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Trailer î Song for the Basilisk PDF by Ú Patricia A. McKillip 9 10 I ve just finished Song for the Basilisk by Patricia McKillipand I would rate it very high, even compared with other books by the same favorite author of mine It shows better control of plot, inspired from the Grand Opera style of the 19th Century, beautiful and evocative language, strong characters and a spectacular finale.
I have found some similarities in this story with Guy Gavriel Kay s Tigana, but each books stands on its own merits While I rate Kay very high in my preferences, between Tigana and Basilisk I am inclined to prefer the second Both are very emotional books, but McKillip shows asubtle control of pathos and plot.
One of the reasons I like McKillip books is that they manage to be different from one another, while maintaining her signature style In the Forrest of Serre was a fairytale, Ombria in Shadow was gothic, The Riddlema Wow.
Just wow This is lovely and lyrical and is is a spoiler to say it s unexpected I was surprised.
And haunted And delighted.
I don t have much to say beyond I loved this , though I do want to go out on a limb and say that the tone of this, the way it goes from almost unconvinced of its own reality it s really clever writing, that, and it s classic McKillip mastery, too eerie and just off kilter and beautifully written and balanced to telling aplot focused story almost makes this feel like a coming of age story, despite the ages of the characters and the focus of the story which belie that This is also a standalone Really, I m half convinced McKillip wrote this just for me.

For the most part, I m allergic to fantasy reads It wasn t always the case, but an overdose in my younger years to the Occidental style then in the following years to an Oriental style cemented that aversion However, there are a few authors that still make me giddy, and one of them is Patricia McKillip I think on a bookshelf, McKillip s books often get overshadowed by megastar Anne McCaffrey s collection, but off the shelf, McKillip s are muchimpressive in content and cover The covers of her books are always done by my favorite illustrator, Kinuko Craft, who s wild, beautiful, fantastic and heady imagery is an excellent complement to the wild, beautiful, fantastic and heady prose of the author.
Some things that separate McKillip from other fantasy author Wow It is rare to read a book that verges on perfect butoften than not, that book will be one by McKillip Song for the Basilisk is definitely one of her best In a pseudo Renaissance setting, rivalry flares into violence, and House Berylon, whose symbol is the basilisk, overthrows and slaughters House Tormalyne, whose symbol is the griffin However, unbeknownst to the Basilisk, the heir to House Tormalyne survives His relatives find him, and secretly send the boy to a remote island music school, renaming him Caladrius, the bird whose song means death Traumatized by his experience, the boy does not remember his heritage, and grows up with no desire to leave the island He finds love, and has a son But when, after years, both woman and son grow restless with his stay at home ways, and leave for the mainland, he begins to rememb I ve mentioned before that I had a somewhat difficult time getting into Patricia McKillip s books, and Song for the Basilisk is definitely one of thedifficult ones, in my opinion I wouldn t suggest starting with it It contains many characteristics that the other books share Ombria in Shadow, the tyrant ruling the city The Bards of Bone Plain, the bards of Luly the lyrical, reflective prose I have to be in the right mood to read McKillip s books, I think The Changeling Sea was the gateway for me, where I really learnt to appreciate her work.
Song for the Basilisk is ratherabstruse than that one, though it is as you might expect if you like McKillip s work beautiful and entirely worth spending the time with, at least I guess I m in the minority here but I did not like this book It s super boring It takes nearly half the book before anything even starts to happen with the plot The writing style just drags and there s way too many descriptions of things written like the author is trying to be poetic For me, the book reads like some boring high literature book that you might have been forced to read in college.
Decades ago, Prince Pellior came bloodily to power in the ashes of slaughtered Tormalyne House Far to the North on the island of Luly, a man without a name or a past trains at a school which teaches music and, to those who listen well enough, magic The prince s birthday opera is approaching, and as the story weaves the lost and bastard sons of Tormalyne House with the teachers at the city s music school with the daughter the prince has molded in his own terrifying image, music and magic begin to tell the story of the past and the future.
Huh Okay, so either McKillip has gotten a lot less abstruse since the last book of hers I read The Tower at Stony Wood , or I ve become ainductive reader A bit of both, I think In any case, I enjoyed her usual imagistic style, where the entire book is wrapped in layer after layer of metaphor and the magic is as puzzling and inexplicable at the en This book was simply perfect Probably the best high fantasy book I ve read McKillip writes novels that happen to have fantasy elements, so the writing metaphors, descriptions, etc isn t easy but mostly wonderful She also doesn t utilize the conventions of the genre, unless it is to turn them on their heads, or explode them altogether The Basilisk of the title is Arioso Pellior, who took power over the land by crushing the other ruling houses, especially the Tormalyne only one child escaped He takes the name Rook on the island of the Bards You think you know what comes next young man goes to seek revenge, blah, blah Nope, he marries, has a son, and all of a sudden we re fourteen years in the future Eventually Rook decides he must travel to the main city there he finds a music As A Child, Rook Had Been Taken In By The Bards Of Luly, And Raised As One Of Their Own Of His Past He Knew Nothing Except Faint Memories Of Fire And Death That He D Do Anything To Forget But Nightmares, And A New Threat To The Island That Had Become His Own, Would Not Let Him Escape The Dreaded Fate Of His True Family Haunted By The Music Of The Bards, He Left The Only Home He Knew To Wander The Land Of The Power Hungry Basilisk Who Had Destroyed His Family And Perhaps, Finally, To Find A Future In The Fulfillment Of His Forgotten Destiny A simple tale of vengeance, music, and the spirit world What s really amazing about McKillip is how she is able to say so much with so little text The woman is a poet of immeasurable stealth I gladly worship the magic grounds she walks onor I would if I wasn t afraid of some terrible curse happening to me as a result.

Patricia A. McKillip

Trailer î Song for the Basilisk PDF by Ú Patricia A. McKillip Patricia Anne McKillip is an American author of fantasy and science fiction novels, distinguished by lyrical, delicate prose and careful attention to detail and characterization She is a past winner of the World Fantasy Award and Locus Award, and she lives in Oregon Most of her recent novels have cover paintings by Kinuko Y Craft She is married to David Lunde, a poet.According to Fantasy Book