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Trailer ↠´ Tully PDF by Î Paullina Simons Tully Makker is a survivor She survives her father s abandonment at the age of 7 She survives her uncle s attentions at the age of 12 She survives her mother s abusive hands throughout her childhood and adolescence Her best friend s betrayal in her senior year of high school is the hardest for Tully to survive She survives.
but not without scars.
scars on her wrists, scars that haunt her in her sleep, scars upon her heart There are those who try to help Tully throughout her life There s Robin, a good man who loves her unconditionally with all of her scars A man who asks nothing of her, who endures her silence and betrayal, and still loves her with every ounce of his being There s Julie, one of her best friends from childhood Yet she too is trying to come to terms with her own life and her own mistakes and regrets And there s Jack, the man who I m not really sure how to rate this book Reading it involved a lot of eye rolling and cursing out loud every other page I think my loathing was for the characters than for any faulty writing or for the book itself I have never read about a character that I loathed than Tully, which I suppose is better than being completely indifferent I couldn t relate to anyone in this story, which is a good thing considering they were all seemingly masochistic people who, for whatever reason, were all hopelessly in love with Tully But here s the thing I finished it It was a 400 page novel and I finished it simply because I admit begrudgingly that the story, as horrible as it was, was engaging It was kind of like those awful made for The Astonishing Debut Novel From International Number One Bestselling Author Paullina Simons, Now Beautifully Repackaged Tully Makker Is A Tough Young Woman From The Wrong Side Of The Tracks And She Is Not Always Easy To Like But If Tully Gives Friendship And Loyalty, She Gives Them For Good, And She Forms An Enduring Bond With Jennifer And Julie, School Friends From Very Different Backgrounds As They Grow Into The World Of The Seventies And Eighties, The Lives Of The Three Best Friends Are Changed Forever By Two Young Men, Robin And Jack, And A Tragedy Which Engulfs Them All Against The Odds, Tully Emerges Into Young Womanhood, Marriage And A Career At Last Tully Makker Has Life Under Control And Then Life Strikes Back In The Most Unexpected Way Of All I read this book many years ago, in my late teens and loved it Although I no longer remember the details, I do remember the book being long, and it taking over my life for quite a few days, as I was so taken in by the story it told I also remember it making me cry and my heart aching I m not sure whether I would appreciate it in the same way today, now I m older and wiser, but Tully is definitely a title that has stayed with me over the years, and each time I see the front cover it fills me with feelings of anguish and sadness, as if I m back within the pages of the book again.
If you like the sound of the blurb, I recommend this one I imagine if I read it today it would probably make me feel nostalgic about my days growing up It might also appeal to fans of Young Adult fiction or teenage readers too.
Powerful and engaging, Tully is a story of not just friendship, but also teenage nostalgia and looking toward the future.
Tully, Paullina Simons 1383 515 9649461019 20 I struggled to give Tully three stars This book started out really intriguing the first third of the book I thouroughly enjoyed As I started to get into the middle of the book, I realised that it would have greatly benefited from proper editing It is obvious that Tully is Paulina Simon s first book, and at times it seems she has something to prove This book was far, far too long It repeated itself so much and drew out unecessary sub plots with too much description Halfway through the book, I was wondering where it was going and why I was still reading it The main character, Tully is absoloutley awful and extrememly hard to like or empathise with Also, the way the men in her life stick with her despite all the th

One of the most intense books I have ever read Tully is about a group of high school friends that are each individually shattered by a specific tragedy that befalls one of them And this book shows how this tragedy shapes their lives, pushes them apart, and eventually brings them back together It follows a small group over the course of a decade and shows how people either learn to cope with grief and loss or they let it destroy them Tully is the main character and she was horridly abused and neglected during her childhood She was already on a path of self destruction when the tragedy throws her even off the course of normalcy This girl is out of control Yet, in the midst of suffering and the depressive nature of most of this book there is a subtle, but very 1380 1382.
One of my favourite books ever I cried buckets when i read this the first time You will learn to love hate the character of Tully as she both endears and frustrates you Fantastic reading

Paullina Simons

Trailer ↠´ Tully PDF by Î Paullina Simons Paullina Simons was born in Leningrad, USSR, in 1963 At the age of ten her family immigrated to the United States Growing up in Russia Paullina dreamt of someday becoming a writer Her dream was put on hold as she learned English and overcame the shock of a new culture After graduating from university and after various jobs including working as a financial journalist and as a translator Paullin