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Download Epub Format Ì King's Wrath PDF by µ Fiona McIntosh The Thrilling Conclusion To The Breathtaking Saga Of Power, Blood, Birthright, And EnchantmentThe Barbarian King Loethar May Have Gained His Throne Through Brutality And Bloodshed, But He Has Ruled Penraven With Unexpected Wisdom Now His Innumerable Past Sins Threaten His Reign As Valisars Who Escaped Slaughter Prepare To Rise Up Loyalties Shift And New Alliances Are Formed As The Truth Of History Begins To EmergeKing In Exile Leonel Hungers For Revenge Against The Man He Considers The Usurper Of His Throne Yet Leo Is Unaware Of Another Who Wields The Enchantment He Covets The Once Charming Halfwit Brother Piven, Now A Powerful Youth Whoseexceptional Cunning Is Matched Only By His Ruthless Desire For The ThroneBut The Efforts Of All Three To Hold Or Gain Control Of Penraven May Well Be In Vain, For The True Inheritor Of The Valisar Legacy Is Being Called Home Claim Her Crown If you ve read the others and don t mind them then you will be okay with this one as it s of the same Same characters with annoyingly unclear motivations, falling in love with perfect strangers, making odd decisions just so that the plot can work out okay and characters can meet fortuitously , etc It just got boring by the end.
The plot twists would have been good of it wasn t for the way the author tries to make you like unlikeable characters in a really awkward way, revealing inner goodness they never showed in previous books I just didn t buy it, and in order to make it work she has to make previously nice characters into nasty ones so that by the end I really didn t care who won None of the characters feel real either, or act in the way you d expect them to For instance, view spoiler Evie is, at most, annoyed and confused at being in a different world to the Great book in the usual tradition of McIntosh However it seemed too much of a answering everything, maybe another book was needed to make it of a story and less of an explanation The wide and varied narrative of the previous two in the series set a precedent that the third book did not live up to.
Having said that it was entertaining and I will be buying the next series but maybe downgrade it to a wait for the paperback.
A climatic end to the series All the surviving characters from the previous books are drawn together to see who will end up ruling the Empire Lots of loose ends tied up and a few surprises If you like magic and suspense combined then go and start at the beginning of this series or even to the first of 12 books by Fiona which are set in the same fantasy world.
What an exciting turn of events There was so much going on in this novel Very action packed with loads of plot twists Kept me hooked to the last page Although some plot lines and scenes felt a little convenient and unbelievable Overall, a really interesting turn to the story.
While the story itself was fairly well crafted and brought to a decent close, it was sorely lacking in proofreading A place name was changed, then later corrected A character name was changed, then later corrected A character s place of origin was changed, then later corrected Conversations between characters were begun by one, followed by another, but then switched in their responses Character names were inserted into situations in which they were not participants, but elsewhere in the story.
I believe all stories worth reading require extensive proofreading to ensure that storylines and the characters therein are consistent throughout, and particularly when a story is part of a series As I read self published ebooks, I m seeing of the same Proofreading by knowledgable participants in A perfect endingThis is the final book in a trilogy.
It was a long book but kept my interest all the way through.
If you started this series you must take the time to finish it.
The ending will entrance you Omg A cliffhanger There better be a 4th book Despite the bad editing and the bad reviews, I really enjoyed this saga I m not a deeply analytical person about reading this sort of stuff I love a good story that gets you involved and this was it I liked some of the twists, and enjoyed the build of tension to the ending, which I also really liked Just a good ole fashioned fantasy read.
The first half of this book was a little heavy going, but after that I really enjoyed it This was a strong trilogy and I am looking forward to reading the other trilogy I have by Fiona McIntosh.

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Download Epub Format Ì King's Wrath PDF by µ Fiona McIntosh Fiona writes best selling historical adventure romance alongside the heroic romantic, often brutal, fantasy she built her career upon She lives in Australia but frequently roams the world meticulously researching the locations and gathering material for her historical novels that have international settings Her books are published worldwide and in various languages Her most recent historical fi