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[ Read Online Spiritual Protection ✓ accounting PDF ] by Sophie Reicher Ý This book has a lot of helpful information in it pertaining to magical defenses I like that the author emphasizes mastering the basics instead of jumping around willy nilly The author uses some citations and references Numbers are used within the chapters and explained in the back of the book, making it difficult to go back and forth The author recognizes their beliefs and talks about how these beliefs work with some of the techniques and what not in the book It is refreshing to see an author who is not Neo Wiccan in their beliefs explain ideas and practices And even though the author is of a particular religion, I didn t feel like I was pressured into believing the same the same or that I was wrong for not worshiping their deities I do worry about cultural appropriati Spiritual Protection A Safety Manual For Energy Workers, Psychics, And Healers Is A Training Handbook For Anyone Interested In Deepening Their Psychic Abilities, Training Gifts Already In Evidence, Or Simply Developing A Greater Sensitivity To EnergyThis No Nonsense Book, With Its Special Emphasis On Safety, Protection, And Energetic Awareness, Takes Readers Step By Step Through A Thorough System Of Exercises Designed To Increase Competence, Confidence, And Skill Focusing On Oft Neglected Fundamentals, Reicher Cuts Through The Complexity And Confusion So Often Surrounding This Topic And Instead Offers Clear Instructions And Explanations That Even The Most Novice Of Readers Can Easily Follow Spiritual Protection Will Show Psychics And Readers How To Cut Mental Ties At The End Of SessionHealers How To Avoid Energetic Overload During A SessionTechniques Can Be Used Everyday To Help With Stress And Overall Well Being I heard Sophie Reicher on Angel Talk Cafe and she sounded like she seriously knew her stuff when it came to Spiritual Protection so I ordered this book straight away The book calls itself a safety manual for energy workers, healers and psychics , but really, it felt like it was much geared towards those who are into the witchy stuff Sophie spends a lot of time relating exercises to the Norse tradition she follows, which although quite interesting to learn about, is not what I was looking for There were some useful parts cleansing your aura with flowers for example, and I might try some of the cleansing bath recipes, but other than that I m sad to say I found all the blood letting, fire starting, using your own urine to protect your ho Really wish I had this book when I was working as a therapist in a hospice The final third of the book about ceremonial magic wasn t as relevant as I m not a ceremonial magician and have yet to meet one who wasn t totally ego tripping I wish the fiitnotes were just integrated with the main text.
This may be an updated edition, but it s important to note that this is essentially the same book as Basic Psychic Hygiene with a new title It maybe has 1 2 new sections, but the bulk of the text is the same word for word I wish I had bought this instead of the earlier edition which I got because it had been on my wish list for so long recommended by a friend I find myself frustrated for not having researched better before buying the earlier edition So my star rating is based on my own frustration It s actually a good book, just not a new book See my review of Basic Psychic Hygiene for detail.
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Excellent advances shielding for beginners, different version of centering and grounding, cleaning chakras, house protection, all very detailed The second half of the book is for advanced users, practicing psychics and healers, with a lot of details skipped, making them unusable for beginners Reminds me Dion Fortune s Psychic Self Defense.
The end is for free unattached people who are seeking apprenticeship for years, not applicable to the most people from the real life.
Could be better, if information for opposite style level of life was provided too, as the lowest common denominator, and if advanced information was described at the same level of details as the centering, grounding and shielding.
Overall, the first half of book is marvelous, and the rest is unusable Sigh.
Any recommendations of the books at similar advanced This was a good basic review of psychic protection It was a good review.

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