On the motive! But one looks at the sea On the motive! But one looks at the sea On the motive! But one looks at the sea

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On the motive! But one looks at the sea
As one improvises, on the piano.
" Contains 63 poems.
This is perhaps Steven's weakest collection of poetry.
There are a number of good ones but it seems to be missing the great ones, apart from the very last poem which is the best of these.
Highlights ~ " The Poems of Our Climate" "Dry Loaf" "On the Road Home" "A Rabbit as King of the Ghosts" "Bouquet of Belle Scavoir" "Yellow Afternoon" "Martial Cadenza" "Man and Bottle" "Asides on the Oboe" and "Examination of the Hero in a Time of War".
"It will burst into flames,
Either now or tomorrow or the day after that.

"The gunman of the commune
Kills the commune.

The world presented here is an unsure world in which
"You are the will, if there is a will,
Or the portent of a will that was,
One of the portents of the will that was" and where
"Everywhere spruce trees bury soldiers:/.
Everywhere spruce trees bury spruce trees".
The landscape has become war, and vice versa.

This is a representation of the world of Harmonium that we left and have come back to, and have found decaying, mosseaten, and atomized, in ruins after violent revolution.
The fundamentally individual, uncertain world:

ß Read ↠´ [title] by [author] È pamyatnik.pro If I had any knack for memorizing poems I'd memorize every single word in this volume.
The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens is a formidable tome; it has taken me some time to find inroads into understanding.
Parts of a World is where I finally started to realize what he was saying on a consistent basis.

I started this at the same time I started reading Samuel Beckett's Murphy, which ended up being a freaky coincidence.
In Beckett's novel, Murphy describes his existence as consisting of three realms: the light, the semilight/semidark, and the dark.
The light is the world of men, the dark is the world of his mind and imagination, with the midgarth being the realm where the two intersect.
Interestingly enough, this concept of blending imagination and corporeality is central to Stevens as a poe

Wallace Stevens

ß Read ↠´ Parts of a World by Wallace Stevens È pamyatnik.pro Wallace Stevens is a rare example of a poet whose main output came at a fairly advanced age. His first major publication (four poems from a sequence entitled "Phases" in the November 1914 edition of Poetry Magazine) was written at the age of thirty-five, although as an undergraduate at Harvard, Stevens had written poetry and exchanged sonnets with George Santayana, with whom he was close through m