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Ò The Horse and His Boy Ø Download by Ò C.S. Lewis The boxed set of Narnia that I have and am now reading, was published in 2002 I have noticed, so despite having 1950 60s covers, these were NOT my original Narnia books from the early 70s I wonder where my originals went and when I bought these Who knows, what I do know is that it s strange, I could not remember a single thing about this book, I don t think I have ever read it That said it was very enjoyable, a fun romp through the countries bordering Narnia with an interesting mix of people and animals Aslan appears, as do some of the Pevensie children and the usual shenanigans ensue As well written as ever and a delight to read, a solid 4 novel.
This is my third journey into the lands of Narnia as I have been reading the series in chronological rather than publication order With probably the most intriguing title of the series, this was the tale I was most excited for, but it ultimately didn t live up the magic of the previous two books, for me This is the first book in the series not set from the perspective of someone entering Narnia from the human real I still enjoyed it, though it is not what I thought it would be and, as such, it lost a lot of the mystical and magical qualities that pervaded the previous stories.
This tale surrounds a young boy, Sashta, and his talking horse, Bree, in a heroic type, rags to riches tale Coming from bordering savage lands, the duo traverse cities and deserts to flee the slavery that would otherwise await them Along their The Horse and His Boy Is A Stirring And Dramatic Fantasy Story That Finds A Young Boy Named Shasta On The Run From His Homeland With The Talking Horse, Bree When The Pair Discover A Deadly Plot By The Calormen People To Conquer The Land Of Narnia, The Race Is On To Warn The Inhabitants Of The Impending Danger And To Rescue Them All From Certain Death I feel really guilty about loving this book as much as I do I loved it as a kid and I love it now, and there is just so much wrong with it The xenophobia is positively racist by page 5, we re already hearing the first of many references to the fact that the residents of Narnia are considered by the residents of their southern neighbor, Calormen, to be fair and whiteaccursed but beautiful barbarians The Calormenes, on the other hand, are nothing but walking Middle Eastern stereotypes They wear turbans and have long beards and speak in overblown wise old sayings like, Has not one of the poets said, Natural affection is stronger than soup and offspringprecious than carbuncles This aspect of the story is ridiculously, inexcusably bad As I ve mentioned in reviews of other Narnia books, Lewis seems to take great pride in backing the wrong horse at every possible social You know you re bored when it nearly takes you a month to read something of this length.
Ugh, this is the worst episode of Mister Ed ever.
The basic story is a good and entertaining one, but I could not get beyond the overt prejudices of C.
S Lewis on display throughout this book.
I m incredibly disappointed His portrayal of the people of Calormen is horrid I admit, by calor I don t known if he is implying people of the hot lands as calor indicates heat or if it is a not so subtle way of suggesting colored people, but the descriptions speak for themselves These people are described as dark skinned, turban wearing, cruel slave owners Their leader is a corrupt war monger This land and its people are consistently contrasted against the fair skinned, judicious and free thinking people of Narnia and Archenland It s not a book I would recommend In fact, it has lessened by desire to continue reading the chronicles This is really too bed because, other than the cultural de Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterestTo cure a book slump, I decided to revisit the Chronicles of Narnia series I grew up with the books as a kid, but I d never actually finished the series to completion Conveniently, I happen to own a stack of them that I purchased from a thrift shop a few years ago on a whim To make things extra interesting, I m reading the books in chronological order instead of publication order, which means that some of the lesser known books like THE MAGICIAN S NEPHEW The Horse and His Boy come before the better known sequels like PRINCE CASPIAN.
The Horse and His Boy is set during the time period when Lucy, Susan, Edmund, and Peter were ruling Narnia after defeating the White Witch, but for most of the book it isn t actually set in Narnia, but Calormen, one of the other countries The hero of t

Do not by any means destroy yourself, for if you live you may yet have good fortune, but all the dead are dead like This felt as if I was reading a folktale about a horse and a boy who wander around and seek their new adventure Yet the humor in this book is abundant, even though the narration is not as intriguing as the other books And the storyline is quite straight and lacks of twists or epicness, too I yawned so many times while I was getting past the first half of the book I d used my whole day to finish this book despite how short it is, the story runs on until I felt so tired and wished it should have ended sooner than later When things go wrong, you ll find they usually go on getting worse for some time but when things once start going right they often go on getting better and better Anyway, The Horse and His Boy has strange words that I tried so hard to understand The di I feelconflicted about this book than any of the other Narnia books On the plus side, the story is stronger and CS Lewis manages to keep his blatant editorializing to a minimum maybe because none of the characters are transplants from wartime London But holy crap, the modern reader will find his racist descriptions pretty hard to swallow He reintroduces his devious, smelly, turban clad race, the Calormen A lost white boy is raised among them and he is sad until he is finally reunited with the beautiful white people of Narnia.
I ve read an argument that Lewis isn t really racist because he portrays one Calormene character in a positive light But that s like Sarah Palin gushing about her gay friends to prove she s not homophobic Inviting a lesbian coworker to your annual moose BBQ is

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