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[Susane Colasanti] Ã When It Happens [rus PDF] Read Online Ä Warning It took about 30 50 pages for me to get sucked into the narrative So if you don t feel the effect super quickly, at least give it those initial 50 pages The book s a quick read anyhow God, I needed this A girl has much to grain from a pinch of romance amidst the midterm hustle I have no idea what worked here to make this novel as, I don t know, endearing Whatever it was, kudos to Ms Colasanti a mi me gusta.
Okay, so the theme of this novel is already stamped on the title what happens When It Happens It being something real I m gonna do an adjunct summary to the one above because I m having fun describing this story Bear with me Voila See, the very likeable heroine, Sara, gets caught up in this relationship with one of those projected Everything Boys popular, good looking, charismatic, barfs out every Gary Stu quality under th When It Happens begins on an awkward note The author s use of so I go and then she was like instead of the tried and true he said , she said was distracting than anything else It jolted the reader out of the narrative long enough for them to think, Wow, the author s trying too hard, before sinking back in to the story.
With little things like that, it took awhile for it to really feel that Colasanti got into the groove of the story Things started to sink into place between pages 30 50, and the real plot began to emerge Once you hit that place in the book, When It Happens turns into a sweet story of a guy who wants to get the girl.
While the novel wasn t perfect by any means, the story was cute, the characters all likeable and the end satisfying If chick lit is what you want, chick lit is what you ve got.

I was born too late I wish I were conscious aware the decade when The Breakfast Club, St Elmo s Fire and Pretty in Pink were cool and hip Then my inexplicable crushes on Andrew McCarthy sa woon and John Cusack sa wooning some , wouldn t be so well, inexplicable But thanks to weekend reruns on ABC5, I have watched them over and over and over again much to my brother s confusion Why am I so into those movies anyway I am very fond of those movies for the same reason I am very much into When It Happens Those movies, this book are just simple and sweet stories with a dash of teen angst, a little late teen rebellion and a lot of falling in luv.
Who didn t love the emo girl coming out of her shell with the princess make over that she got Or who didn t love the idea of rebel boy getting little Ms Perfect Or who didn t swoon a little with over Lloyd s boom box serenade And then there s my This book lost me on several fronts First of all, I was hard pressed to understand how the sex obsessed liar Tobey was any better than the equally sex obsessed, but virginal, bully Dave Second of all, the pacing issues in this book e.
, Sara finding out that Tobey and Cynthia used to have casual sex meant a frequent glossing over of major developments On one page, Sarah has just found out about the relationship and is angry as hell at Tobey The next page, the beginning of a new chapter, picks up some time later, and they have already mended fences Where is the relationship building in this How can we forgive Tobey his omission of truth if he atones for it off the page How can we understand how this relationship can last if conflict resolution is skipped in favor of shallow banter which, in most cases, does little to advance the plot between friends There are other ins The synopsis of When It Happens was interesting unfortunately, that s not what I cay say about the book It falls short and by a large margin as well I was really psyched to read Susane Colasanti after Something Like Fate Thus, I decided to read this out the three options I had Waiting For You and Take Me There.
My feelings about the book could be summed up by a repetitive dialog in the book, You re so much than you re letting yourself be That s what I felt like saying to the author, as the seemingly interesting storyline got and frivolous.
I know that Dave thought of girls in terms of sex but so did Tobey his thoughts weren t just as pronounced and as forceful Plus, the whole slacker thing with Tobey didn t work out well enough, either Moreover, the whole Battle of the Bands aspect also lagged behind in THIS REVIEW WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS Literally one of the most awful books I have ever read, and this is coming from a girl who has read a lot of books, and always finds something to like about them no matter what.
Unless you re thirteen or have a thirteen year old s ideology of love, I suggest you skip over this one.
Sara wants Dave the hot guy and Dave wants to have sex with Sara, the hot smart girl Tobey likes Sara for who she is and also wants to bang her and Sara feels something real for Tobey, even though she s dating Dave It s not complicated or convoluted at all And yet, it somehow became this stupid complicated mess I can name a million things I disliked about this abhorrent novel, but I ll start with the thing that insulted me personally it took me over a week to finish this quick, 600 page read I can scan through a book this size I read this book on the recommendation of a very sentimental friend, and the novel turned out to be everything I expected predictable, overly forced, and out of perspective Within the first fifty pages, I had planned out the whole entire plot of the book After I finished, I was completely right about the whole thing Every part of the plot line was predictable It s quite a boring read when you already know what happens.
This author, honestly, is something out of touch with anything that teenages do and how they talk and what they talk about or whatever you want to say I, being a teen myself, felt like this was someone who had no idea what she was talking about All the words seemed dated and like she was trying to hard.
All in all A predictable, ho hum, normal novel that was generally pointless But my friend loved it, saying that it was so romantic It s one of the best YA novels out there, and definitely the best love story, on par with that of Ron Hermione, or Lily James It s one of those epic ones that you don t logically think exist, and yet, can t help but hopeTobey s the guy every girl is looking for He s sincere and honest and sweet and just a thoroughly lovely open person He and Sara make an unbeatable pair.
While Sara and Tobey are the main focus, the other plotlines Maggie s parents, college hunting, etc all work effectively together It gives the book dimension and realism.
Colasanti is a master of characterization She manages to get into the boy s brain and perfectly capture it Her alternation of POVs is also great, with not too many but not too few characters telling the story One would think this would be repetitive, but I LOVED seeing the very di At The Start Of Her Senior Year In High School, Sara Wants Two Things To Get Into A Top College And To Find True LoveTobey Also Wants Two Things For His Senior Year To Win Battle Of The Bands And To Make Sara Fall In Love With Him However, A Popular Jock Named Dave Moves In On Sara First But Tobey S Quirky Wit And Big Blue Eyes Are Hard For Sara To Ignore Plus, He Gets The Little Things That Matter To Her Can A Slacker Rock Star Wannabe Win The Heart Of A Pretty Class Brain Like Sara Hilariously And Movingly Told Through Tobey And Sara S Authentic Voices, Susane Colasanti S Debut Novel Sizzles In Its Portrayal Of Two Young People Searching For The One Maggie s like, Did he call Already, by this line in the second paragraph I was frustrated and disappointed by When It Happens The author is a high school teacher she should have been able to write realistic compelling dialogue However, her writing seemed to fall between corny and contrived The alternating first person narratives between the two protagonists does not present a cohesive story but rather a battle of the sexes and comes no where near the writing of Nick and Norah s Infinite Playlist The plotline, all though certainly not an original one, could have worked had Colasanti not confined her characters to stereotypes of jock geek and slacker The emotions of the characters are blunt and one dimensional Unless you like to go through a book and make your own edits, I do not recommend this read However, I hope that if encouraged to

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