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Download Epub Format ☆ The Boys PDF by ✓ Jeff Newman This Wordless Picture Book Tells The Story Of A Quiet Boy Working To Overcome His Shyness And Finding The Courage To Play Baseball With The Other Kids In The Park With The Help Of A Few Old Timers From The Nearby Park Bench, Our Boy Is Coaxed Out Of His Shell And Into The Game Beautifully Illustrated, This Is The Story About The Young Finding Out How Much Fun It Is To Live Life And The Old Finding Out How Much Life There Still Is To Love I absolutely love this book With no text other than the days of the week marking the passage of time, Jeff Newman has told a fantastic story of a shy little boy s whose inspiration comes from an unlikely source.
Day One father and son unload a moving van Boy unpacks his box of beloved baseball gear, then heads for the local park, where a group of kids are engaged in a lively game He is too shy to ask for a place on the field, so he seats himself on a bench beside four older gentlemen who are reading, feeding the pigeons, or just watching the world go by in general Though no one speaks, the gentlemen take note of the boy s unhappiness Day Two Boy packs away his baseball gear, grabs a loaf of bread and heads to the pa See this purple foot shaped bruise on the back of my left leg Wanna know how I got it Of course you do, oh imaginary people I m talking to in my head Yeah, I got that by kicking myself for not having a copy of The Boys by Jeff Newman on hand the other day I will endeavor to explain You see I was working the children s reference desk in my library when a mother walked up to me with an interesting request Do you have any wordless picture books she asked Do I Merrily I skipped back and grabbed the lady a couple copies of Museum Trip, Home, Flotsam, and The Lion and the Mouse After I d handed them over and basked in that feeling of doing a good job it occurred to mewhere was The Boys That magnificent best wordless book I v

I only opened this book to get a feel for the sort of book it was I was immediately captivated by the art, the wordless story I set it down with misty eyes and a wide smile What a book My problem is that I want you to discover it and I don t want to mess any of its wonder of wordlessness up for you I ve tried to put words to it, but it seems to minimize the story, as if pinning it down removes the life from it So I will briefly tell you the premise and proceed to gush about it ingeneral terms A young boy moves to a new town He heads to the park with his bat, ball and glove He watches from behind a tree but is too shy to approach the playing children on the baseball diamond So he plunks himself down on a bench near some older gentlemen The story continues from there It is fresh, winning, and sweetly surprising There is a universal quality to it, a subtle humor, and a lovely simplicit When I first picked this book up I was like what kind of book is this I flipped through it and since it didn t have any text other than the days of the week I put it aside since I was reading outloud to my adult special needs son But then I thought the little boy on the cover looked cute, so I picked it up and read it Each page is very nicely illustrated with emotions and lessons learned It teaches a little boy in the most incredible way how to overcome his shyness and join the other kids in their baseball play And the way he finds his courage is through four elderly men that he watches and mimics every day sitting on a bench in the park The elderly men see the little boy sitting out on his fun, and so they begin to act like a little boy

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Download Epub Format ☆ The Boys PDF by ✓ Jeff Newman Jeff Newman grew up in Ashland, Massachusetts, and attended the Art Institute of Boston He currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.