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Trailer ¿ A Discovery of Witches PDF by × Deborah Harkness HOLY FREAKING CRAP I just finished this book last night, and I was blown away by it This is easily going to be the best book that I will read this year, and is going in my top 10 list of best fiction books of all time Excellent fiction is not always easy to come by I don t mind mediocre reads from time to time, but it is SO GREAT to be totally stunned by an indescribably excellent book every once in awhile For one thing, this book is so well written The author has a beautiful way with words, and her descriptions are eloquent and lovely There was a seamless flow to this book that was exquisite Nothing was choppy or out of place the rhythm, pacing, and phrases used flowed so effortlessly that I was never distracted by the writing or the language as sometimes happens in fiction Because of this, I was able to get completely lost This book kept me hanging on just enough to stop me from abandoning it I m not really sure who this book is aimed at it s a very pedestrian, traditional romance wrapped up in a nearly 600 page, painfully slow tale filled with history and science It s a bit like a Hallmark card wrapped up in an encyclopedia The history and science buffs will be turned off by the cheesy center, and the romance lovers will resent having to wade through pages of endless description and detail just to get to the good stuff And speaking of the good stuff there isn t any If I am going to struggle my way through a sappy romance, the least I would expect is a good sex scene The female lead is Diana, who is a highly intelligent woman and well respected in her okay, so the good things I liked the world mythology etc, and was amused by the Anne Rice reference And I also liked the subtle pro gay marriage message It could have actually been a lot of fun except for the romance part, which went like this SPOILERS Diana I am exceptionally good at being a historian of science, and I even have a job at Yale I am also a witch, but I don t use my powers Much.
Gosh this mysterious manuscript sure is mysterious Matthew I AM TALL I WENT THROUGH YOUR PAPERS AND THEN CAME TO YOUR HOUSE AND WATCHED YOU SLEEP.
Diana I guess so I could do that after I g Sorry Bronze Horseman, A Discovery of Witches has taken the 2 spot for my favorite book 3 It s quite difficult to gather my thoughts well enough to manage a review I don t know how or where to begin.
I started this book 4 evenings ago, and all I really knew about it was that it was a Witches and Vampires book Fine, I ll give that a go As the pages wore on, however, I realized that I was barely making any headway on the % counter Upon checking, I then found that this book is almost 800 pages long, which is than almost all of my fantasy DTB s Wow.
I started reading this book just after midnight, thinking I might see how it started before I got some sleep I think it was somewhere around the 3 5% mark that I noticed that even though I was tired I did not want to stop reading So not stop is what I did I just kept on reading for 7 hours straight, until my alarm went off and tried

THIS IS ACTUALLY ZERO stars, but it won t be listed if I put zero, so, just so you know ZERO.
I thought this was going to be a really entertaining read, but I m giving up The main character makes no sense, whatsoever We re told that she isn t able to do magic and then she does magic Huh And then we have the vampire sneaking in her window and watching her sleep, fascinated by her sleeping Where have I read this before Let s see can anyone think of where they might have read this Anyone I don t care that she glows when she sleeps I already know it s because it s linked to her ignoring her magic or because it s trapped inside her or because she s simply too cheap to buy a nightlight yes, I made that last one up , but I m not really intrigued enough to find out What I ve learned thus far is that the author is very proud of her knowledge of Oxford and t For mere two bucks I rescued this book from a dusty shelf of a local Goodwill store, adopting it with high hopes For free, I returned it to the same shelf a few weeks later with dejected feeling, sandwiching it between a rejected copy of Twilight and a tattered paperback with a shirtless guy on the cover.
At least it found its rightful spot And I m out only two dollars And I would have gladly paid to free my own bookshelf of this book.
So it goes My books mercilessly rejected the intruder.
The appeal of it besides the beautiful cover deceptive in its alluring elegance of royal blue was the introduction of a supposedly adult professional accomplished heroine, a history professor to boot, who allows us to take a fresh new look at supernatural occurrences rooted 2.
5 starsHmmm At first, I really thought this was going to be at least a 4 star book It was interesting and full of detail Then suddenly, it wasn t Wasn t interesting, that is Oh, it was still full of detail, don t worry Details about how they appreciatively sniffed wine.
Details about different kinds of tea.
Details about the layouts of old buildings.
Details about rugs and furniture.
And just when I started to think I couldn t take it anyMORE WINE AND TEA Yes, yes I get it She likes tea He likes wine After 400 pages I don t give a shit what it smelled like Enough already deep breath Toward the end, the story picked up a bit and started moving forward again But it was too little, too late Wait Let me rephrase that, it was too much, too late Suddenly there were huge info dumps, which would have been great had they b This is an odd book Now that I have finished reading it, I m not sure why I was so enad of it With so much discussion of spells and enchantment, I wouldn t be surprised if the book put a spell on me Despite overall enjoying the book, there are still lots of things about it that irritated me First, the author needed a better editor I am finding often that books surrounded by a certain amount of hype are not well edited I don t know if the editors think that every word the author writes is gold or if editors are timid, but in either case they aren t doing their job Much of this book could have chopped out and the story tightened up There are too many extraneous details that weigh down the plot and what exactly the plot is is also a good question I think the author, in order to differentiate her witch vampire supernatural Deep In The Stacks Of Oxford S Bodleian Library, Young Scholar Diana Bishop Unwittingly Calls Up A Bewitched Alchemical Manuscript In The Course Of Her Research Descended From An Old And Distinguished Line Of Witches, Diana Wants Nothing To Do With Sorcery So After A Furtive Glance And A Few Notes, She Banishes The Book To The Stacks But Her Discovery Sets A Fantastical Underworld Stirring, And A Horde Of Daemons, Witches, And Vampires Soon Descends Upon The Library Diana Has Stumbled Upon A Coveted Treasure Lost For Centuries And She Is The Only Creature Who Can Break Its Spell

Deborah Harkness

Trailer ¿ A Discovery of Witches PDF by × Deborah Harkness My life has been a series of left turns that nevertheless took me in the right direction though it didn t always seem so at the time I went to college to be a theater major and ended up studying the Renaissance I went to grad school to become a college administrator and loved to teach so much I became a college professor instead I thought I wanted to be a Tudor Stuart historian, and found mys