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Download Epub Format ò Henrietta's House PDF by Á Elizabeth Goudge It wouldn t do for me not to read at least one Elizabeth Goudge book this year This was a short but delightful read, just the spoonful of beauty, charm, and whimsy that I needed It s a book about the very young and the very old, and having a good and humble heart I enjoy how the story infuses real life with a fairy tale feel, reminding us that the presence of virtue and paradise in this world show the reality of Heaven As always with Goudge s novels, Henrietta s House tells a layered story where the plot and many of the characters have a double or sometimes triple meaning and function For example, Henrietta is herself, a sweet little girl in the early 1900s, but she also takes on the role of the little girls in fairy tales in this modern day, real life fairy tale Most of the action takes place in one day young Hugh Anthony s birthday but it s a day full of surprises and mystery w Like another Goudge title, Linnets and Valerians, this book has stuck with me although I last read it about 30 years ago I remember descriptions, the sense of place, even see faces as described the illustrations in my tattered 1972 British paperback are nice, but the words really brought the faces and settings to life It s magical in a way that is neither dark or supernatural It could be nowhere else than Edwardian England, but the history, famous places, or institutions are never mentioned, this is a quiet backwater It reminded me somewhat of A Midsummer s Night s Dream but the dream is on a warm summer afternoon, with that golden haze and the sense of time slowing down for a while.
A book that could be enjoyed loved at any age.
I loved this book I had no idea of what it would be like, as it was another one off my shelves It is a magical tale of two children and a number of adults adventures and the way they change It is thoughtful, gently humorous, and very satisfying Maybe it is a children s book but it is one I ll keep and reread.
Gets better with every read, 4.
5 stars really, and one of my favorites to revisit as the seasons shift from summer to autumn one of the most sweetest and joyous reads i have ever read this is a dream book for me After reading the first sentence in this book Once upon a time there was a railway station waiting for a train I knew this was going to be a delightful story Just the unique way Miss Goudge words a simple opening scene brings the reader into a world of whimsy a wondrous weaving of reality with fine rainbow threads of fantasy My favorite characters in the book, Grandfather, the Old Man, and Henrietta, all exhibit a child like vision which endears them to me and keeps the story worthy of thoughtful sighs.
A Magical Mystery TourToday Is Hugh Anthony S Birthday Party, And He S Celebrating With The People He Loves Best, Young And Old Alike The Day Begins With A Wish And Ends With A Revelation As Each Of The Partygoers Ventures Into An Enchanted Forest Where Legend Becomes Reality And Their Wildest Dreams Come True An Innocent Birthday Picnic Becomes The Adventure Of A Lifetime And No One Will Ever Be The Same Again unadulterated joy A delightful,juvenile read, almost a fairy tale indeed, it does end with the words happily ever after Loving family, eccentric characters including a modern equivalent of an evil wizard , woodland adventures, underground escapades and mystery and philosophical reflections sprinkled throughout, with of course, a most happy ending One little gem I found in the pages was a list of likely Goudge s top 20 books for a young person to read Henrietta took books from the shelves with a certainty that quite surprised the Old Gentleman The Water Babies and Alice in Wonderland, Undine and The Pilgrim s Progress, Jackanapes and Little Women, The Fairchild Family and A Flat Iron for a Farthing, The Back of the North Wind and The Princess and Curdie went into the basket with startling rapidity, followed by Uncle Remus, Hans Christian Andersen s Fairy Tales, The Swiss Family Robinson, Andrew Lang s B A whimsical story, featuring adventure, very old gentlemen, books, underground caves and rivers, and a delightful surprise for a very loving girl Henrietta is ten, her adopted brother Hugh Anthony about to celebrate his birthday However most of the characters in the book are adults, the majority quite elderly It s a children s book, but I don t know many children nowadays who would appreciate it, other than, perhaps, voracious and eclectic readers of between about nine and twelve However, for adults who like Goudge s writing, steeped in history and cathedral culture, it s a pleasant book It s set entirely in the real world despite some bizarre circumstances and coincidences I read it in just a couple of days, and would give it

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Download Epub Format ò Henrietta's House PDF by Á Elizabeth Goudge Elizabeth Goudge was an English author of novels, short stories and children s books.Elizabeth de Beauchamp Goudge was born on 24 April 1900 in the cathedral city of Wells, she moved with her family to Ely when her father, a clergyman, was transferred there When her father, Henry Leighton Goudge, was made Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford, the family left Ely and went to Christ Church, Oxfor