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ê Stealing Kathryn (Gatherers, #2) Ï Download by ¿ Jacquelyn Frank This was super delicious I must have.
If you are into slightly dark and twisted paranormal romances, this book is definitely for you When I first started Stealing Kathryn, I was kind of put off by the depiction of the main characterof course, that was before I realized this was a twisted re telling of Beauty and the Beast.
I very much like Frank s writing style and I found her world creation and creativity intriguing The story can stand alone however, it is better if you read the first Gatherer s story as the characters from that book make a reappearance.
read Full Review HereHow could I not read this book with a teaser like this.
You are so easy, he remarked Just a nibble on your neck and you re ready to throw open your legs for me And then I knew I Need This Book.
Adrian is the Freddy Kruger of the dream realm He reaps dark energy off of human nightmares, feeding off of fear, darkness, and people s deepest darkest desires to siphon energy to his people Katheryn is an innocent she doesn t know she is encountering Adrian in her dreams or in her case, nightmares Lured by her dark need for forced seduction, Adrian kidnaps her and places her in his treasure room Outside the dream realm, he is hideously formed with fangs, hunchback, and a deformed face Is Kathryn s innocent power enough to save his soul Stealing Kathryn is an erotic take on the story of The Beauty and The Beast transported to the realm of dreams Adrian, a It s official I take back many of the reservations I had about the Gatherer series While Hunting Julian, the first book, didn t exactly ring my bell, this second book was a definite winner for me Combine the vivid worldbuilding and unique setting of the first book with a clever reworking of the Beauty and the Beast story and introduce some characters that will make perfect leads for future books but not so many that the story bogs down or the pacing suffers and you ve got a book that s lush, vivid, and engrossing.
By all accounts, Adrian is not a nice guy He s so warped by his duties to his people that he s basically sitting around waiting to expire only his sense of duty, his infatuation with Kathryn, and his vague recollections of love for his twin sister are keeping him from exiting the mortal coil.
Kathryn isn t much of a catch either trapped in a cycle of codependency by a father Stealing Kathryn is the 2nd book in the Gatherers series and is very much a Beauty and the Beast type story The main focus is on the development of Adrian and Kathryn s relationship rather than any type of conflict with outside forces I would highly suggest reading Hunting Julian first because there is very little world development in this book This is a much darker story than the first book but it was still very enjoyable.

I loved the idea that good energy could shed away evil that one has been exposed to for decades Love how the story progressed though I wish there would have been interaction with people of Beneath Really hope she would continue this series Kathryn and Adrian are just a joy to read about Always nice to see such tortured souls prevail in the end.
A little difficult start Not really feeling it 3,5 StarsThis book took me forever to read Although I end up really enjoying it, I just had a difficult time getting throught the first 50 pages It was so confusing Then it went smoothly but I just know that if I was really into it I would have finish it a long time ago, so for this only 3,5 stars.
Stealing Kathryn felt to me a little like the Beauty and the Beast tale We have our main characters Adrian and Kathryn of course Adrian is a collector of energy throught human dreams, but only dreams of nightmares Because of this negative energy he has changed phisically to became a monster with claws and sharp theet and a number of other things Kathryn is a girl who lives in Austr lia with her father and little sister in their farm She is stuck there taking care of the family estate and being a mom and housewife for everyone Throught her dream Popular E Book, Stealing Kathryn Gatherers, 2 Author Jacquelyn Frank This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Stealing Kathryn Gatherers, 2 , Essay By Jacquelyn Frank Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You

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