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☆ Sailing Alone around the World Ó Download by ☆ Joshua Slocum One of the great maritime autobiographies, beginning in New Bedford well, across the harbor in Fairhaven where Slocum reworked an unpromising vessel for a year or slightly An old oyster sloop, it had been out of commission since 1885 when seven years later Slocum was offered it for free, moving it from Poverty Point up to his house on the Acushnet River I taught Sailing Alone a couple times to my Freshman Comp class at a local community college, the last in a five book course that would include one Shakespeare play usu a feminist one like Measure for Measure because 2 3 of my students were women a book of poems and songs, a book of short stories often all by one author, like Vonnegut, VS Naipaul, Flannery O Connor, Joyce or Katherine Mansfield and one sustained narrative like Alice in Wonderland, Confederacy of Dunces, or Slocum Slocum is a first class ironist, and he parodies such vo This was one of the most influential books that I have ever read I read it while still in my teens Growing up in a seafaring Naval family I was able to sail from age eight At eighteen, when other teens were looking for their first car, I bought from an eighty two year old widow my first yacht, a 1928, wooden hulled A Class gaff rigged sloop that had sunk at its moorings during a storm With a lot of help, I raised it, refurbished it, and lived on it for the next eighteen months I then joined the Navy and during my enlistment it once again sank during a storm This time it was past salvage After leaving the Navy I bought a Roberts Ketch and lived and sailed on it for twelve years I have not circumnavigated the world in one pass, but I have sailed the Coral Sea Pacific, North and South, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic and ventured but not thoroughly explored into the Antarctic I d The Classic Travel Narrative Of A Don Quixote Of The Seas The First Man To Circumnavigate The World SinglehandedlyJoshua Slocum S Autobiographical Account Of His Solo Trip Around The World Is One Of The Most Remarkable And Entertaining Travel Narratives Of All Time Setting Off Alone From Boston Aboard The Thirty Six Foot Wooden Sloop Spray In April , Captain Slocum Went On To Join The Ranks Of The World S Great Circumnavigators Magellan, Drake, And Cook But By Circling The Globe Without Crew Or Consorts, Slocum Would Outdo Them All His Three Year Solo Voyage Of Than , Miles Remains Unmatched In Maritime History For Its Courage, Skill, And Determination Sailing Alone around the World Recounts Slocum S Wonderful Adventures Hair Raising Encounters With Pirates Off Gibraltar And Savage Indians In Tierra Del Fuego Raging Tempests And Treacherous Coral Reefs Flying Fish For Breakfast In The Pacific And A Hilarious Visit With Fellow Explorer Henry Stanley In South Africa A Century Later, Slocum S Incomparable Book Endures As One Of The Greatest Narratives Of Adventure Ever Written HIS LUCKY NUMBER WAS THE 13 My voyages were all foreign I sailed as freighter and trader principally to China, Australia, and Japan, and among the Spice Islands Mine was not the sort of life to make one long to coil up one s ropes on land, the customs and ways of which I had finally almost forgotten Perhaps he had heard of my success in taking a most extraordinary ship successfully to Brazil with that number of crew To be alone forty three days would seem a long time, but in reality, even here, winged moments flew lightly by My diet on these long passages usually consisted of potatoes and salt cod and biscuits, which I made two or three times a week I should mention that while I was at Melbourne there occurred one of those extraordinary storms sometimes called rain of blood, the first of the kind in many 1 5 DNF pg 47 I had too high expectations for this one, I guess writing style cut short sentences is not for my liking very slow paced book adventures are not so exciting, I caught myself thinking about others things while reading it And it s not a good sign This used to be required reading for Massachusetts high school students Joshua Slocum was the first to sail solo around the world Still crazy to this day The story was great in detail and local interest for the places it dealt with I love Slocum s writing at points, but like Moby Dick, at other times I feel I m just pushing through to get to the good parts again His historical detail and places he visits is not only a good story worth reading, but if you think about it for a moment, the time at which he visits some of these islands is a record which was thereafter erased by modern progress He is a unique character, and if you grew up on Cape Cod, or have ties to Nova Scotia, the story should hold special interest because of Slocum s origins It also deals with the tragic death of his first wife, later his son, something he never overcomes and in hi s vezes leio opini es aqui no goodreads que me fazem questionar se s o as opini es do outro mundo, se sou eu, ou ambas as hip teses em simult neo Ora, n o consigo entender quem diz que parece Verne, n o consigo entender a ideia do Quixote mar timo , esta ltima merecia era chicote A mim remete me antes a livros de tem tica n utica de n o fic o como A Viagem do Beagle do Darwin ou a nossa Hist ria Tr gico Mar tima pelo Bernardo Gomes de Brito Maravilhei me com a viagem realizada por Joshua Slocum, o primeiro homem a circum navegar o planeta completamente a s s, ou melhor, quase sempre, a determinada altura tem uma cabra, ideia n o muito acertada, a andar pelo conv s O livro leva nos por caminhos n o previs veis, ora podemos come ar nos A ores e

For a trip with so much time at sea and so little ashore, Captain Slocum paints with some amazing words This was, in my mind, so much easier to read and enjoy than either Gulliver s Travels or Robinson Crusoe, and at least as adventurous.
Of related interest, I am now reading Pole to Pole and looking forward to Around the World in 50 Years My Adventure to Every Country on Earth.
Seasonal Reading Challenge 2018 Fall au TUM n Task 5.
2 The Tour de France Wanderlust list and URC 50 book over 100 years old This is the type of book that reaches out to you I am not a sailor and much as I love and respect the sea, I usually get sea sick But it was an adventure to read this book, which is written with a precision and candidness that draws one to the tale.
Slocum didn t just accomplish an incredible feat, he left a written record of an age long gone He writes of cultures that have now disappeared amidst the wave of consumerism When he is at sea, I swear you can smell the salt air and hear the ocean His tortuous trip via the Straits of Magellan is particularly spellbinding.
I justify five stars for a book when I get so absorbed, my meal turns cold Such a book is this Thar be splendor here.
Book Season Summer In a word, this book is delightful The author, Joshua Slocum, did something truly remarkable He was the first human being to ever sail alone around the world Yet, perhaps the best part of this story is his style of presentation Slocum is laid back, self effacing, and actually quite funny Some of the great lines were, My singing has never inspired envy in others and He was a bearish man, and I ve met a bear before Upon coming across an uncharted island, Slocum promptly named it after a friend of his, and installed a sign on it that read, Keep off the grass, which, he explains, as discoverer, was within my rights He makes several remarks about his ship s crew, which of course, consists of only himself, talking about how fine the c

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☆ Sailing Alone around the World Ó Download by ☆ Joshua Slocum Joshua Slocum was the first man to sail single handedly around the world He was a Nova Scotian born, naturalised American seaman and adventurer, and a noted writer In 1900 he wrote a book about his journey Sailing Alone Around the World , which became an international best seller He disappeared in November 1909 while aboard his boat, the Spray.