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[ Pdf Girl, Interrupted ¶ sex-and-erotica PDF ] by Susanna Kaysen ↠´ Was insanity just a matter of dropping the actGood question, isn t it You may start asking yourself this after reading this book.
I only spent a few months taking care of patients in psychiatric hospitals, but it made me really appreciate the nuances of Kaysen s story It is the viewpoint of someone who had to experience questioning her sanity the one thing most of us take for grantedEvery window in Alcatraz has a view of San FranciscoWhat some don t know about personality disorders is that they will not just go away You can learn how to cope with them, but you will not be cured The scary thing about them is that you can look at them as bits of your regular personality, just significantly amplified Some of borderline pe I m sort of at a loss for how to describe this book and the emotions it provoked within me I guess the best word I could use is unsettled , but probably not for the reason you would imagine This quote might shed some light on what I meanThe less likely a terrible thing is to happen, the less frightening it is to look at or imagine A person who doesn t talk to herself or stare into nothingness is therefore alarming than a person who does Someone who acts normal raises the uncomfortable question, What s keeping me out of the loony binPrecisely This story is told not from the perspective of someone who sees creatures lurking in the shadows, or is convinced that she is the girlfriend of a Martian, or is blinded by homicidal rage, but by a young woman fully self aware of her own shortcomings It made me ask myself, which is the worse fate Descending blindly into madness, or being fully

3 stars While I did enjoy this book, I don t feel I loved it as much as I expected to.
CW borderline personality disorder, suicideI am not much of a non fiction reader, so the format and storytelling methods of memoirs and such are unfamiliar to me, and I typically do not enjoy them as much as fiction novels I did believe I would enjoy Girl, Interrupted than other non fiction works that I ve read because I am a big fan of the film adaptation I feel as if the book were to be chronological and follow a linear plot ARC as opposed to unanticipated time jumps, I would have enjoyed it as that as what I prefer to read I understand this fact is charming to many readers who love this book, but it s just not my cup of tea I also felt the chapters were too short and the novel as a whole I think I would have felt much from the Find all of my reviews atPeople ask, how did you get in there What they really want to know is if they are likely to end up in there as well I can t answer the real question All I can tell them is, it s easyBoy was it ever easy for Susanna Kaysen to end up in a psychiatric hospital Now, Susanna was not normal per se She randomly obsessed about things as bizarre as whether or not she actually had bones in her body since she couldn t see them and was battling depression that at one point led her to down 50 aspirin She most definitely needed some help But in the 1960s the form of help provided to young girls like Susanna was a long term stay in the local looney bin where the Thorazine flowed like water and electric shock therapy was a sure fire cure for crazy Although compact and a very fast read, Girl Interrupted is a haunting story that I won t soon forget and will easily go d After reading novels like One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest or The Bell Jar, one could be forgiven for feeling skeptical about the treatment for the mentally ill during the 1960 s I m not sure Susanna Kaysen s memoir will change that much In 1967, after a short interview with a psychiatrist, she was admitted, committed may be a better word , to a mental hospital in Massachusetts, the same one that treated Sylvia Plath Her stay lasted about 2 years She was told she had a character disorder Twenty five years later, after reading her hospital records, she learned she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder This memoir is her recollection of the time she spent, the treatment she received, the doctors and nurses who tr Everything is made of language In the morning you hear those damned birdies tweedlydee tweedlydoo to each other or some damned cats meowing but that s not language It may be communication but it has no grammar and it can only describe the here and now the hear and know The birdies are tweebing about the cats, look there s a kitty cat watch out and the cats are meowing about the birdies I see a lot of edible things in trees and it doesn t get much interesting than that They will never write a novel Whereas humans are the opposite, they almost never talk about the here and now It s always I m sure this wasn t as expensive as last time we were here or you have to get your suit cleaned for next week Human language is a really dangerous device, it s explosive, because not only can you talk about things that aren t in the here and now, you can with very little effort talk Today, you seem puzzled about something Of course I was sad and puzzled, I was eighteen, it was spring, and I was behind barsKind of sheds light on the whole system of mental asylums, doesn t it Anyway how do you know if the treatment of a mentally disordered person is working You won t take their word for it, and if they question the institution, than you can claim and actually genuinely believe that you are suffering from persecution complex That is the trouble they have a big word for everything which makes you think of it as a disease If you are too moody, you have bipolar disease if you are too sad, you are depressed if you are too happy, you are suffering from euphoria You can t do anything out of proportion or rules in th While Susanna Keysen composes some very poetic essays offering alternative and sometimes beautiful perspectives in her autobiography, her general tone is very, very defensive Granted discussing whether or not one suffered from a mental illness can never be easy, but the book seems to be her manifesto for proving that she wasn t really borderline, as her therapist diagnosed I don t know enough about Borderline Personality Disorder to judge I agree that it seems women are disproportionately diagnosed with it, and a conservative environment could easily allow for any non conformist woman to be blamed for her own marginalization and labeled insane However, while Keysen seems to want to be seen as simply non conformist in an oppressive time, she was in some ways destructively so by her own admission She gave herself bruises, she attempted suicide, she tried to break into he In , After A Session With A Psychiatrist She D Never Seen Before, Eighteen Year Old Susanna Kaysen Was Put In A Taxi And Sent To McLean Hospital She Spent Most Of The Next Two Years On The Ward For Teenage Girls In A Psychiatric Hospital As Renowned For Its Famous Clientele Sylvia Plath, Robert Lowell, James Taylor, And Ray Charles As For Its Progressive Methods Of Treating Those Who Could Afford Its Sanctuary Kaysen S Memoir Encompasses Horror And Razor Edged Perception While Providing Vivid Portraits Of Her Fellow Patients And Their Keepers It Is A Brilliant Evocation Of A Parallel Universe Set Within The Kaleidoscopically Shifting Landscape Of The Late Sixties Girl, Interrupted Is A Clear Sighted, Unflinching Documnet That Gives Lasting And Specific Dimension To Our Definitions Of Sane And Insane, Mental Illness And Recovery I told her once I wasn t good at anything She told me survival is a talent.
Insanity For most of us the idea of being insane is scary The harder question is the why why is insanity so scary Is it so scary because we have all, at one time or another I believe , doubted our own sanity I know I have Or is it so scary because it is so impossible to define, to categorize in absolutes When is the threshold at its thinnest In the moments when my brain launches like a freight train into a station, yet in about a dozen different ways, at 4 o clock in the morning when I have been exhausted and unable to sleep all day In the inner conversations I have with myself, or other people, inside my own head that never see the l

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[ Pdf Girl, Interrupted ¶ sex-and-erotica PDF ] by Susanna Kaysen ↠´ pamyatnik.pro Susanna Kaysen is an American author.Kaysen was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts Kaysen attended high school at the Commonwealth School in Boston and the Cambridge School before being sent to McLean Hospital in 1967 to undergo psychiatric treatment for depression It was there she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder She was released after eighteen months She later drew