↠´ The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon ¼ Download by ß Tom Spanbauer

↠´ The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon ¼ Download by ß Tom Spanbauer Me ha dejado boquiabierto, en breve leer m s obras de Spanbauer que forma ya parte de mi estanter a personal de libros a la que llamo MALDITA Una estanter a en la que entre otros est Denis Johnson y Cormac McCarthy, por citar a s lo dos de los integrantes Como ya he dicho por aqu , la primera parte las primeras 107 p ginas ya podr a ser una novela a la que dar a cinco estrellas Sin lugar a dudas esta va a ser una de las mejores novelas que he le do en los ltimos seis a os.
ohmygod this book holy fuck incred i could not stop reading it, just devoured it all the themes that Spanbauer deals with sexuality, family, gender, race, class, religion that is the stuff that makes up our lives and he just takes it all and shakes it up and lays it back down in a totally different order, one that makes sense and feels right I am usually hesitant to read native american stuff written by white dudes but i m so glad i read this one some of the stuff made my mind feel like it was being pushed wide open and then other stuff felt so familiar and intimate that i constantly felt like i was being pulled and pushed by the narrative it felt like a unceasing, unrelenting challenge to morality and all of the bullshit that oppresses us and there were moments where i just wanted to stand up on the 22 This is hands down my favorite book ever written It has changed my lifethan once, and most people I recommend it to end up feeling deeply about it as well It s raw and beautiful, and sexy and scary in an emotional way, not in a stephen king way and dangerous and amazing.

Shed is just the best character ever written Or is it Ida and Alma I adore this book like treasure.
An older person I deeply respect told me this is the book they give to potential lovers and friends as a sort of vetting process Those too offended to appreciate it are not, as she says, invited to dinner For myself, I will be sitting at her side This book is a masterpiece.
Oh, how I wanted to love this book I truly did.
Over the years, it s been highly recommended to me by writers whose work I admire and readers whose taste I trust It has garnered glowing reviews from the NY Times, Washington Post Book World, Publishers Weekly and New York magazine, among many other well respected publications.
I almost feel badly about just how much I don t like it I ll start with what s good The writing is carefully composed and stylish The narrative voice is distinctive And the protagonists are all depicted as fairly fascinating and singular individuals Plus there s an element of mystery that kept me mildly absorbed until the end.
Unfortunately however, author Tom Spanbauer falls victim to many of the tropes of contempora Objectively this book is problematic as fuck It includes a minstrel show, presents underage prostitution as a rocking good time, rape as not that big a deal and there s a dead Indian shaman living the body of our protaganist Oh yeah, and it has a casual attitude towards incest But then, our hero is a boy named Out in the Shed which is also used throughout the book as euphemism for sodomy, and really, what s not to like about that Despite not making a whole lot of sense and being just a tiny bit too entranced with the wild and wacky unusualness of its character, The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon is surprisingly compassionate and sweet It believes in love, justice and the magical properties of delayed ejaculation.
Set Against The Harsh Reality Of An Unforgiving Landscape And Culture, The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon Provides A Vision Of The Old West Unlike Anything Seen Before The Narrator, Shed, Is One Of The Most Memorable Characters In Contemporary Fiction A Half Indian Bisexual Boy Who Lives And Works At The Indian Head Hotel In The Tiny Town Of Excellent, Idaho It S The Turn Of The Century, And The Hotel Carries On A Prosperous Business As The Town S Brothel The Eccentric Characters Working In The Hotel Provide Shed With A Surrogate Family, Yet He Finds In Himself A Growing Need To Learn The Meaning Of His Indian Name, Duivichi Un Dua, Given To Him By His Mother, Who Was Murdered When He Was Twelve Setting Off Alone Across The Haunting Plains, Shed Goes In Search Of An Identity Among His True People, Encountering A Rich Pageant Of Extraordinary Characters Along The Way Although He Learns A Great Deal About The Mysteries And Traditions Of His Indian Heritage, It Is Not Until Shed Returns To Excellent And Witnesses A Series Of Brutal Tragedies That He Attains The Wisdom That Infuses This Exceptional And Captivating Book I thought this book was hokey The attempts at multi racial multi cultural inclusion were insulting, and the sexuality reminded me of the way sleazy neo hippies try to seduce people.
This may very well be a very good book, but it isn t for me All of the characters are hypersexual to the point that it seems ridiculous to me, and I m unable to relate to any of their thoughts or motivations The author tries very hard to wrap the constant sex scenes in poetic words, and it didn t work for me I ended up scoffing at half of the novel, but this could very well be my own bias not being a very sexual person myself.
I do have a hard time imagining certain scenes not being ridiculous, whatever my sexuality view spoiler The main character and the person he believes to be his father, dry hump healing powers into the woman who turns out to be the main character s mom The main character has sex with the man he believes to be his father multiple times, but then finds out he wasn t his dad at the end which makes it okay somehow The main character s moth

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