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Ñ Alphabet of Thorn ☆ Download by â Patricia A. McKillip I can t finish this book I stopped a while ago and have kept trying but it is too boring I ll try again later.
Deep Inside A Palace On The Edge Of The World, The Orphan Nepenthe Pores Over books In The Royal Library, Translating Their Languages And Learning Their Secrets Now Sixteen, She Knows Little Of The Outside World Except For The Documents That Traders And Travelers Bring Her To InterpretThen, During The Coronation Of The New Queen Of Raine, A Young Mage Gives Nepenthe A Book That Has Defied Translation Written In A Language Of Thorns, It Speaks To Nepenthe S Soul And Becomes Her Secret Obsession And, As The Words Escape The Brambles And Reveal Themselves, Nepenthe Finds Her Destiny Entwined With That Of The Young Queen S Sooner Than She Thinks, She Will Have To Choose Between The Life She Has Led And The Life She Was Born To Lead The story starts slowly and quietly not so slow as to encourage giving up, but still, it feels quite leisurely And mysterious But it picks up pace to become quite a rich, but compact, fantasy tale of loss, hope and reunion.
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9 read All The books The Fifth Season SFFBC TBR 18Patricia A McKillip won the World Fantasy Award Life Achievement award in 2008.
This book has many of the hallmarks of epic fantasy a mysterious orphan, a teenage monarch, a shifting point of view among several main characters, an existential threat from an enemy with utterly unsympathetic motives But unlike most epic fantasy, which comes in multi book sequences, Alphabet of Thorn comprises only about 300 brief pages Perhaps for that reason, it s only moderately successful.
Nepenthe, a teenage transcriptor in the palace library, becomes obsessed with a mysterious book whose letters resemble thorns Bourne, a mage in training, falls in love with Nepenthe and discovers magical powers he didn t know he had Tessera, the reluctant queen, tries to grow into her power, while Vevay, an elderly mage and counselor, works to hold things together Meanwhile, in Ne Note of shallowness I am sad I do not have this with the original cover which is super ornate and gorgeous.
I burned out on fantasy quite a few years ago, but there was a lot I enjoyed about this The fact it wasn t eighty thousand gazillion pages long, for example, and it s not the first book of a trilogy, which ends on a cliff hanger, and book two of which is due for release in 2046 Also there are women in it, which fantasy as a genre is still working on a variety of women and they get to do cool stuff It s a multi viewpoint thing, bringing together a young scribe, left orphaned outside the library, a trainee wizard, a young queen, and a terrifying sorcerer from beyond space and time.
It took me a while to get into this be I ll write a full review when I havetime but a quickie review.
When the book first started I was not captivated There were no characters I really fell in love with and the plot seemed slow to get going That being said I thought the writing itself was very lyrical and poetic and there were a number of pasasages that caught my eye.
I stayed with the book because it was a group read and around 1 2 way my opinion of it changed By the end of the book I enjoyed it and was glad I had read it I do think the pacing was a bit off slow at the beginning and WAY to fast at the end But the characters grew on me and I becameinterested in the plot and as I said when all was said and done I m glad I was introduced to a book and author I probably would not have read if it weren t for the club.
Every time I read a McKillip book I know I am in the hands of a master storyteller Her stories have the weight of history and mythology behind them, even if those histories and mythologies are solely of her own creating Her writing is very prose like and works wonderfully for her unique storytelling style I always feel like I am waking from a dream when I finish one of her novels or coming up for air after being underwater for a long time It s very disorienting, but I think that s why I love her writing so much Alphabet of Thorn is one of my favorites from McKillip and a good story to start with if one has never read this author before.

Firstly, I think I ve mentioned this before, but oh I love the cover art so much It s done by Kinuko Craft, who has also illustrated at least some of Juliet Marillier s covers, so that explains why it seemed familiar.
Alphabet of Thorn is beautifully written It s one of those books where it s less about making things happen, andabout watching them happen there is some degree of stopping things happening , but mostly people fall in love, and do magic, and learn things about themselves, and work in the slow silent world of manuscripts and translation, and It s not really about the plot, I think, butabout the characters and the world less about things happening than about people in a situation I don t know if I can descr Alphabet of Thorn is a short, standalone fantasy by Patricia A McKillip This was my first time reading any of her work, and I ve seen comments in a few places that this was not necessarily the best book to start with, but I greatly enjoyed it I guess I must have even better things to look forward to when I cycle back around to tryof her work.
The story is told from multiple POVs One of the main POVs is focused on a teenage girl who was abandoned as a baby She was taken in and raised by librarians in a castle where she works as a translator A strange book written out of letters shaped like thorns falls into her hands, and she becomes obsessed with translating it Another POV focuses on another teenage girl who has suddenly found herself the Queen after her father s unexpected death She is not what her people expect from a ruler, and nobody is sure if she ll be ab

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Ñ Alphabet of Thorn ☆ Download by â Patricia A. McKillip Patricia Anne McKillip is an American author of fantasy and science fiction novels, distinguished by lyrical, delicate prose and careful attention to detail and characterization She is a past winner of the World Fantasy Award and Locus Award, and she lives in Oregon Most of her recent novels have cover paintings by Kinuko Y Craft She is married to David Lunde, a poet.According to Fantasy Book