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Download Epub Format Ä What Love Tastes Like PDF by ç Zuri Day Zuri Day Heats It Up In This Deliciously Sexy Tale About Lust, Trust, Seduction And Other Dishes Best Served SizzlingBurned By An Unhappy Childhood, Tiffany Matthews Plays Life Safe So She Never Saw Wealthy Businessman Dominick Rollins Or Their Wildly Sensual European Encounter Coming But Now That She S Landed A Sous Chef Job At Dominick S Prestigious Hotel, She S Determined To Keep Her Fine New Boss At Arm S Length And Their Relationship ProfessionalDominick Can T Resist Coming Back For Tiffany S Honesty Is The One Ingredient None Of His Glamorous Exes Has Ever Served Up And He S Using Every Tempting Glance And Touch To Melt Tiffany S Defenses And Show Her The Caring Man Under His Sophisticated Image But Is What They Have Enough For Tiffany To Risk Her Heart Or Will This Love Prove Way Too Hot To Handle An Exciting read Zuri Day Does A Fantastic Job Urban Reviews On Lies Lovers Tell A Completely Entertaining Love Story Romantic Times On Body By Night This book had just the right amount of drama, romance and a little eroticism if that s a word tossed in, with a good storyline Even though you kind of know how things will play out in the end, it still kept my attention to see how it all unfolded until that point I m not big on romance but this one was entertaining.
Length 382 pagesStyle African American Romance Story GOODIntimacy level NICEEnjoyment FAIRLY GOODSeries N APrice 4.
99 The Good A nice story The author has kept me engaged and I followed through until the end I love Nick and his personality From the start, he stayed true to himself He has a very dominate persona, sexy and commanding, however, I love that sweet part that he gave off and he wasn t shy to be in like and in love Tiffany was cute, I like seeing her chase her dreams and watching her become a teenager like way around Nick Their chemistry wasn t bad but it was enticing The other characters definitely brought this book together the manipulative woman and the funny I love you best friend I only wish Nick had a best friend that we got to read about as much.
The Bad As much as I liked Nick and Tiffany s story, sometimes the story seem repetitive in certain ways A I really loved this book The plot was fantastic, and so different from everything else out there The storyline was well developed, and had many twist and turns which made me not want to stop reading until I got to the last page I wish Zuri Day had all of her books on Kindle so I can continue reading them She has definitely found a new fan in me Loved it This story was interesting but Tiffany the main character got on my nerves to say the least But it has a good message and I kept eating reading this book The author is obviously a foodie.
I like the story I especially liked Nick The issue was with Tiffany way too whiney If it hadn t been for her I would have given it another point.
I just that there should have been Tiffany just keep getting on my nerves.
Here is a list of reasons why I didn t not even get halfway through, What Love Tastes Like Tiffany, the heroine, travels to Rome with a battered old teddy bear named Tuffy Okay, I thought it was a little cheesy, but I understand some people are terrified of flying, so I could by that What I couldn t buy is that once she landed and was on terra firma she still looked to Tuffy as if she couldn t make a move without holding or consulting a damn teddy bear We re talking about a woman in her twenties I have a two year old and a six year old There are no Tuffy s in their lives they re managing quite fine, thank you very much So it was hard for me to see Tiffany being unable to do so MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE Information dumps throughout the pages that distracted from the developing relationship between th This book grew on me The hero and heroine engage in an office romance she s a sous chef in his hotel His ex girlfriend doesn t like that he s moved on despite the fact that they wanted different things She pulls a bunch of classic evil other woman crap So this book, as far as I m concerned, started out with two strikes against it However, the writing and humor kept me going with it until it straightened itself out The heroine s other relationships with women her BFF, her co workers and her grandmother made up for the portrayal of the evil ex The BFF is book stealing and there s a little marriage in trouble subplot I d actually love it if we got that full story at some point Anyway, this is a particularly rich, believeable and ultimately satisfying book Also, the audio narration was top notch I actually quibble a lot with narrators comic timin

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Download Epub Format Ä What Love Tastes Like PDF by ç Zuri Day Zuri Day is a hopeful romantic She believes in happy endings, half full glasses and dreams coming true That s why she s thrilled to be a contributing writer to this genreone of her favorites Zuri doesn t remember exactly how old she was when she picked up her first romance novel, but she does remember it was love at first sight It was probably a Harlequin, she recalled during a recent inte