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à Someone Like You â Download by ☆ Sarah Dessen A 1998 take on teen pregnancy ladies and gentlemen With all the girl hate and slut shaming you d expect everywhere you wouldn t expect it.
This book was weird.
Only 2 books to go in the 2018 Sarah Dessen Reread Extravaganza I am a superhero.
Bottom line If you are going to read a Sarah Dessen book, 1 yes do it and 2 DON T PICK THIS ONE Halley Has Always Followed In The Wake Of Her Best Friend, Scarlett But When Scarlett Learns That Her Boyfriend Has Been Killed In A Motorcycle Accident, And That She S Carrying His Baby, She S Devastated For The First Time Ever, Scarlett Really Needs Halley Their Friendship May Bend Under The Weight, But It Ll Never Break Because A True Friendship Is A Promise You Keep Forever InSomeone Like YouScarlett s boyfriend, Micheal dies in a car accident and finds out that she is pregnant while her best friend, Halley is away at summer camp Halley and Scarlett have been best friend since they were little, so Halley knows she has to come home to see Scarlett Halley helps Scarlett along with her pregnancy, putting up with her mood changes and food cravings Scarlett has always been the outgoing, independent one out of the pair, but now that Scarlett is going to have a baby, Halley has so be the stronger one In the meantime, Halley falls for Macon Faulkner, Micheal sbest friend Macon is a little bit of a rebel, and Halley starts rebelling along with him Halley and Macon s relationship starts to get sticky later in the book after Macon pressures Halley to do things she doesn t want to do After a car ac Book 5 100 of 2015 and A book on the bottom of your TBR for the 2015 reading challenge.
I wasn t really feeling this book It was semi similar to Since You ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson in the sense that there is a introverted and shy main character who has always been outshined by her outgoing best friend and finds her confidence throughout I LOVED Since You ve Been Gone my second to last read before this one and I continually was thinking Wow, I liked that book better I wish I was re reading that book even though they are pretty different books I love many of Sarah Dessen s books and bought this one five years ago because of that back in the days when BookTube wasn t a thing and I had limited knowledge of other authors , but I never really felt the urge to pick this one up hence the reason it was last on my TBR li 3.
5 Stars Life is an ugly, awful place to not have a best friend.
This is my 2nd Sarah Dessen novel The novel opens up with our MC, Halley being dragged out of bed in the night while away at camp for a phone call On the phone is her best friend, Scarlett Scarlett tells Halley that their friend Michael has been in an accident and he diedhe was also Scarlett s boyfriend, they had been dating since the summer started She asks Halley to come home Halley calls her mom to pick her up early and her mom is NOT happy about this Scarlett has always been the stronger, braver and outgoing one, with Halley kind of just along for the ride, still trying to figure out who she is.
When I pictured myself, it was always like just an outline in a coloring book, with the inside not yet completed All the standard features were there But the colors, t 3.
5This book surprised me Initially it was a solid 2 stars, eventually reaching 4 and settling on 3.
5 I was surprised by it because initially it seemed so incredibly dumb The novel opens with Halley getting a phone call that her bff s boyfriend has been killed in an accident Now, this is high drama But does anyone seem fazed Mmm, not really Scarlett, the bff in question, is washing dishes while she relays the news to Halley, and Halley s mom seems pretty chilled about it, not even wanting to pick up Halley from camp for, hello, the funeral Let alone comforting the bff.
Halley does get back from camp, with the mom NOT being happy about it, and you have Halley s mom cooking up French toast and Scarlett s mom Marion ha 3.
5 5 stars.
By reading this book I can clearly see how much Sarah Dessen has improved as an author after several novels While Someone Like You is a likable, heart warming story, it lacks the strong emotions and pitch perfect writing of Dessen s later books.
One thing I would have loved was if this book was written in the perspective of a different character, namely Cameron or Scarlet The story seems to revolve around Scarlet as opposed to Halley, so seeing her thoughts at certain points of the novel would have been interesting Cameron s character is also splendid the outcast arriving at a new school who strikes up a somewhat relationship with a girl who is pregnant and carrying the baby of her deceased boyfriend Whew.
Halley, however, seemed a bit flat I liked how she learned about life through her rocky relationships with her mother and Mac

This book hit so close to home for me I m sitting here filled up with so much emotion over this book Scarlett s story is close to my own with her unexpected pregnancy as a teenager and her struggles I even had my own Halley to help me my bf Sara along the way to take care of me, tell me everything was ok, and just to be there Everyone should have that best friend like the book says I loved this story, although I wish there was a better ending Something to really solidify it so you had a sense of completeness I ve decided I m going to get this book for my Sara because I m sure it will mean just as much to her as it does to me It was even interesting that Scarlett s baby has the same initials as my baby I watched my mother do what she did best, and realized there would never be a way to cut myself from her entirely No matter how strong or weak I was, she was a part of me, as crucial as my own heart I would never be strong enough, in all my life, to do without herSniffs I have read enough books by Ms.
Sarah Dessen to prove that she has never failed to give me exactly what I want from a contemporary YA read Reading her books to me feels like going to that one true friend you could always trust and rely on to tell you the right words at the right time, could even make you effortlessly laughhe was one of those short, skinny kids with pasty white skin he always wore black, which made him look half dead, or half alive, depending on how optimistic you were Sarah Dessen gets me She really does Someone Like You once again achieved the author s signature contemporary plot simple but dynamic Th

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