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[Michael Adams] ☆ Showgirls, Teen Wolves, and Astro Zombies [zombies PDF] Read Online Í Super fun Adams really likes movies and people who make movies, so he approaches his project with a lot of good will And because he s a film journalist, he s able to get people to talk to him about their movies There is also much musing about what makes a movie bad, what counts as a movie, film history, and so forth It s a lot of fun discovering the worst movie picks of people like John Waters and David Sedaris I ve read quite a bit about weird, bad, and psychotronic film and even so, there were movies here I hadn t heard of I could have done with a little less about his personal life he s trying to do this in the format of one of those I spent a year doing some crazy thing books and it kind of clashes with the film orientation of his project, because watching bad movies is not something that inflects your daily life the way Michael Adams watched one or bad movies every day for a solid year as an experiment endurance test It s almost something Morgan Spurlock would try except there s no real social comment to be made He watched everything from the Hollywood shit you can imagine Ishtar, Batman Robin, Superman IV, Jaws The Revenge to stuff on VHS that was barely feature length and often had the boom mike showing Adams also interviews various filmmakers for their picks, which adds to his growing list It s because of the wide range of movies that the book is a kind of mixed bag As it went on, I got as weary as he did and some of the movies sounded horrible not just because they were bad Adams draws the distinctions we all do between so bad it s good to just bad to offensively bad I m relieved that of the 400 plus movies watched, I ve only se Michael Adams S Book Is Great Fun No One Intends To Make A Truly Bad Movie, But When They Do, Michael Adams Will Be There To Watch Itand Make It Entertaining John Landis, Director Of Trading Places And The Blues Brothers In Showgirls, Teen Wolves, And Astro Zombies, Film Critic Michael Adams Embarks On A Year Long Odyssey To Discover The Worst Movie Ever Made, Which Mystery Science Theater Star, Writer, And Director Kevin Murphy Calls Disturbingly Comprehensive, Joyously Critical, And The Best Of Its Kind From All Time Cult Classics Such As Reefer Madness And Plan From Outer Space To New Entries To The Pantheon Such As Gigli And Baby Geniuses, No Genre, Star, Or Director Is Safe From Adams S Acerbic Wit And Hilarious Observations In The Vein Of AJ Jacobs S New York Times Bestselling Book The Know It All, And With The Snarky Sarcasm Of Television S Mystery Science Theater And The Soup, Showgirls, Teen Wolves, and Astro Zombies Leaves No Stone Unturned With A Foreword By Cult Director George A Romero Night Of The Living Dead And Dawn Of The Dead This is a well written book for what it is, but by 3 4 of the way in, I was so offended by the central premise that I just skimmed the rest of the chapters to see if I recognized any movie titles The book is an overview of the author s self imposed quest to watch a bad movie every day for a year in an attempt to find the worst movie ever made This is on top of his work obligations as a movie critic and his family obligations as a husband and the father of a young girl I generally like books by authors who give themselves arbitrary quests A.
J Jacobs, Barbara Ehrenreich, Ted Conover , but in other books, the quest gives the authors room to write about something meaningful, about what they learn about themselves or what larger societal issues are illuminated by their tasks Adams, though, just writes about bad movies A little about his caree This is one of those types of books where an author sets up a quest of some kind and seeks to fulfill it, not unlike the Year of Living Biblically and other like minded stunt books or movies The set up in Michael Adams book is that he will watch at least one bad movie per day for a year in an effort to discover the worst movie ever made.
Of course, we all know that rating a movie as the worst ever made is a pretty subjective judgment, so in order for this book to be worthwhile, it had better be a pretty fun journey though the year, since we know there won t be much validity in the final result Luckily, Adams is a funny and observant writer, and he peppers his discussion of bad films with anecdotes from his personal life, his job struggles, his relationsh If you don t enjoy crappy movies you probably won t enjoy this book Luckily, I find a lot of appeal in fuckawfulness, so this is right up my alley If you re one of those people who owns those 50 film box sets, this is pretty much tailor made for you Thankfully, it s not all out of copyright stuff reviewed, and modern crapola has an equal run I mean, if the book hadn t included Gigli it would ve failed at the first hurdle, right Side note I know someone who was in Leonard Part VI, so I did particularly enjoy seeing that get a guernsey Some other GR reviews appear to take issue with Adams for not beating himself up over the quality of the dreck watched, which would lead me to believe they hadn t actually read the book Watching a year s worth of bad movies is unquestionably displayed as a bit of a shit idea, albeit one that results in moments of Stockhol Australian movie critic Michael Adams did what few cinephiles have attempted to do to discover the worst movie ever made In order to do so, he resolved to watch an average of one bad movie each day after spending time compiling a comprehensive list of bad movies from all over the internet He uses a bingo machine to randomly select his movies each week the movies are grouped into categories in different ways, including content, filmmaker, starring actors, or production companies He developed a rating system on which each movie can be ranked as he chronicles his quest to find the lowest score Adams fills the account of his year with pithy statements about many of the movies as well as tidbits of trivia about the people who made them he also tells about his work as a movie critic i Not a bad book but you can see that this is effectively a blog turned into a book Adams has some interesting and at times funny things to say about the films he watched, however the frequent interpolation of personal life moments between the film critiques does little to improve the interest in the movies and his comments about them There were some elements within the book that worked quite well and Adams does have the capacity to deliver enough content to make a bad film fan consider him worthy of an audience I did however have an issue with his minimal reference to the pioneers of bad movie criticism, the Medveds, plus he missed out on two of the best worst auteurs of the genre, Ray Dennis Steckler and Herschell Lewis.
A solid read but ultimately you feel like this is the Kon Tiki World Discovery tour of Z Gr

As a longtime MST3K fan, I have a real affection for bad movies, the sincere the better stuff like Sharknado, which is deliberately made to be bad, is just insulting This is a fun book, weaving in just enough of the author s life to make you feel like you re taking his year long journey with him He writes about the individual films very well and without condescension or smugness Where he can, he talks to the people who produced them, which I m not sure I d have the nerve to do If you enjoy list books, and or bad movies, then this is well worth your time.
I dare anyone to find a entertaining book about the artistry of awful films The art of analyzing horrible movies is not as simple as you think What constitutes shit to one person might be gold to another However, I don t think a whole lot of people would protest what s good or bad with the films author and film reviewer Michael Adams researched They re all bad Real bad Basically, every movie he analyzes some of these films don t require much analysis are all pretty much bottom of the barrel shit Still, other than rock and roll and literature, bad films is a definite passion of mine A passion I ve fed like a slimy rat in the basement since my teenage years when I first saw the brilliant shitfest called Q The Winged Serpent And, yes, while James Joyce might have had his archaic longings for a late nineteenth century

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