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[ Read Online Heaven ¿ counselling PDF ] by Lisa Miller ☆ An Accessible History Of Heaven From The Earliest Scriptural Conceptions Of The Afterlife To Theologians To The Convictions Perceptions Of Everyday People Drawing On History Popular Culture, Textual Research Everyday Beliefs, Heaven Offers An Understanding Of One Of The Most Shared Ideals Of Spiritual Life Miller Raises Discussions Not Just About Visions Of The Afterlife, But About How Beliefs Have Influenced The Societies We Ve Built The Lifestyles To We Ve Adopted, Exploring The Roots Of Beliefs In Heaven How These Have Evolved Through The Ages To Offer Hope She Also Reveals How The Notion Of Heaven Has Been Used For Manipulation, As Inspiration For Selfless Behavior As Justification For Mass Murder As She Demonstrates, The Desire For A Celestial Afterlife Is Shared By The Faithful Around The World Across Religions While There Are Many Notions Of What Exactly Heaven Is How To Get There, Jews, Christians Muslims All Agree That Heaven Is God S Home From Revelation To The Left Behind Series, Augustine To Osama Bin Laden, Muslims In The W Bank To Mormons Baptizing The Dead, Heaven Is A Look At A Cherished Religious IdealIntroductionWhat Is Heaven The MiracleThe Kingdom Is Near Green, Green Pastures ResurrectionSalvation VisionariesReunionsIs Heaven Boring EpilogueAuthor S Note AcknowledgmentsNotesBibliographyIndex Has a narrowed focus on Judaism, Christianity, Islam.
This is a solid intersection of rigorous research and just sitting down and having a long talk with a variety of people on the subject Miller s voice is strong, compassionate, level headed, readable She s a good Beatrice guide for the journey through the conversations.
Nothing wildly provocative or groundbreaking but doesn t need to be Plenty of historical including recent history seismic shifts are outlined This isn t a testament to or rebuttal of faith It s a survey of doctrines and evolving beliefs and how religions and its people got there Which makes for an absorbing read.
What is your vision of Heaven, presuming, of course, that you have one Harps and angels, great swaths of light, one s ancestors waiting in a reception line There are plenty of notions from which to cobble together an image How did the practice of ancestor worship, and its suppression lead to notions of Heaven How did notions from diverse religions regarding life after death influence each other Where does the expression 7th Heaven come from How do scientific understandings of the universe affect religious views about Heaven Lisa MillerThere is a wealth of extremely fascinating material in this look at how the notion of Heaven came to be and how it has changed over the course of human history Our contemporary parallel universe notion is a far

As you probably could guess, as an atheist I am largely disappointed with Lisa Miller s Heaven Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife The book was endorsed by the popular atheist author Sam Harris, so I thought I d give it a read I thought it would provide a critical analysis of how and why people believe in the concept of Heaven Instead, the book is about Miller s journey to the questions, What do people of the mainly monotheistic religions believe about Heaven, and how do they act on those beliefs She shares her own kind of spiritual journey to understand her beliefs, or lack of, about God, the afterlife, love, and Heaven She finally answers in her epilogue what she herself truly believes about heave read Lisa Miller s Heaven Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife with a skeptical eye By the end of the book, I found her research and her book to be lacking in her declared objectivity It is not my job, nor is it my intention, to prove or debunk the reality of any one vision xiv Also I am not a scholar, a religious apologist, or an inspirational writer I do not aim to say definitively what Heaven looks like, let alone to prove or disprove its existence I am a journalist in the field of religion, and my goal is to write a book that might guide people through the thicket of their own views about Heaven by holding up a mirror of other people s beliefs, both current and past xvi Unfortunately, Miller makes the book personal b

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