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å Horton Hears a Who! Ö Download by ↠´ Dr. Seuss UPDATE I just ran across a Guzer video story of a real man who can neither read nor write but who creates ultra miniature sculptures which are smaller than the eye of a needle He began to do this because when he was young, his teachers made him feel small The significance not to mention the charm of Horton Hears a Wholies in the universality of smallness Everyone knows what it is like to have been or felt small at some time in his or her life For children it is where they still are For adults, it may be a painful memory or a desire to protect their own children But smallness invites protection, caring, compassion Smallness needs to be heard.
Will you listen Not sure when I first read this, but I still love it In fact it s my favorite by the good doctor Apparently there s a movie out of it now which is Me crying while reading this to small fry More likely than you d think Academy Award Winner Dustin Hoffman S Masterful Narration Brings To Life The Heartwarming Tale Of Horton The Elephant original Music And Sound Effects Complement The Retelling An Exclusive Paperback Edition Of The Book Is Packaged With The Audio Cassette Cassette Running Time Approx Min EXCERPT On the fifteenth of May, in the Jungle of Nool,In the heat of the day, in the cool of the pool,He was splashing enjoying the jungle s great joys.
When Horton the elephant heard a small noise.
ABOUT THIS BOOK Horton the kindly elephant has his work cut out saving the tiny Whos who live on a speck of dust no one else believes they are there But Horton eventually convinces everyone that A person s a person, no matter how small MY THOUGHTS Got to love Dr Seuss Horton can hear something no one else can It seems there is a another whole world living on a peck on a chive flowerand they are in grave danger Horton makes it his mission to save them against all odds.
A good lesson in standing up for what you believe in and not giving up in adversity.
I have also watched the movie of this book, and it is excellent When Told in the usual charming repetitive rhyme of Dr Seuss so often appreciated by young children Great message about how everyone is important and everyone can make a difference Horton is a particularly endearing character, showing kindness and persistence, and risking ridicule and being ostracized and even being the recipient of abuse in order to help others and stand up for what he believes in And the Whos do their part as well One of those children s books that can become meaningful when read as an adult.
Was tempted to put this one on my animal rights shelf.
Horton the elephant tries to help the little Who creatures and their town, Who ville, that it is located on a speck of dust He is the only one who can hear them scream for helpI ll just have to save him Because, after all, A person s a person, no matter how small I hadn t realise that the Who creatures are that smallMy daughter thought that the Grinch should also have appeared in the story As with all the classic Dr.
Seuss books, Horton has that unique combination of Attractive illustrations and exciting verse both very dynamic, always moving always going somewhere new both very strange, silly and bizarre all in an extremely accessible, engaging and compelling and let s not forget educational way which creates Dr Seuss s fantastically immersive world.
Apparently Horton provides us with some social commentary from Dr Seuss on the subject matter of isolationism and internationalism whilst that may well have been in the back of Dr Seuss s mind I understand there s a moral to all of his stories above all else he provides us a timeless world of the imagination, of amazing words, pictures, rhymes, stories, learning, but above all else FUNAlong with that of The Lorax 2012 the animated adaptation of Horton 2008 provides us with the only two examples where cinema has got anyw No matter what, this book always brings a big smile on my face It is absolutely amazing how one can memorize so many pieces from one book I just love the rhymes and this colourful journey of the beautiful friendship between two species that have never actually met It may be a children s book, but the story and the characters have a lot to teach us And if all of us followed these examples supposedly addressed just to kids this would have been a much better world A person s a person, no matter how small This shows the importance of individuality and the significance of life It is all about respect, understanding and acceptance.
Well, as Horton says, I meant what I said and I said what I meant An elephant s faithful one hundred percent

One of the best Dr Seuss stories ever PRICELESS TALE I ll just have to save him Because, after all, A person s a person, no matter how small, Without a doubt, one of the crowned jewels of Dr Seuss work, presenting one of his strongest messages to the human civilization.
Horton, the elephant, appears again he was introduced to the world in Horton Hatches the Egg , which is one of the most famous characters of Dr Seuss.
Horton hears a Who as quite adequately indicates the tale s title in a speck of dust, but since he is the only one with big ears an elephant, remember in the jungle, the rest of animals there think that Horton is lying about it, since nobody else is able to hear the feble voice of the Who.
But it s not just any Who, but the Who Mayor of Who ville A whole town, in a speck of d 5 Awesome sA person s a person, no matter how smallI absolutely love this book No matter how many time s I read it throughout the years it s always incredible I have read several Dr Seuss books in my time and this one is another wonderful book that will most definitely be passed down through your family for generations to come From every picture to every rhyme, everything about it is just perfect It s colorful and unique The illustrations are large and lively It s really fun to read aloud and it s easy for kids to remember the lines to read parts along with you I was beyond excited when I heard they were making this into a movie and let me tell you, friends, it did not disappoint I LOVE this movie and yes I have seen it many many times Horton is adorable and everyone reall

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