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Æ Rainbow Valley Õ Download by ✓ L.M. Montgomery Anne Shirley Is Grown Up, Has Married Her Beloved Gilbert And Now Is The Mother Of Six Mischievous ChildrenThese Boys And Girls Discover A Special Place All Their Own, But They Never Dream Of What Will Happen When The Strangest Family Moves Into An Old Nearby Mansion The Meredith Clan Is Two Boys And Two Girls, With Minister Father But No Mother And A Runaway Girl Named Mary Vance Soon The Meredith Kids Join Anne S Children In Their Private Hideout To Carry Out Their Plans To Save Mary From The Orphanage, To Help The Lonely Minister Find Happiness, And To Keep A Pet Rooster From The Soup Pot There S Always An Adventure Brewing In The Sun Dappled World Of Rainbow Valley While I have most definitely always enjoyed reading about both the Meredith children and Anne and Gilbert Blythe s offspring encountering both fun and sometimes even adventure in L.
M Montgomery s Rainbow Valley and also do find Mary Vance not only entertaining but also very much a breath of reality, of the sorry fact that neglected and abused children existed even in L.
M Montgomery s for the most part oh so positive and delightful Anne of Green Gables universe , indeed Rainbow Valley has also never been amongst my personal favourites of the series For one, and I guess first and foremost, while reading about Anne s children and the Meredith kids has been entertaining and engaging to a point, there also is simply and utterly too little Anne Shirley Blythe at least in an active enough role present in Rainbow Valley and once again too much of that for and to me just If the last book wasn t really about Anne, this go round isn t even about Anne s children Instead, we meet the new minister s kids Talk about a family that really NEEDS Nanny Mc Phee Reverend Dad has been floundering since his wife passed away, leaving him to raise four young uns alone He s a loving father, but constantly distracted, and preoccupied He can frequently be found with his nose buried in a book I can relate Though an elderly, bumbling relative is attempting to care for them, the kids are mostly bringing up themselves And, they re only doing a so so job of it.
Lucky Faith, the oldest girl, gets to be The Anne of this novel Seeming an awful lot like a certain girl once called Carrots, Faith gets into scrapes, takes dares, and makes bold, persuasive speeches to her elders She even commits the unforgivable blunder of going bare legged to church Horrors The front cover is simply maddening There are four girls, and Anne only has three, so one must be a Meredith So which one The boy in the water is, I m thinking, Shirley, and the tall one is Walter The girl sitting is Diana.
If the girl in the blue dress holding the flowers is Rilla and the one holding the basket is Nan, or vice versa, then who is the second redhead Rilla s hair is a softer red, and neither of the Meredith sisters has red hair.
Till my dying day I will be puzzling over thisI like things to make sense, for heaven s sake.
Ah well, it s the wonderful book that counts as always, LMM s powers of description shine out I relish each word I read like a juicy piece of fruit whose sweet taste never quite leaves my mouth Every character means something to me and moves me in some way.
There are charac Full mini review now posted If the previous book was about Anne s children than the woman herself, this installment was about the children s new neighbors than the children themselves A new minister has come to town, and he s an absentminded widower with four children These are good kids, but they re basically raising themselves and they than a little wild They get into all kinds of messes and scrapes, and were a pleasure to read about As with all of the Anne books so far, everything ends up working out just fine This installment actually felt like a children s book than the three or so books before it While I would ve loved Anne in this story, they new little cast of characters Montgomery created were delightful, especially paired with appearances from characters I ve grown to love as the series progresses I can see why some Anne purists wouldn t lov The Blythes are living in Four Winds and life is going great They ve befriended the local pastor and his family The Merediths The Meredith family is very endearing They have lost their mother and their father always seems so distracted which really got on my nerves They do the best they can with a useless Aunt Martha who makes disgusting food the children call ditto and many hijinks ensue These poor little kids just warmed my heart right up with their preconcievened notions and how badly they wanted to protect their dad from the town gossip that went on behind his back My favorite part was when Faith went into Norman Douglas house and made her demands, and also the rooster Adam.
I missed the Blythes in this book, particularly Anne It seemed like the focus has shifted and while it was endearing, it was also slow moving and lacked the spa 4.
5 stars Ok I m going to be honest, this wasn t my favorite Anne of Green Gables bookit was cute with all of the kids and it was interesting to learn about the Blythe children, but the majority of the time this was about their neighbors, the Merediths I m not saying it was terrible, because it wasn tit just wasn t as good as some of the others in my opinionplease don t get mad at me for those who LOVED this one hehe xD I m so happy I finally read Rainbow Valley I read the previous books in the ANNE OF GREEN GABLES series by L.
M Montgomery a few years ago now but just never got around to book seven Now I have grins And it was fun I m so excited to get my hands on a copy of Rilla of Ingleside It was wonderful to be back in this classic world, filled with wonderful characters The bits we saw of Anne, I, of course, loved I had missed her She is as passionate, whimsical, sweet, and delightful as ever And, I do admit, it thrilled my heart when someone said,Anne BlytheOh, brings back the memories of when she once despised the boy, Gilbert Blythe, while he did all he could to get her attention 3333 I love their darling romance Gilbert and Anne s children were lovely Jem, Dianna, Nan, Walter, Rilla Over ten Mary Sues in one book Got to be a record I thought Book 6 was rock bottom turns out I was wrong To catch you up book 6 of ANNE of Green Gablesdemoted Anne to a secondary character and her six precocious obnoxious children shared the spotlight Gag.
Well, if that wasn t bad enough, book 7 has Anne as a tertiary character L M Montgomery doubled the amount of precocious children and shoves Anne s kids off to the side Are You Kidding Me Anne s kids are secondary to the Mary Sue Meredith clan a wholesome, cherub faced group of sorely neglected children who adore their minister father and God with all their heart They are, in a word, loathsome And I don t say it lightly Every sin they commit or moment of disobedience can be traced back to an gosh darn honest mistake they could do no wrong and I hated them for it Their widowed minister father is the worst 4 stars.
Rainbow Valley was a sweet little installment in the Anne series that was mainly focuses on the kids It honestly felt like a bit of a spin off because of how much it focused on the Meridith kids, while Anne and family were practictally side characters Still, I did enjoy it very much even if the shadow of the impending Great War did creep in here and there and make me sad Darn that Pied Piper metaphor that kept making me want to cry This story was so character driven I think the best way to get in my likes and dislikes likes than dislikes this time, yay will be to simply talk about each character in turn.
Gilbert and Anne Though not the centers of attention in this story, they remained their wonderful lovable selves Anne has matured beautifully while still maintaining her sense of wonder, imagination, and excite

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Æ Rainbow Valley Õ Download by ✓ L.M. Montgomery Lucy Maud Montgomery was a Canadian author, best known for a series of novels beginning with Anne of Green Gables, published in 1908.The author of the famous Canadian novel Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery, was born at Clifton, Prince Edward Island, Nov 30, 1874 She came to live at Leaskdale, north of Uxbridge Ontario, in 1911 after her wedding with Rev Ewen Macdonald on July 11, 1911