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[Lauren DeStefano] Ü Wither [star-trek-enterprise PDF] Read Online Ó By Age Sixteen, Rhine Ellery Has Four Years Left To Live She Can Thank Modern Science For This Genetic Time Bomb A Botched Effort To Create A Perfect Race Has Left All Males With A Lifespan Of Years, And Females With A Lifespan Of Years Geneticists Are Seeking A Miracle Antidote To Restore The Human Race, Desperate Orphans Crowd The Population, Crime And Poverty Have Skyrocketed, And Young Girls Are Being Kidnapped And Sold As Polygamous Brides To Bear Children When Rhine Is Kidnapped And Sold As A Bride, She Vows To Do All She Can To Escape Her Husband, Linden, Is Hopelessly In Love With Her, And Rhine Can T Bring Herself To Hate Him As Much As She D Like To He Opens Her To A Magical World Of Wealth And Illusion She Never Thought Existed, And It Almost Makes It Possible To Ignore The Clock Ticking Away Her Short Life But Rhine Quickly Learns That Not Everything In Her New Husband S Strange World Is What It Seems Her Father In Law, An Eccentric Doctor Bent On Finding The Antidote, Is Hoarding Corpses In The Basement Her Fellow Sister Wives Are To Be Trusted One Day And Feared The Next, And Rhine Is Desperate To Communicate To Her Twin Brother That She Is Safe And Alive Will Rhine Be Able To Escape Before Her Time Runs Out Together With One Of Linden S Servants, Gabriel, Rhine Attempts To Escape Just Before Her Seventeenth Birthday But In A World That Continues To Spiral Into Anarchy, Is There Any Hope For Freedom The concept of a society in which girls are forced into polygamous marriages may not be everyone s idea of a good time, but I like art that pushes boundaries or attempts to explore unusual subjects in a meaningful way Besides, the cover is gorgeous And on the set decoration front, Wither is a novel that seductively beckons the reader with alluring images and positively drips with atmosphere Languid young women wander around a mansion in lacy gowns waiting to be impregnated by their joint husband, due to drastically shortened life spans that force them into polygamous marriages It s pretty much the love child of Ally Condie s Matched and the television show Big Love, as styled by Vogue While many of the scenarios and language are certainly quite beautiful, however, sometimes I wasn t sure whether I should laugh at the repeated images As seen on The ReadventurerOh boy, do I have problems with this new crop of YA dystopian post apocalyptic lit I am starting to think that the authors who attempt to explore this genre have no understanding of what it takes to write such books Just making up some new horrible way people are treated in a future society and adding in some angsty love triangle isn t enough I don t want to sound too lectur y, but these new, young writers probably do not realize that to create a dystopian post apocalyptic society that is believable, they need to 1 understand how our current world works 2 be able to identify cultural, political, economical trends that can possibly affect humanity in a major way in future 3 realize that when they set their eyes on extrapolati

so this is the handmaid s tale for kids with some new details for the modern set premise world is basically over only north america survives, but barely like one step better than the road due to genetic manipulation and subsequent oopses, there are considerably lower life expectancies girls live to be twenty, boys to twenty five then coughing, blood, expiration.
so, to keep the population going, and to provide new babies to experiment with, many young girls are kidnapped and sold into marriages where they are treated like goddesses, frankly, except they can t leave and they are expected to fulfill all those wifely duties with the highest bidder.
see, here is my problem if the world was shitty enough that you had to live in the basement with only your twin brother for company, nailing shut the door to prevent thieves and murderers from b Let me start by saying that I know numerous people who liked or loved this book, and that I see why someone would and I mean no disrespect to your opinions You have, in general, written very eloquent, expressive reviews describing why you liked it and I have read and enjoyed those reviews I m not here to step on anyone s toes.
Except maybe Lauren DeStefano s, because I didn t like this book.
Wither fans, I might be mean after this point You ve been warned.
The basic concept of this book is bullshit Science perfected children and freed the world of disease, but when their perfect generation had kids, the kids all died when they reached a certain age It s so freaking precise it s ridiculous Something flips a switch in women at age 20, and in men at age 25, and they die before they reach their next birthday.
Aw fuck, who told you you could throw science out t

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