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5 stars Let me start by saying that I didn t hate this book, but I also didn t love it either It was cute, spunky, and funny However, there was just something about it that annoyed me So I ve recently found out what a Mary Sue is All this time I ve been calling it A la Bella esque Evie is most defiantly a Mary Sue And I ve come to the realization that I had a love hate relationship with Evie the entire book I thought she was really funny and down right silly at times BUT at the same time she annoyed me with being so cheerful with her love of all things pink I kept flipping back an forth Sometimes I felt her endearing Yet other times I wanted to bitch slap her But I digress I did find a few things I liked about the book I found Evie s relationship with Lend to be very realistic It wasn t over Young adult genre supernatural creatures x love triangle originality De ja bloody vuWhy even bother reading this book I can point you towards hundreds of other young adult books that are or less exactly the same as what you get from Paranormalcy I keep going back to this kind of genre, hoping that just once I will find the exception to the current book cloning rule that seems to be taking over the 21st century We have a heroine who is neither good or bad enough to be exciting, she s not exactly weak but doesn t have much strength to note, and the attempts to give her some kind of quirky sense of humour failed She has a taser gun my first thought cool , which she has named Tasey not so cool I thought the only people who named their guns were cops caught in a mid life crisis Apparently not.
Why do I get the feeling that I ve met every single one of these characters before Oh Evie S Always Thought Of Herself As A Normal Teenager, Even Though She Works For The International Paranormal Containment Agency, Her Ex Boyfriend Is A Faerie, She S Falling For A Shape Shifter, And She S The Only Person Who Can See Through Supernatural GlamoursShe S Also About To Find Out That She May Be At The Center Of A Dark Faerie Prophecy Promising Destruction To All Paranormal CreaturesSo Much For Normal I do not have the patience to read a book where the heroine talks like this Oh bleep I m so pumped He kissed me It was the best kiss of my life It s such a cool kiss Oh bleep Oh bleep I m out.
I probably would ve given a slightly higher star rating if there hadn t been so much damn hype around this book.
Alright I m feeling pro con y today I m taking a break from pharmacology homework to write this, so I need to get back to that And it s a football Saturday, I ve got a Bud Light in hand, so my thoughts are less than structured.
Pros The cover is pretty, even though I can t decide how it correlates to the story There is a seriously wide variety of paranormal creatures in this book, each type having their own special powers abilities Vamps, werewolves, fey, water nymphs, mermaids, hags, gnomes, trolls Yay for a smorgasbord of weirdness The idea behind the book is cool The International Paranormal Containment Agency hires Evie to track down unruly paranormals who threaten the unveiling of their existence, allowing her to tase them to the f Paranormalcy, Kiersten WhiteParanormalcy is a series of young adult urban fantasy novels by American author Kiersten White, beginning with the inaugural entry of the same name The story focuses on a girl named Evie, a member of a special international police force assigned to paranormal cases As the tale progresses, Evie s professional duties begin to conflict with her growing desire for a normal life 2014 1390 312 20 14 9786001192364 1393 312 9786006885551 21.
Being dead wasn t supposed to hurt Where was the fairness in that If I was dead, the least the universe could do was make it painless.
This novel was actually awfully written but the plot was funny, and so was the main character I mean, I m sure Kiersten s writing has improved and the only reason I picked this one up is because I wanted to see how her writing is was I m sure the other 2 books are much better and now that And I Darken is almost published, I m sure that one will have much improvements I wanted to see how her writing is and what changes might be made The writing in this one is pretty bad I mean, the main character, Evie, is pretty annoying, not much of a heroine, pretty weak, and instead of cussing, she says bleep because she

10 27 17 HEY, GUESS WHAT I don t know why or for how long, but this book is currently FREE on I love, love, love,this book I ve read it on and off for the last ten years and every time I pick it up, I literallyyes, literally laugh out loud Tasers are a one size fits all paranormal butt kicking option Mine s pink with rhinestones.
I adore the premise, the subtle and not so subtle humor scattered throughout and the heroine is easily one of my YA faves Evie sees through glamors No one can hide from her From when she was discovered at three to now, she s been under the thumb of ICPA Internatuonal Paranormal Containment Agency as their bagger and tagger Her job is pretty simple see a paranormal, neuter it via tracking device and bring it back to headquarters BUT She isn t your average government employee YA heroine When she s not rounding up the wild p When you look at the cover of this book, what do you think it is about A blond teenage girl is wearing a prom dress in a field of pussy willows or wheat or something equally nonsensical Here s a new cover that crushes the actual book cover on the relevancy front though regrettably not in terms of artistic merit I mean, I went into this thinking it was going to be another YA paranormal romance and IT ISN T It is decidedly fun YA urban fantasy book jacket copy reading is for losers It has a pretty kickass heroine, mermaids, werewolves that may or MAY look like an Ewok in my picture , people made of water, people made of fire, vampires, trolls, nymphs, faeries, and everything else you can think of Why would you trick your audience with the wheat field I digress Evie has lived in the Center for as long as she can remember She was p

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[Kiersten White] È Paranormalcy [buffy-the-vampire-slayer PDF] Read Online Ò pamyatnik.pro Kiersten White is the New York Times bestselling author of many books for teens and young readers, including And I Darken, Now I Rise, Bright We Burn, The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, and Slayer She lives with her family near the ocean in San Diego, where she perpetually lurks in the shadows Visit Kiersten online at KierstenWhite.com and follow KierstenWhite on Twitter.