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✓ Read í Dark Heart Forever (Dark Heart, #1) by Lee Monroe ↠´ Ermm, this book wasn t as good as I d hoped it would be The plot was good enough there plenty of unexpected twists and it was kinda exciting The lead character Jane was what really deducted from the book She was just soinfuriating to say the least The other characters were okay, and we had the classic love triangle for the majority of the book good guy that offers security, mysterious guy that has a dark, concealed past and a girl But then the twist changed that to shocked whiny girl, evil mysterious guy and good guy comes to the rescue Very imaginitiveIt was an alright novel not the best, but certainly not the worst If the lead character was better, the book would actually be pretty good So don t bother going out of your way to read it, but it s still an anjoyable read, so feel free to try it Zanthie It is dangerous, mysterious and romantic but still keeping the basic point of the book The plot line is amazing compared to other books i have read in the similar fantasy Creatures of the fantasy world are hard to write about as we don t have any proof of them existing, they are just our imagination and a great addition to children s tales We see them as we would want to see them, beautiful, handsome, powerful and many other words that describe our own tales and pictures of these creatures and immortal beings This book, i would say, is from about 11 because of the use of Vampires wanting to drink blood as well as werewolves out of control and the use of language might be hard for someone under 11 to understand I recomme Jane Jonas Is Nearing Her Th Birthday And Troubled By Unsettling Recurring Dreams Where The Same Mysterious Boy Her Age Comes To Her, Telling Jane That They Are Each Other S Destiny Her Mother Is Becoming Anxious About Jane S Disruptive Sleepwalking Episodes, But For Jane Her Dream World And Reality Are About To Collide I loved this book I could tell right from the start that there was going to be something seriously wrong with Evan and I actually gasped outloud when I found out he was Raphael I love Luca he is so cute and you can tell he is in denile about loving Jane Lowe is horrible but I think he might have a big part to play in the next book Dalya is the best, i wish i had a sister like her she s so loyal and caring 3 highly recommend this book 33 The Plot Jane Jonas is nearing her 16th birthday and troubled by unsettling recurring dreams where the same mysterious boy her age comes to her, telling Jane that they are each other s destiny Her mother is increasingly anxious about Jane s disruptive sleepwalking episodes, but for Jane her dream world and reality are about to collide When she develops a friendship with an enigmatic stranger in town, the blond, uber cool Evan, it s exciting, it s new, and Jane wants him than she s ever wanted anybody until her mystery dream boy gets in the way Now Jane is caught between two worlds one familiar, but tinged with romance and excitement the other dark and dangerous, where angels, werewolves, and an irresistible stranger are trying to seduce her.
Sounds like several other books i have read before, thats what intrigued me But believe me this book was so diff I loved this book Couldn t put it down.
In a Nutshell Jane is a sixteen year old, home schooled kid One day she not only catches the interest of the new sexy boy in town, Evan but is visited by a boy in her dreams, Lucas who claims to be her soulmate She interacts with either one and stuff happens Yeah, that s the best I can come up with Don t shoot me This book, just like Hereafter was simply a dull and boring read But hey, at least the implication of a love triangle is pretty untrue Jane was just not that interesting as protagonist and when I am not invested in the main character, I generally don t care what happens to her and because this book was in her POV, reading through this became somewhat of a chore Now, this may be just me but I just raised my eyebrow and found it hard to believe that her family are so desperate for their goody two shoes daughter to go out a lot, and are

I really don t like to post negative comments about a book, especially since I always admire the creativity to write in the first place and then the determination to have it published The central plot to this book is very interesting A girl who sleepwalks and in doing so discovers a door to another world through her dreams But I found it all very confusing I don t think the author manages to explain the details of the plot very well and I was always left wondering what and how we got here Things such as Luca, the boy she meets on her dreams, How did he come about She just knows him already but can t remember Right scratches her head Then you have the villain who plots his revenge for years and goes as far as killing an innocent man only to be persuaded to give up by talking to person he wants to hurt the most I mean, if you go that far you will not see reason You know how you sometimes read a book and wonder why this person got published This is one of those books A completely uninteresting plotline, a girl who acts like she is twelve instead of sixteen, and a love triangle full of denial.
First of all, there was no what do you call it Like, no leading up to the story like the blurb hints at By nearing her sixteenth birthday Ms Monroe really meant having it right now Like, in the first sentence The dreams she s having I think she had probably two in the whole book, and there was no explanation about how long she d been having them for or anything She also hints at how she was majorly bullied a few years before and that s why she s home schooled this really just didn t add anything to the plot.
Jane Instead of feeling like this book was narrated by a sixteen year old girl, it felt like she I think every teenage girl or young women for that matter who likes the new supernatural outlook of scary creatures of the night,such as werewolves,vampires and witches,will enjoy this book Like Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, it has captured these fictional characters with a typical stereotype of horror and death in a modern and somewhat human light, going through the normal difficulties of average teenagers I felt using the concept of two different worlds which are the same in every way, except for the inhabitants, highlighted this fact Luca, the lovely teenage werewolf, just wants to feel loved like a normal teenage boy, adored by his girlfriend He actually states this saying he just wants Jane like a boy wants a girl Jane your average looking girl with no confidence feels much the same way and believes nothing extraordinary will ever happen to her I

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✓ Read í Dark Heart Forever (Dark Heart, #1) by Lee Monroe ↠´ pamyatnik.pro Lee Monroe was born in London, but spent a short time living by the sea with her family when she was a teenager She moved back to the heart of the city as soon as she could, and now lives in Westminster Lee was an obsessive reader as a child, and still is She has worked in publishing and contributed to, and ghost written, books Dark Heart Forever is her first novel under her own name.