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↠´ Read ✓ Entwined by Heather Dixon Wallwork ↠´ I liked Azalea and her sisters, and by the end I felt for the king as well I hated his treatment of his daughters at the start, but the story attempts to show growth Was it enough I m not sure I liked the love interest and the romance The villain was a good villain The climax got a little spooky.
As for a retelling, I felt this was a pretty run of the mill fairytale world The world and magic felt pretty generic It stuck pretty closely to the original tale in a lot of ways, fleshing out descriptions and characters, and adding a backstory and source of conflict.
I think if you like close retellings and fairytale worlds, you would enjoy this Potential triggers Pervy old man suitors, view spoiler death of mother hide spoiler Azalea and her eleven sisters are in mourning for their mother Their father, the king, is inexplicably cold toward them, presumably because he s got too much manpain over losing his wife to bother with anyone else s feelings Bereft of their father and mother both, the girls turn to dancing in an attempt to remember happier times, except dancing is forbidden when you re in mourning so their dance teacher is sent away, their endless supply of dance slippers dries up, and all their clothes are dyed black Enter Keeper Keeper maintains a magical forest beneath the castle, in which a grand pavilion stands ready to supply the princesses with music, food, and solitude Of course, the Keeper turns out to be of the mo Just When Azalea Should Feel That Everything Is Before Her Beautiful Gowns, Dashing Suitors, Balls Filled With Dancing It S Taken Away All Of It And Azalea Is Trapped The Keeper Understands He S Trapped, Too, Held For Centuries Within The Walls Of The Palace So He Extends An InvitationEvery Night, Azalea And Her Eleven Sisters May Step Through The Enchanted Passage In Their Room To Dance In His Silver Forest, But There Is A Cost The Keeper Likes To Keep Things Azalea May Not Realize How Tangled She Is In His Web Until It Is Too Late Beware, this is a fangirly review, so there might be some slight spoilers about Entwined was a fairytale from beginning to end Enchanting, humorous, charming, and sweet Beauty swirled through every page And though there were pockets of intense darkness, this book, overall, was a swoon worthy tale with heartfelt lessons and giggles and loveliness I was grinning like a fool as I read the final pages torn between the desire to laugh or sob This book, my friends, THIS BOOK My second time reading it, and I simply adored it.
Azalea is the eldest princess older sister to eleven unique and endearing sisters who a lot of the time sometimes get out of hand Unexpectedly, they are thrust into a mourning period, and forbidden to dance But they need I m not really into retellings I m not I d rather an author tell me an original tale spun from their imagination Sometimes I feel retellings are cheating.
However, I quite enjoyed Cinderby Marissa Meyer earlier this year, so I thought I d give Entwined a shot It has one of those generic white girl in a pretty dress YA covers, which I must confess I do think are really gorgeous However in this instance I m not convinced this is the best cover for this book I don t feel it really represents the book, explains what the book is about nor even represents any of the scenes I would even go so far as to say that this cover put me off reading this book sooner because of its generic ness I was terribly excited about this book only a few pages in, but this cover did not elicit the excitement I should have felt.
Once I opened the boo Eathesbury is a small, poor kingdom, whose royal family pour their meager funds into keeping up appearances The eleven princesses ranging from sixteen year old heir to the throne Azalea to two year old Kale make do with drafty bedchambers and hand me down clothes But thanks to their dance obsessed mother, they know every possible way to twirl across a ballroom floor The King is preoccupied with war, trade, and other royal business R.
, as the girls call it at the expense of his daughters, not even the one who will inherit his crown Not one of the princesses, not even the little ones, call him Papa The warm and gracious Queen, on the other hand, is always there for the sisters, and they adore her.
But alas, Mother succumbs to one of those nameless book diseases, leaving behind a twelfth princess for the other girls to look after Her last act before her death was to se 4.
5 starsEntwined is a retelling of the German fairy tale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses I m gonna be honest here, it s never been one of my favoritesShhhh However, this author manages to take a rather thin story aboutwell, twelve dancing princesses, and turn it into something really interesting In fact, other than Bella at Midnight, this is probably my favorite retelling.
There s magic, romance, an evil villain, a cursed castle, daddy issues, sisterly love, a rug that likes to eat people, and yesdancing This story has it allAs an added bonus, the author doesn t bore you to death describing scenery 3.
5 stars I read this as an audiobook, and recommend that medium if you aren t sure about reading this There were some areas where this book shined and others where it faltered First off, this is great for fans of family dynamics This focuses a lot on sisterly bonds and father daughter bonds especially This would also be good for fans of novels of manners and or lesser known Fairytale retellings.
I did find that the writing was rather simple, and the book was longer than it needed to be I find that Heather Dixon s YA leans towards the middle grade side of the spectrum, so it and her characters tend to be a bit immature than I like Overall, an enjoyable audiobook but not something I would have picked up in physical form anytime soon.

Oh, what absolute glorious beauty and fun and rapture I m all in a flutters, I can t stop smiling and swooning and laughing I had absolutely no doubt that I would love this book, and I did, oh so very much So much than I imagined Immensely, completely, utterly It captivated me from the very beginning, and kept a tight hold throughout the entire story I m still caught up in it This book is without a doubt one of my new absolute favorite books ever And rightly earned Just so The dancer inside me danced and soared and leapt with the princesses as they danced, as they lived and grew and loved The fairytale lover I am was enchanted with this beautiful retelling of my favorite fairytale And the absurdly hopeless romantic in me swooned at the heart fluttering, brilliant, joyful, beautiful romances I loved this b I need to re read Wildwood Dancing to cleanse my brain of the mess that is Entwined This book has one really fabulous idea That idea is the description and significance of the Entwine, a fictional court dance where the gentleman and lady begin at opposite ends of a sash The gentleman tries to entwine the lady, while the lady spends the dance avoiding such capture It was clever and witty and I wished there was magic integrated with dance in this book, but alas, it was not to be had.
I hate to seem mean spirited, but that was everything that I found appealing about this book it s potential It is set in some pseudo historical society, period ambiguous Horses were named after English writers Dickens and some others which I found cutesy And do not get me start

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↠´ Read ✓ Entwined by Heather Dixon Wallwork ↠´ pamyatnik.pro Heather Dixon Wallwork has been a story artist for Disney, a writer for HarperCollins, and currently works as an animation director in Salt Lake City She is the author of the books Entwined and Illusionarium You can find of her stories and comics at