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ô Consequences (Torchwood) Ø Download by Ý James Moran If you enjoyed the Torchwood series on TV, chances are you will enjoy being able to revisit the Torchwood universe introduced by the Dr Who spinoff.
Hmm, my book cover for this is different than the one shown Oh, I guess it s cause I have the UK edition.
Anyway, I absolutely loved this collection of short Torchwood stories There s at least one that takes place in between the events of Series 1 and 2 This book has a special place in my heart because of James Moran, a great writer and a great guy.
I like how the last 3 stories had elements that connected them to each other I enjoy reading these official novelizations I consider them canon, while I have not had such an easy time reading fic by random fans Stories by people that know the universe and characters so well tend to ring truer to me.
All I can say is I want Saving The Planet, Watching Over The Rift, Preparing The Human Race For The Twenty First Century Torchwood Has Been Keeping Cardiff Safe Since The Late S Small Teams Of Heroes, Working , Encountering And Containing The Alien, The Bizarre And The Inexplicable But Torchwood Do Not Always See The Effects Of Their Actions What Links The Rules And Regulations For Replacing A Torchwood Leader To The Destruction Of A Supermarket How Does A Witness To An Alien S Reprisals Against Torchwood Become Caught Up In A Night Of Terror In A University Library And Why Should Gwen And Ianto S Actions At A Local Publisher S Affect Torchwood Than A Century Earlier For Torchwood, The Past Will Always Catch Up With Them And Sometimes The Future Will Catch Up With The Past Featuring Sci Fi Stories By Writers For The Hit Torchwood Series Created By Russell T Davies For BBC Television, Including James Moran And Joseph Lidster, Plus Andrew Cartmel, Sarah Pinborough And David Llewellyn A generally lackluster collection of short stories about Torchwood Notable for me because one of the stories, Virus, focuses heavily on Ianto And I love me some Ianto.
I should really give this 4.
5 stars, as former Doctor Who script editor Andrew Cartmel s contribution to this anthology starts out in rather clunky fashion But once he gets warmed up, he s on the same exciting yet twisted page as everyone elseand the result is like experiencing a perfect little mini season of Torchwood I burned through this book in 24 hours it s utterly compelling, borderline insane, and equal parts hilarious, horrific, and poignant Everything that is wonderful about Torchwood including its soul destroying characteristics is present and correct The best short story collection produced by any part of the Doctor Who universe to date.
I am biased because I love Torchwood so not liking this book would have been a huge surprise I wasn t surprised, I really enjoyed the read The book is composed of 5 short stories My favorite was Virus by James Moran, Ianto is in full action mode in this one and that s how I like my favorite character to be I liked how the stories involved than one combination of Torchwood s operatives It was really interesting to see every short story having repercussions in the ones following it and how they tied all the stories together like they used to do in the short story books by Big Finish starring The Doctor This book is for TW fans only, but it you are one than you ll like the time spent reading Consequences.
I was a big fan of the Torchwood series on BBC, which the executives seem to be doing their best to make sure stays dead With no new shows or movies, I ve been going back through the novels, enjoying the adventures of Captain Jack Harkness and company Consequences is different from the other books, since it s actually an anthology running from the Victorian Era Torchwood to the modern, and touches on several other books as well The collection of stories shows the 1800 s Institute fighting The Baby Farmers, which is about the only story title I remember The next short is sent during the period Jack reunited with the Doctor and left the team behind for a while with no warning Then it moves on through sever Some good stories, some quite sad to read and others fun Recommended to Torchwood fans.

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TorchWood being my favorite TV show I expected this to a great book and I was right Made up of 5 mini novels TorchWood Consequences was definitely one of the best books I ve read in a while I liked most of the stories equally but found the first one hard to read because I didn t know the background story of any of the characters My favorite was virus because was finally Ianto s time to shine in the fourth Novel in this book.

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