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ç Read ¼ We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver Ý I ve started this review 6 times now, and each time, I ve deleted it because it doesn t quite convey the right thing.
I think the problem is that I m not sure just what that thing is But one thing I do know is that I love books that make me feel like this that I don t know what I need to say but I need to say something, to talk about this with someone because this book won t keep quiet in my mind feeling I guess it s lucky that this was chosen for our latest group read then, because I filibustered there with every jumbled, messy, half formed thought that my tired because I stayed up until nearly 2am with this book then worked a full 8 hours mind could think of Because this book won t keep quiet in my mind.
I finished it las This book is just devastating and devastatingly good I ve just finished it, and had a little cry on the balcony in the bright sunshine, thinking about my mom and motherhood and blame, self recrimination, guilt and remorse and parental love and the painfully ambiguous, sometimes tortured complexity of it all.
And that is underselling it.
Suffice for now to say, you might not enjoy this if You believe that a lack of maternal instinct or feeling is a character flaw or a moral failing You come out soundly on the nurture either side of the nature nurture continuum You believe parents always, at some point and for most things, need to be held accountable for their child s behaviour You seek the anxiety quelling solace that pat sociological and psychological theories and labels offer post partum depression, sociopathy, u The Gripping International Bestseller About Motherhood Gone AwryEva Never Really Wanted To Be A Mother And Certainly Not The Mother Of The Unlovable Boy Who Murdered Seven Of His Fellow High School Students, A Cafeteria Worker, And A Much Adored Teacher Who Tried To Befriend Him, All Two Days Before His Sixteenth Birthday Now, Two Years Later, It Is Time For Her To Come To Terms With Marriage, Career, Family, Parenthood, And Kevin S Horrific Rampage In A Series Of Startlingly Direct Correspondences With Her Estranged Husband, Franklin Uneasy With The Sacrifices And Social Demotion Of Motherhood From The Start, Eva Fears That Her Alarming Dislike For Her Own Son May Be Responsible For Driving Him So Nihilistically Off The Rails A novel that s elegant overly articulate So much dexterity is on display here Damn what an amazing writer is a perpetual thought while reading this , with a prose made by some wizard s alchemy, a talent filled intuition, a distinct view that s brutal uncomfortably honest Shriver outshines even Flaubert himself THIS is the very core of feminism, of individualism move over Madame Bovary you cared for the idea of love than anything else, anyway, never really gave a hoot about child rearing An epic book like We Need to Talk About Kevin is rare, yeah I can see this as some rather strikingly beautiful monster composed of the few scary parts from Ira Levin s Rosemary s Baby and the ominous tones of The Omen It s a modern psychology dissected with words so carefully chosen, both intellectual and to the core precise that deconstructs a past for the sake ofsomething I won Some readers really don t like this book and I m not entirely sure why.
Maybe it s because I m not a mother and I did find it believable that Eva doesn t love her son completely Maybe it s because I enjoy the big words that were used in the letters and found it believable that she would write this way.
Maybe I m a sucker for good endings and this one ended with a bang.
I think the writing was superb and despite it being a hard book to read the incident with the maps was particularly brutal , it was worth it I think this dealt with the issue of school killings much effectively than Jodi Picoult s Nineteen Minutes The character of Kevin did come alive for me and he was believable I didn t even think that counseling might be an option because Franklin 100% beli I did not like this book Honestly, what was to like about it The topic is horrifying, the characters are hateful and not just the characters that commit mass murders and the writing style is the worst of all From the first page I was SO irritated by the writing I ll bet that the first purchase Ms Shriver made after finding a publisher for this book was a new thesaurus I m positive that hers was absolutely worn out It was like, Hi Let s see how fancy we can sound Especially for a book that is supposedly made up of letters written to one s estranged husband The letter format was an especially poorly chosen literary device I get that we, the reader, needed background, but did Eva really think that her husband needed to be reminded, among other things, about all the random little details of his childhood They were his memories, after all Why did she need to repeat Immediate reaction after reading I m so horrified that I feel sick, and I m nearly crying, not because of Kevin but for Kevin, and I don t know who to blame any, or what to feel, or what to think I only know that this book is unlike anything I ve ever read, and in all likelihood, will ever read.
How can I so deeply love a book that is this agonisingly ugly Full review I knew before I started that reading this was going to be hard We Need to Talk About Kevin is listed as one of the most disturbing books on GR So, in an attempt to limit the coming agony, I made a few rules RULE 1 Do not get emotionally involved.
RULE 2 Do not take sides.
RULE 3 Do not dwell on the disturbing parts.
A hundred pages later, when I put the book down and went to bed only to replay and obsess over Eva s commentary in my head, I realised my rules were long broken.
I got emotionally involved I

This book should be sold at the pharmaceutical counter right next to birth control pills, I can t think of a better deterrent for unwanted pregnancy It did a great job of confirming a few truisms, maternal instincts are not a given, some children are just born bad, and the worst mistake a couple can make is to allow a child to divide them It s the story of Kevin, a lethal mix of nature and poor nurturing resulting in the child from hell Yet it s the character of his mother Eva that I found the most disturbing Totally self absorbed, high octane critical full of discontent, no wonder she s completely unable to form healthy relationships with anyone including the husband she purports to adore Ergo a neurotic son It s not as sensationalist as I expected, this is a terrific book Would I recommend it Oh yeah, but with disclaimers it could easily off Overwritten Arduous Boring.
Seeing as We Need to Talk About Kevin is famous for being such a gritty, disturbing read, I always expected to love it in a sick, twisted kind of way Unfortunately, it is not what I expected at all I had to force myself through one overstuffed sentence after another, only to be left feeling drained and dissatisfied.
I knew I was in for a paint dryingly slow read almost immediately Every sentence is padded out with big words and details that are clearly there to impress, but actually only weigh the narrative down Damn, it was hard work And it was made even worse because it s an epistolary novel I couldn t get past the fact that no one would ever talk this way in a letter This is the second sentence and they are all like this But since we ve been separated, I may most miss coming home to deliver the narrative curiosities of my day, the way The pull quote on the cover of the edition I read suggests that it s impossible to put this book down That s almost entirely false Out of the book s 400 pages, the first 300 were kind of like pulling teeth Creepy, maternal teeth The last 100 pages, however, were actually and physically impossible to look away from, and the brisk pace of the climax, after so many pages of buildup, actually created a really wonderful, complete story that was very satisfying and which god help me made me cry out of a bizarre sense of happiness at the end.
This book is a series of letters irritating written from a travel writer wife unsympathetic and irritating to her separated husband tiresome and, given 20 seconds and a familiarity with Western literature, leading up to an entirely transparent twist These letters start out being about her day to day life and a mediation on their slowly decimated marriage

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ç Read ¼ We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver Ý pamyatnik.pro Lionel Shriver s novels include the New York Times bestseller The Post Birthday World and the international bestseller We Need to Talk About Kevin, which won the 2005 Orange Prize and has now sold over a million copies worldwide Earlier books include Double Fault, A Perfectly Good Family, and Checker and the Derailleurs Her novels have been translated into twenty five languages Her journalism h