive Prince 3 Cupcake needs.
Anyhoo sigh Kael is given to Taren by his father as a peace offering Once he gets to Zandria it s a kinkfest tailor made for Cupcake Complete with Collars, leashes AND calling himpetFeeding while kneeling at the master s feet Piercing AMBER BUTT PLUGS Amber butt plugs Yes I have a thing for amber Don t judge Plus, the other butt plugs are BEDAZZLED squeee Exhibitionism Growling Mine ing Cross dressing And the pi ce de r sis Some stuff happened and a prince became a Concubine to an alien or a demon or some such thing.
After a few days of some uncomfortable humiliation tactics our prince really gets into his role as a submissive to a warlord and well I have no idea what the plot does after that, I just know that lots and lots of smut followed Twas great PWP.
I d like to blame Julio but I won t because A BDSM LGBT Futuristic FantasyScholar, Captainwar Prize Prince Kael Of Korai Is Stunned When His Father Gives Him To An Enemy Warlord In A Desperate Attempt To Salvage Korai S Reputation With His Country S Honor At Stake, Kael Resolves To Submit To Warlord Taren S Every Debauched WhimBut Life In Zandria Isn T Anything Like What Kael Imagined Instead Of Pain And Cruelty, Warlord Taren Seduces Kael Until The Bewildered Prince Craves His Master S Every Intimate Caress As He Sinks Into The Decadent, Sensual Life Of A Concubine, Kael Makes A Powerful Enemy, One Who Wants Him Removed From Zandria By Any Means Necessary Betrayed By His Body, Trapped By His Honor, Kael Must Learn To Trust His Master Or Get Them Both Killed Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable BDSM Theme And Elements Including Not Limited To Bondage, Gagging, Tethering , Dubious Consent, Exhibitionism, Male Male Sexual Practices If i were rating this book solely on enjoyment, i d give it five stars because it s hot enough to make me blush days after reading it I mean, crazy hot But hey, there were words in it so I had some problems with the voice Lots and lots of epithets Lots of juvenile phrasing Just not really strong writing The plot is a silly structure used to display the crazy hot sex And that s fine Sometimes, that s all i want to read Something silly with lots of crazy hot sex So there you have it recommended for the sheer, delustful bawdiness Don t even try to take it seriously Have fun.
Wow, simply fantastic and thoroughly entertaining This is a book to grab when you need to be taken away from reality Now I fear every book I read in this genre will pale in comparison My full review was written for a newsletter and I can t repost it, but it has been archived on the website HERE if you want to torture yourself with of my gushing.

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☆ Concubine ☆ Download by » Jill Knowles Jill is a former archaeologist turned full time writer In her spare time, she makes fine silver jewelry and is learning glass blowing She lives in Tucson, Arizona, and is owned by far too many cats.