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✓ Toads and Diamonds ☆ Download by ✓ Heather Tomlinson Diribani Has Come To The Village Well To Get Water For Her Family S Scant Meal Of Curry And Rice She Never Expected To Meet A Goddess There Yet She Is Granted A Remarkable Gift Flowers And Precious Jewels Drop From Her Lips Whenever She SpeaksIt Seems Only Right To Tana That The Goddess Judged Her Kind, Lovely Stepsister Worthy Of Such Riches And When She Encounters The Goddess, She Is Not Surprised To Find Herself Speaking Snakes And Toads As A RewardBlessings And Curses Are Never So Clear As They Might Seem, However Diribani S Newfound Wealth Brings Her A Prince And An Attempt On Her Life Tana Is Chased Out Of The Village Because The Province S Governor Fears Snakes, Yet Thousands Are Dying Of A Plague Spread By Rats As The Sisters Fates Hang In The Balance, Each Struggles To Understand Her Gift Will It Bring Her Wisdom, Good Fortune, Love Or Death Toads and Diamonds Is ABank Street Best Children S Book Of The Year I was slow getting into this one, but it was because of the book I read before it I had some major book hangover The quality of this book following on the heels of Ship of Smoke and Steel was just bad juju There is no comparison between them This book felt like a middle grade after that exceptional read by Wexler Definitely bogged me down with disappointment for the first third of this.
Aside from the writing quality though, this little standalone centers around an India inspired setting Something I m totally obsessed with, have been for ages I loved the ideas of the storyline, and the characters were quite likable I enjoyed the alternating sister perspectives and how the plot was tidily wrapped up at the end My only issue with it is not getting to see the sisters reunion with their prospective boys I really wanted to see that I wanted to SEE their AWESOME IDEA Toads and Diamonds always seemed like a really unjust fairytale, with a lot of ecological and economic problems to boot One sister is polite to the faerie goddess and is in turn granted with a gift jewels and flowers fall from her mouth every time she speaks The other sister is rude well, at least abrasive and gets snakes and amphibians instead So the author does some really great things she tells story from the points of view of sisters who don t hate each other, though they have contrasting personalities, and she sets it in India, where snakes have a different valued cultural significance Tomlinson thinks through each girl s gifts in an exercise of subversion gems aren t so good with greedy government officials, and snakes aren t so bad when you ve got a pandemic spread from the overpopulation o I m rather amazed I ve never heard of Heather Tomlinson until the Book Smugglers reviewed this book and her other, The Swan Maiden For all that this book had some problems it was still really well written, and Tomlinson deservesrecognition.
The greatest part about the book was the fact that Diribani and Tana love and admire each other In the original fairy tale, of course the sisters are polar opposites and the abrasive one hates the perfect one Tana and Diribani aren t the same, either though they both come across as a little too perfect at times but they love each other for their differences and admire the other s best traits This is wonderful and touching, and it needs to happenoften in YA Their differences are even shown in the writing Diribani tended to bedescriptive of her surroundings and tended to use lush words, and she would easily This book started off a little slow for me but eventually picked up It was interesting to see how each of the two different blessings bestowed upon Dribani and Tana by the goddess Naghali ji affected their lives in different ways They both learned and grew from the experience.
One thing that really irked me about this book is that so much time is spent developing the relationship between Dribani and Prince Zahid So much stress was put on the fact that their was little hope they could end up together The ending was so vague about a HEA for her At least, with Tana it was pretty obvious that she and Kalyan would end up together For Dribani the obstacles just were too great for Zahid and her For me, it seemed that developing that relationship was rather pointless if their was not going to be any true resolution so that they could be together I was disappointed by that I have never been a hug After reading and reviewing so many stupid books, it makes me very happy to introduce a good one Toads and Diamonds by Heather Tomlinson takes place in an imaginary land the Hundred Kingdoms very similar to India under Moghul rule during the 1500s 1700s The natives worship twelve gods and practice vegetarianism The invaders are monotheists.
Diribani and Tana are the daughters of a poor widow Diribani is beautiful and kind Tana is plain and snarky, but clever In a twist patterned on a Perrault fairytale, both girls give a drink of water to a goddess in disguise for which she rewards them Now Diribani can t speak without flowers and precious gems spilling from her mouth likewise Tana can t speak without spitting out toads and snakes.
It s no spoiler to say that Diribani s gift attracts a position at court and a handsome prince But Tana is feared and hunted by the invader authorities, wh A very interesting riff off the old fairy tale In this version, set in an alternate India during the Mughal Empire, sister and step sister are both blessed by the goddess Naghali ji, whom they encounter at the community well from Diribani s mouth come flowers and jewels when she speaks, and from Tana s lips spring the lucky frogs and useful, rat eating snakes the villagers value so highly Still, both blessings can be awkward, and the girls follow separate and often difficult paths in their quests to understand how the goddess means them to use their gifts The sense of place in rural India is powerful and lush, and there is an interesting plot line following a cultural clash between the followers of the One God, who have conquered the country and with whom Dir Copies of this book are so hard to find these days It s a simple, light read that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their reading levels There is not much character progression, unfortunately, but it s a beautiful fairy tale The detail is amazing and I loved the idea of the gifts the goddess gave the sisters I only wish that the ending wasdefined, I dislike when authors leave it up to us to basically imagine if the characters get married or if their lives change I m amazed thatpeople don t know about this book and extremely saddened that it took me almost a year to find a copy that wasn t almost destroyed 2.
5 stars.
Hooray for sisterhood But I m honestly just whelmed I don t think I can even write a proper review for this because I have so little to say about it The characters are okay but don t change much the pacing is very slow and Tana s story is muchinteresting than Diribani s in that it hasmovement.
Diversity I suppose all the characters are POC The setting is clearly India inspired and the characters are from religions that resemble Hindu and Islam Skin colors are never described No QUILTBAG people and no disabled people.
So this is kinda spoilery but really I wouldn t recommend this book in the first place so yeah read the spoilers and save yourself time from reading the book Or don t read on and be kinda sorta spoiled Up to you UGHhh this book put me in the WORST reading slump The book is just under 300 pages and it took me from Feb to May to finish it I checked it out from the library because it was recommended as a book type I like fairytale retellings This was likened to the Princess and the Frog by my library Um NO Well maybe I mean, there were frogs, and a well, and I guess there was a princess But it was just bleh and boring The story involves 2 sisters and the chapters alternate between the two They are from a poor

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✓ Toads and Diamonds ☆ Download by ✓ Heather Tomlinson Heather Tomlinson grew up in California and New Hampshire, graduating from Wellesley College with a degree in French literature After teaching English in France and French in the United States, she worked at a book wholesaler Now she writes the kinds of novels she likes to read.Heather lives on a sailboat in southern California with her engineer husband, her baby boy, and cats X, Y, and Z.