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Trailer À The Year of Magical Thinking PDF by ↠´ Joan Didion I hated this book It is the reason I instituted my 100 pages policy if it s not promising 100 pages in, I will no longer waste my time on it So within the 100 pages I did read, all I got from Didion was that she and her husband used to live a fabulous life and they know a lot of famous people She spoke of the 60s as a time when everyone was flying from LA to San Francisco for dinner Um, no, actually, everyone wasn t doing that then and they re not doing it now Instead of saying our friend so and so gave the eulogy at my husband s funeral, she said, The great essayist David Halberstam What does that add to the story I found only brief spots of actual grief for Didion s husband and daughter, but they weren t enough to overpower my loathing for the author and her self importance.
It occurs to me that we allow ourselves to imagine only such messages as we need to surviveJoan Didion, The Year of Magical ThinkingIn four days it will be one year since my father in law died in an accidental shooting He had recently turned 60 and recently celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary In 18 days it will be four years since my older brother died suddenly in a Back Hawk crash in Germany He was closing in on his 40th birthday He was preparing to land.
I had two father figures in my life I also had two brothers I lost one of each pair suddenly dramatically I ve watched my wife struggle with the loss of her father I ve watched my mother in law struggle with the sad death and absence of her husband I ve watched my sister in law and her kids struggle with the death of their husband and father I ve watched my parents, my siblings I have grieved much myself for these two good men I w Disclaimer Being fresh into the grieving process myself, you may want to skip this review and head onto others Undoubtedly I ll purge my grief in a review about a book on grief You ve been warned.
Right off the top I will say this for the book raw, powerful, honest, amazing If you have any interest in the grief process, read THIS BOOK.
The only criticism that I might have is that there s a lot of name dropping Insert famous names and some fancy locations Beverly Hills, Malibu , talk about using fine china, fancy bathrobes from some store I ll never set foot in Normally, that would drive me mad rich or poor, like that one book says, everybody poops However, I never felt with her that the name dropping was pretentious, or snobbish The people and places she named were simply a part of her life, so who am I to hold that against he ANCHE PI CHE UN GIORNO DI PI Quando termin la cerimonia ci recammo nella villetta di Pebble Beach C erano degli stuzzichini, dello champagne, una terrazza aperta sul Pacifico, una cosa molto semplice Per la luna di miele passammo qualche notte in bungalow del ranch San Ysidro di Montecito e poi, annoiati, fuggimmo al Beverly Hills Hotel Ce la far una persona che scrive queste cose, con questo tono, ce la far a trasmettere il suo dolore, il senso della sua perdita, a risultare empatica Joan Didion e il marito John Gregory Dunne, nato a Hartford Connecticut, il 25 maggio 1932, morto a New York il 30 dicembre 2003.
Oh, se ce la far Ce la fa, senza alcun dubbio, ce l ha fatta il suo libro un colpo alla parte pi sensibile del lettore, senza trascurare quella pi cognitiva Joan Didion probabilmente snob, forse anche insopportabilmente sno This is a hard book for me to review, as I know my own personal experience will be foremost A big thank you to a wonderful friend who sent this to me after the loss of my own partner three weeks ago So yes, this book is about grief and loss It is Didion s own personal journey after the loss of her husband The first lines in her memoir begin Life changes fast.
Life changes in an instant.
You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends.
The question of self pity Those words resonated with me profoundly She goes on to describe that grief is very different than loss Loss can be the death of someone very close which causes sadness, pain, loneliness, etc.
, but still there is a distance Still there is an ability to plan and remember things Grief however is different, as it has no distance She d Hated it, hated it, hated it but kept reading with the hope that all my pain and suffering would somehow be worth it in the end It wasn t The same self pitying, whiney, depressing, self important sentiments are basically repeated over and over again only with different words Joan Didion can obviously write well, but she should have left this cathartic piece in her closet And I m not averse to reading novels that deal with grief This one was just way too self indulgent and redundant for me And Didion s pervasive name dropping and repeated descriptions of her wealth and fame just made me hate the book even.
An Act Of Consummate Literary Bravery, A Writer Known For Her Clarity Allowing Us To Watch Her Mind As It Becomes Clouded With Grief From One Of America S Iconic Writers, A Stunning Book Of Electric Honesty And Passion Joan Didion Explores An Intensely Personal Yet Universal Experience A Portrait Of A Marriage And A Life, In Good Times And Bad That Will Speak To Anyone Who Has Ever Loved A Husband Or Wife Or ChildSeveral Days Before Christmas , John Gregory Dunne And Joan Didion Saw Their Only Daughter, Quintana, Fall Ill With What Seemed At First Flu, Then Pneumonia, Then Complete Septic Shock She Was Put Into An Induced Coma And Placed On Life Support Days Later The Night Before New Year S Eve The Dunnes Were Just Sitting Down To Dinner After Visiting The Hospital When John Gregory Dunne Suffered A Massive And Fatal Coronary In A Second, This Close, Symbiotic Partnership Of Forty Years Was Over Four Weeks Later, Their Daughter Pulled Through Two Months After That, Arriving At LAX, She Collapsed And Underwent Six Hours Of Brain Surgery At UCLA Medical Center To Relieve A Massive HematomaThis Powerful Book Is Didion S Attempt To Make Sense Of The Weeks And Then Months That Cut Loose Any Fixed Idea I Ever Had About Death, About Illness About Marriage And Children And Memory About The Shallowness Of Sanity, About Life Itself I have only experienced the death of a few friends and my grandparents, so I cannot say that the grief that Joan Didion describes has ever been my own However, her loss of her husband John from a sudden heart attack while simultaneously her daughter Quintana was fighting for her life talked to me very deeply This is not a feel good, self help book It is a heartbreaking and yet cathartic reliving of her first year as a widow I admit to wetting the pages with a few tears as I read the entire book in one sitting today The loss of some of my friends hit me hard because I could still remember them when we had spent time together and I regretted that there had been so precisely little of that time This, in a far intimate and poignant manner is what Ms Didion describes as she picks up the pieces and moves on The prose is splendid as many of the themes and i I have a grubby Post it note by the side of my bed on which I ve written in pencil loss is not always death.
I don t remember any if these are my words, a line I wrote down from a book, or something that I took home from therapy, but the wisdom remains loss is not always death.
I have two friends right now who have been nearly decimated by recent divorces, and they will assure you, quickly, that a significant, life altering loss does not need to involve death In fact, both women will let you know, matter of factly, that the deaths of their spouses would have resulted in a financial security that the abandonment by their spouses has obliterated Loss is not always death.
But here, in Joan Didion s The Year of Magical Thinking, loss is absolutely, irrevocably about death More specifically, the death of her husband, Joh Like Johnny Rotten said during their last in the universe where they never would re form again in the mid 90 s show, Do you ever feel like you ve been cheated I do Johnny, I do I feel cheated by this book I bought it because it cost me a dollar I wasn t interested in it that much I finally picked it up to read because I wanted to write a review about how pathetic and whiny it was I thought I d say something about how now that baby boomers are starting to kick the bucket they want a fucking monopoly on death too, as if they invented grieving and no one before them could have possibly grieved like they do Or maybe point out that we really don t need another memoir about someone dying and the way that the surviving family member found some shallow platitude to be true and now feels the need to share it i.
, Everyone said life goes on, but

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Trailer À The Year of Magical Thinking PDF by ↠´ Joan Didion Joan Didion was born in California and lives in New York City She s best known for her novels and her literary journalism Her novels and essays explore the disintegration of American morals and cultural chaos, where the overriding theme is individual and social fragmentation A sense of anxiety or dread permeates much of her work.