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[ Pdf The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner É iran PDF ] by Stephenie Meyer ¹ Bree Tanner Can Barely Remember Life Before She Had Uncannily Powerful Senses, Superhuman Reflexes, And Unstoppable Physical Strength Life Before She Had A Relentless Thirst For Bloodlife Before She Became A VampireAll Bree Knows Is That Living With Her Fellow Newborns Has Few Certainties And Even Fewer Rules Watch Your Back, Don T Draw Attention To Yourself, And Above All, Make It Home By Sunrise Or Die What She Doesn T Know Her Time As An Immortal Is Quickly Running OutThen Bree Finds An Unexpected Friend In Diego, A Newborn Just As Curious As Bree About Their Mysterious Creator, Whom They Only Know As Her As They Come To Realize That The Newborns Are Pawns In A Game Larger Than Anything They Could Have Imagined, Bree And Diego Must Choose Sides And Decide Whom To Trust But When Everything You Know About Vampires Is Based On A Lie, How Do You Find The Truth read for Popsugar s 2018 Reading Challenge 38 A Book With an Ugly CoverNot terribly well written obviously but still fairly entertaining It was definitely interesting to see a book in this series from the perspective of a vampire RIP Midnight Sun , particularly a newborn vampire, so I m really glad I finally read this It s been about 10 years since I discovered the Twilight series so I m starting to feel really nostalgic and this book was just what I needed.
4 poignantly, tragically, thought provoking starsI want to say, right up front, that I hadn t planned to read this book because those of us who read the entire Twilight Saga already know that things don t turn out well for Bree Tanner She played a very, very minor role in the book, Eclipse I don t even think she appeared inthan 2 pages so, why read something about a character I cared very little about and already knew the outcome of Well, one day I went to my mailbox and there was a package from my dear friend and fellow Twilight fan, Dee, and inside was my very own copy of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.
I was excited and touched by her thoughtfulness and realized that my fate was sealed I would be reading Bree s story, after all.
I ll be honest, the first 50 pages or so seemed rather ho hum to me, and I ve decided that s because I began this And that s what you call a novella.
Don t watch, the redheaded mind reader whispered Poignantly written, Bree is a character that I warmed up to real fast.
This book is heartbreaking for the helplessness rendered by the Volturi Moved and seized me until I got to the end A worthy addition to the series.
Pooja, I am giving this book to you for sure to read Why Well, the stories is already known to you but the lyrical way of this all from Bree s point of recital, is spell bounding5 stars We went traveling through the upper end of North Queensland once as a family We came to one of those strange, small town, out of the way places for a quick bird study tour with my scientist uncle The place s claim to fame was that it also housed a giant mango Yes You heard me right A giant, massive replica of a mango Within the giant mango was an ice cream shop.
Nobody could explain to us why there was a giant mango or why the giant mango has somehow spawned an icecream parlor from its bowels like it was grotesquely pregnant and in the process of some sick, monstrous fruit shop labor Reading Bree Tanner was a little like that.
It was something that didn t make sense, from a series that was much bigger than it should have been and in the end, nobody could God, this is so sad Of all the books I ve read and reviewed and loved a hell of a lot, this is still the only one anyone bothers liking or commenting on Haven t any of you read The Lord of the Rings It would ve been so cool if there was a shadowed hour glass on every page, with the upper bulb being full on the first and then depleting as you near the end of the novel until it s empty on the last page For once, the illustration on the cover coincides with the story I still have no idea why there s an apple on the cover of Twilight.
Okay, I think I should give a heads up for people planning to read this book, whether you liked Twilight or not It s not my favorite series, personally, but I thought, hey, since Bree was just a very small character in eclipse it might be kind of interesting to read her story You know, actually, when I reached that part in Eclipse I was I know, I know This book had police caution tape all around it warning me not to read I wasn t surprised that it was as bad as it is Actually, I think that this book provides a good example of one of the central weaknesses of Stephenie Meyer s books I heard someone say the other day that the purpose of art is to make people feel I know, doi, but I had never looked that one in the face before Meyer spends most of her time, in all of her books, trying to cushion the reader from really feeling anything It makes sense that she does this, since her writing started from what sounds to me like a sort of limited self counseling exercise And, I think this is why her other books worked so spectacularly for me when they did I already had so many feelings going on about so many different things that I was looking for comfort, not art I think that s also why they work for teenagers, whose emoti 4 stars Vampire Young AdultThis provided a nice Twilight Saga fix while waiting impatiently for the Eclipse movie to come out, and I enjoyed Bree s alternate viewpoint and insight into the army of newborn vampires that battle against the Cullens.
But I think I speak for a large majority of Twilight fans that what we really want is for Ms Meyer to move past her hurt feelings and wounded pride and just finish Midnight Sun, darnit Seriously, the Meyer the Martyr routine is getting a little old and continuing to punish and deprive her loyal fans of what we want most just makes her seem a bit immature and petty, IMO.
For all those people hating on the novella calm down alreadyDid it provide a unique and brilliant addition to the quadrilogy Mmmm.
questionableWas Bree s story essential to the series Definitely not.
Was it an enjoyable quick read Absolutely.
This novella takes place during Eclipse the third twilight novel During Book 3, we follow Bumbling Bella and the Sparklers as they prepare for the war against Vamp Vixen Victoria When Victoria s mate James gets offed in Book 1, she begins planning her ultimate revenge The old adage Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned takes on a whole new meaning That revenge involved Bree and a bunch of other kids from the dregs of society Our Vamp Vixen convinces Riley another new ish vamp to create an army of newborn vampires to attack the Cullens As we know from Eclipse, these teen vamps were to be used as fodder while Victoria attacked ou Opening LineThe newspaper headline glared at me from a little vending machine SEATTLE UNDER SEIGE DEATH TOLL RISES AGAINI was surprised by how much I enjoyed this, I mean Bree s character only has a tiny part in Stephanie Meyers Twilight world so she and the rest of the newborns can t really have much of a story to tell can they Well as it turns out the answer is Yes At 178 pages this novella manages to also give up some new revelations regarding Jane and the dark cloaks Volturi jeez, that Jane is evil And I absolutely loved seeing Carlisle, Jasper, Bella and the red headed mind reader from an outsider s perspective.
There wasviolence here then I would have expected from Meyer, as the newborns pillage Seattle and dispose of their drained food sources I was also freaked out by a scene involving the armies seizure of a passenger ferry in the Puget Sound and the insuring carnage

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[ Pdf The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner É iran PDF ] by Stephenie Meyer ¹ pamyatnik.pro I was born in Connecticut in 1973, during a brief blip in my family s otherwise western U.S existence We were settled in Phoenix by the time I was four, and I think of myself as a native The unusual spelling of my name was a gift from my father, Stephen ie me Though I have had my name spelled wrong on pretty much everything my entire life long, I must admit that it makes it easier to Goo