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Download Epub Format õ Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books PDF by ò Azar Nafisi Every Thursday Morning For Two Years In The Islamic Republic Of Iran, A Bold And Inspired Teacher Named Azar Nafisi Secretly Gathered Seven Of Her Most Committed Female Students To read Forbidden Western Classics As Islamic Morality Squads Staged Arbitrary Raids In Tehran, Fundamentalists Seized Hold Of The Universities, And A Blind Censor Stifled Artistic Expression, The Girls In Azar Nafisi S Living Room Risked Removing Their Veils And Immersed Themselves In The Worlds Of Jane Austen, F Scott Fitzgerald, Henry James, And Vladimir Nabokov In This Extraordinary Memoir, Their Stories Become Intertwined With The Ones They Are Reading Reading Lolita In Tehran Is A Remarkable Exploration Of Resilience In The Face Of Tyranny And A Celebration Of The Liberating Power Of Literature .
I feel like I showed up for class without reading the required assignment This book should come with a prerequisite reading list Lolita, Invitation to a Beheading, The Great Gatsby, Daisy Miller, and Pride and Prejudice or at least a warning for spoilers view spoiler Lolita is raped by an older man, Gatsby dies, Daisy Miller doesn t get a happy ending, and Elizabeth Bennett does hide spoiler Reading Lolita in Tehran A Memoir in books, Azar NafisiReading Lolita in Tehran A Memoir in books is a book by Iranian author and professor Azar Nafisi Published in 2003, it was on the New York Times bestseller list for over one hundred weeks and has been translated into 32 languages The book consists of a memoir of the author s experiences about returning to Iran during the revolution 1978 1981 and living under the Islamic Republic of Iran government until her departure in 1997 It narrates her teaching at the University of Tehran after 1979, her refusal to submit to the rule to wear the veil and her subsequent expulsion from the University, life during the Iran Iraq War, her return to teaching at the University of Allameh Tabatabei 1981 , her resignation 1987 , the formation of her book club 1995 97 , and her decision to emigrate Event 1979 1997.
In case you don t know about this book yet though, honestly, how could you not know about this book yet , it is an absolutely amazing memoir by an Iranian woman who was a professor of English Persian literature at the University of Tehran before, during, and after the revolution and war with Iraq Once wearing the veil became mandatory and she refused to wear one, she was forced to quit teaching, and one way she came up with to fill her time was to gather several of her most dedicated students for a once weekly literature class In it, they discussed books like The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, Lolita duh , etc This book is triple layered The first layer is Nafisi s memoir of the tumultuous times she lived in in Tehran What we search for in fiction is not so much reality but the epiphany of truth This book isn t a fast read I ve started reading this memoir 24 October, and I only finished part 1 so far 77 pages of 347 and that already took me a while Maybe I m in a reading slump, but I doubt that, because I m eager enough to read Some other reviewers complained that the book is tedious, disjointed and all over the place, and that the author s tone is smug and self important Except from the fact that when the author refers to the girls who come to her private reading class, she always talks aboutMy girls , which for some reason I find irritating, I m not sure yet if I share these criticisms For me, it s just such a book that s interesting enough, but not really absorbing, so I just plough on through it, in search of thoseepiphanies of truthin Western literature for .
I m not sure I can finish this book It s just so boring and self important And poorly written My eyes keep crossing It makes me angry because I think this COULD really be a good book It has a good premise, a lot of potential, and it s about a topic I m actually very interested in and would like to know about But instead it s dry as hell and doesn t follow any cohesive pattern it just feels like a lot of random moments in the life of Azar Nafisi strung together by some run of the mill literary criticism And maybe worst of all, it doesn t make me feel any empathetic to the Iranian people than I already did and it doesn t give me any additional insight into Islamic culture that I haven t already gotten from Western m The title itself is a rather catchy one, however, I must add that it is an important book There are so many aspects of this memoir that I value a lot.
For me it is less about totalitarian Regimes and Iran, it is about courage and integrity in times of crisis particularly when one is not allowed to do something as harmless as reading, and therefore one stands up against the bullies When I read this book, I l felt like I were in a literature class with Ms Nafisi her students Reading forbidden books, discussing writers and then using imaginations to combat the world around or shall I say, one reads to remain sane inside and not let any regressive forces break the human will and intelligence, and that s what these Iranians do.
Very often such narratives are often understood or read in regard to one set of people, one country, one people, the moment we fall in such a trap the very purp

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Download Epub Format õ Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books PDF by ò Azar Nafisi Azar Nafisi, Ph.D Persian born December 1955 is an Iranian professor and writer who currently resides in the United States.Nafisi s bestselling book Reading Lolita in Tehran A Memoir in Books has gained a great deal of public attention and been translated into 32 languages.