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Trailer à The Comforter PDF by ó Sergius Bulgakov Sergius Bulgakov Is Widely Considered To Be The Twentieth Century S Foremost Orthodox Theologian, And His Book The Comforter Is An Utterly Comprehensive And Profound Study Of The Holy SpiritEncyclopedic In Scope, The Comforter Explores All Aspects Of The Doctrine Of The Holy Spirit, As They Are Viewed In The Orthodox Tradition And Throughout Church History The Book Has Sections On The Development Of The Doctrine Of The Spirit In Early Christianity And On The Development Of The Doctrine Of Procession In The Patristic And Later Byzantine Periods It Also Touches On The Place Of The Holy Spirit In The Trinity And Explores Old And New Testament Notions Of The Spirit Of God A Concluding Chapter Deals With The Mystical Revelation Of The Holy Spirit Made Available In English Through The Work Of Boris Jakim, Today S Premier Translator Of Russian Theology And Philosophy Into English, Bulgakov S Comforter In This Edition Is A Major Publishing Event Bulgakov begins with a survey of how the early fathers understood the Holy Spirit He goes a step beyond the typical statements that no one called the Spirit God, not even Basil Bulgakov s point is that no father had an in depth pneumatology of any sort, and this would be a huge problem for Orthodoxy in the Filioque debates He chides Roman Catholic thinkers for reading Filioquist doctrines into early Fathers, for example when the Fathers say the Spirit is ek tou hiou or dia from and through It s a highly strained reading to think they are advocating what was taught at Florence and Lyons And again, this underscores the problem what did the Fathers mean by these statements We really don t know, since they don t say.
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Overall a very good work on pneumatology Bulgakov has some interesting and provocative things to say about the filioque But I m not convinced by his doctrine of Sophia, and he really goes off the rails on Eros and sexuality This is a dense work, but worth wading through.
Sergius Bulgakov, often considered a preeminent Orthodox theologian of the twentieth century, wrote The Comforter while exiled from Russia and teaching in Paris This volume on the Holy Spirit is the second book of the trilogy On Divine Humanity, which includes The Lamb of God Christology and The Bride of the Lamb ecclesiology and eschatology Only recently translated into English, Bulgakov s work is still somewhat new to American audiences thought it has initially been well received and in its emphasis on pneumatology provides an indirect dialogue partner for renewal theologians In The Comforter, Bulgakov is trying to fill a hole left by the Patristic literature that established the Trinity based on Trinitarian relationships involving the Father, but did not unify the Son an

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Trailer à The Comforter PDF by ó Sergius Bulgakov Sergei Nikolaevich Bulgakov b l k f 1 Russian 28 July O.S 16 July 1871 13 July 1944 was a Russian Orthodox Christian theologian, philosopher, and economist.