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Download Epub Format ½ So Shelly PDF by æ Ty Roth Until Now, High School Junior, John Keats, Has Only Tiptoed Near The Edges Of The Vortex That Is Schoolmate And Literary Prodigy, Gordon Byron That Is, Until Their Mutual Friend, Shelly, Drowns In A Sailing AccidentAfter Stealing Shelly S Ashes From Her Wake At Trinity Catholic High School, The Boys Set A Course For The Small Lake Erie Island Where Shelly S Body Had Washed Ashore And To Where She Wished To Be Returned It Would Be One Last So Shelly Romantic Quest At Least That S What They Think As They Navigate Around The Obstacles And Resist Temptations During Their Odyssey, Keats And Gordon Glue Together The Shattered Pieces Of Shelly S And Their Own Pasts While Attempting To Make Sense Of Her Tragic And Premature End Many times I ve been told I should write a book I assume that the people who suggest this are thinking much along these lines She teaches English so must know something about books She knows a lot about a handful of authors She loves literature and has an understanding of its mechanics She manages to write pretty decent academic prose Yet I ve always suspected these simple factors wouldn t be quite enough to write a really good novel And if I ever need to offer proof as to why my literary endeavors could very well suck, I m going to suggest that those people try reading So Shelly.
Because, basically, I fear that if I decided to write a book it would come out sounding a lot like this one I d be super tempted to take some authors I loved, bastardize the truly amazing events of their lives by offering them moronic contemporary equivalencies, and then present the who just because you can knit a sweater for a chicken, doesn t mean you should.
just because you can write a YA novel about keats, byron, and some mash up of percy and mary shelley set in modern times doesn t mean you should.
from the afterword just as it would be a mistake to study shakespeare s history plays for an understanding of the succession of english monarchs from the thirteenth through much of the sixteenth century, one should not read So Shelly for its dogged adherence to historical accuracy like shakespeare, i would never let historical facts get in the way of telling a good story.
and i don t want to be the obvious asshole here and point out that you ain t shakespeare, buddy, because i think this was a well intentioned project the author is a professor of english lit, and there were actual books consulted in the writing of this one

You know, I m not sure what scares me most that this novel is a spot on representation of teenagers today or that it might actually influence them In what can only be called an insult to young adults the world over, Mr Roth delivers a literary travesty In fact, the author manages in one fell swoop to disgrace the names of three beloved poets, murder any all depth and seriousness to issues facing teens today, and create a cast of characters that are so vapid, annoying, unrealistic, and utterly repugnant they made me appreciate the Twilight series And that, friends, is only the beginning The dialog appears to be taken almost word for word from episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and Dawson s Creek and before you ask, no, it s not an homage The plot what little that exist started as a good idea, but completely derailed into a shallow re It s hard to review So Shelly without using expletives Because it s that effing good But I m going to try Yes, it s a reimagining of the lives of the major romantic poets, Byron, Keats and a mishmash of Shelleys Sometimes when reading it something happens and you think, ooh I wonder if that s historically accurate It s fascinating, and the author explains the majority in an equally interesting afterword But that s not the thing about this book Don t care about the romantic poets Doesn t matter This book is beautiful It s tragic, melancholy, hole in your soul stuff So intensely atmospheric, and the great lake hovers constantly in the background Looking to discuss setting as character Check out Lake Erie in So Shelly L

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