Ú The Last Archide É Download by Ú Chad R. Odom

Ú The Last Archide É Download by Ú Chad R. Odom The Warrior Breathed In Again, Letting The Bitterly Cold Air Enter And Then Leave In A Slow, Controlled Mist From His Lips He Crouched Low To The Ground, Removing His Helmet From Under His Arm And Placing It In The Already Fallen Snow With A Glance Over His Shoulder, He Observed The Life That Existed Only Before A Battle Oryan, Son Of Armay, Was Always Destined For Greatness After Spending His Childhood As A Slave, He Finds Himself Thrust Into A Life Of Competitive Fighting, Where He Realizes His Potential As An Unconquerable Competitor When His Exploits In The Arena Draw The Attention Of A High Ranking Military Officer, He Is Forced To Serve The Very Empire His Father Fought Against Played On The Strings Of Cruel Puppeteers, He Fights For A Future On The Brink Of Chaos Can One Man Change The World If A Hero Falls, Can The Heart Of Another Bring Him Back Can A Life Lived In Darkness And Death Ultimately End In Forgiveness And Redemption The Answers To These Questions Are At The Heart And Soul Of The Man Called The Last Archide This Edition Is Out Of Print Chad Has Created A Vivid And Incredible World With The Last Archide, And Has Only Begun To Tell A Tale That Can Easily Be Described As Epicthis Masterful Tale Enthralls Readers C Trebus, Service Coordinator Technical Writer

I received The Last Archide, Warlord of Navarus as a free copy from the author via BookFunnel The gifting did not determine the review rating, which reflects my honest opinion An absolutely fabulous read This was a book I would have skipped over if I hadn t read the sample chapters ins Look Inside feature I was immediately caught up in the prologue I was absorbed right into the story and finished reading in one day The ending has a cliffhanger, but I was satisfied at the break point which left me wondering what would happen next Great story, great characters, and interesting world building, blending guns and swords, technology and coliseum style battles.
I loved this book from cover to cover The characters were well developed and the imagery fantastically futuristic The world is constructed to fall head over heels into and the protagonist a hero for the ages Set in a dystopia like future, the world s nations have been able to remedy threats of mass destruction with a metal virtually indestructible The art of hand to hand combat is reborn, and an unlikely hero rises to revolutionize it He must fight slavery, loyalties, manipulation, power and politics to find himself, and to win what we re all fighting for the freedom to love.

Chad R. Odom

Ú The Last Archide É Download by Ú Chad R. Odom Chad R Odom, just like many authors, hears voices in his head He can t contain the stories any longer, and is relieved to be releasing his first series The Last Archide Chad was born and raised in St Louis, but loves to travel He met the love of his life in Las Vegas, and his wife Katie is his inspiration for his character Celeste.He spends his spare time watching movies and doing a critique