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[Laura Ingalls Wilder] µ The First Four Years [lusaka PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ú Okay, all 9 are finished And what a ride through droughts, blizzards, a lot of baked beans and salt pork, failing wheat crops, twelve different types of buggies, hay stacks galore, and mean, terrible Nellie Olson Immensely satisfied with the series with some obvious lowpoints surrounding the treatment of Native Americans, and my god, the songs about darkies were just horrific Also a lowpoint Jesus fucking balls, Pa certainly did not give one shit about Ma He drug her all over creation just to satisfy his need for open space She very clearly wanted to live close enough to a town that had a church and a school and he just didn t care And the last two books that dealt with Laura s marriage Almanzo might be dreamy but that man had no idea This book reads differently than the previous Little House books It tells the story of the first few years of Almanzo and Laura s marriage, and how they struggled to make a living on the plains In the introduction, Roger Lea MacBride who wrote the series that follows the adventures of Rose, Laura s daughter says that this handwritten manuscript was found among Laura s papers, and that it wasn t revised and edited the way the earlier books were, perhaps because Laura lost interest after Almanzo died So The First Four Years was published as Laura s original draft It s a bit clunky in parts, and much shorter than the previous books Having paged through the publication of Laura s annotated autobiography, Pioneer Girl, it seems that the earlier revision process really fleshed out the stories, adding a lot of description to the narrative And that revision didn t happen Discovered in 1971 and posthumously tacked onto the previous eight volumes of the Little House series, it s obvious from the first pages that something s a little amiss here The tone is different, harder, grown up, with many details that ended These Happy Golden Years changed here, and not for the better After going off to live the life of a farmer s wife in the previous book, the same scene is revisited, with Laura telling Manly she calls Almanzo by his nickname throughout the book that he should work in a shop, and that she has no interest in being a farmer s wife Jarring But probably closer to the truth, too.
The lack of finesse added to other books by Laura s daughter Rose is noticeably absent here Also, consider Dad How many stars Eleanor Daddy I m afraid I m going to have to give it four, because two bad things happened Two really bad things, you know You know Dad What two bad things Eleanor Well, view spoiler the baby getting spasms and dyingDad I know, that was really, really depressing And I have to agree with you, Eleanor, this was a surprisingly depressing book I mean, the others had bad stuff in them, that everyone fought through, but this one man It was like there was no silver lining hide spoiler The First Four YearsI was trying to put my finger on the real difference between the tone of this book and the tone of the other eight Little House books Laura is almost a different character here I guess that is because she is a grownup It is not exactly the fact that there is so much hardship and tragedy in this book it s that she actually gives us the hardship and tragedy, and everything else, without tempering it In By the Shores of Silver Lake, we skip over the real life death of her younger brother Mary s illness is only mentioned as the cause of her blindness, a thing that has already happened by the time the book begins Money troubles are seen through the eyes of a child the parents will always be there to take

Does anything ever grow on this prairie It s one thing after another blizzards, tornadoes, heat, prairie fires, hail Any thing kills the crops The most depressing installment of all Laura seems to only take pleasure in running outside, riding horses and sometimes her daughter Definitely NOT any kind of housework.
But I think I will end up reading everything Laura Ingalls Wilder has ever written.
Be warned This book is very, very different from all the other books in the Little House on the Prairie series In fact, this book makes it easy to see how embellished the other books are and the positive spin that was put on them Because it was published after the death of Laura and her daughter, it is not quite complete as well It was taken directly from Laura s notebooks that were found in her belongings after her death and barely any editing was done on them That being said, this book isn t necessarily worse than the others, just entirely different The rest of the books, for those who have no read them, detailed Laura Ingalls Wilder s childhood growing up and being a pioneer girl with her Ma, Pa, and three sisters.
The First Four Years details The First Four Years of Laura and Almanz As the Introduction tells us, Laura Ingalls Wilder left a first draft to this book and it was only published after her death In many ways, it reads like a first draft it has the feeling of a rough outline of events It is developed than diary shorthand, but not as crafted as most of the Little House stories I remember reading it as a child, and then again as a young woman what I didn t quite remember is how sadness it contains This book is about, as the title implies, The First Four Years of Laura and Almanzo s life together I m glad that the Introduction reminded me that they both lived into their 90s, because I wouldn t have guessed that from these dramatic, tragedy filled years The major takeaway of this book is that farming is a hard and often heartbreaking way to make a living Every I hope that recently published editions have fixed the error on page 70 of my Harper Row copy Laura powers through labor by remembering one of the hymns Pa used to sing, but it s Angel Band , NOT Angel Bank Thank you, The Monkees version of Angel Bank at YouTube, with Michael Nesmith on lead The book itself feels slightly different from the other books although it recaps the very last part of THESE HAPPY GOLDEN YEARS, as Laura marries Almanzo Wilder and they move into their Little Gray Home in the West, as THGY s last chapter is titled and covers four years in 190 pages Happy 2019, everyone Be well, be blessed Laura Ingalls Wilder Is Beginning Life With Her New Husband, Almanzo, In Their Own Little House Laura Is A Young Pioneer Wife Now, And Must Work Hard With Almanzo, Farming The Land Around Their Home On The South Dakota Prairie Soon Their Baby Daughter, Rose, Is Born, And The Young Family Must Face The Hardships And Triumphs Encountered By So Many American Pioneers And So Laura Ingalls Wilder S Adventure As A Little Pioneer Girl Ends, And Her New Life As A Pioneer Wife And Mother Begins The Nine Little House books Have Been Cherished By Generations Of Readers As Both A Unique Glimpse Into America S Frontier Past And A Heartwarming, Unforgettable Story

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[Laura Ingalls Wilder] µ The First Four Years [lusaka PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ú pamyatnik.pro Ingalls wrote a series of historical fiction books for children based on her childhood growing up in a pioneer family She also wrote a regular newspaper column and kept a diary as an adult moving from South Dakota to Missouri, the latter of which has been published as a book.